Context is decisive. And yet 99% of humans cannot wrap their minds around the context.

Everyone says that, everyone gains hope from it… But few actually know what the heck they are talking about.

Most people want to create stuff, or love, or a thin body, or riches, a prosperous business without doing the work it takes.

They make collages. They talk in the mirror. They create mind-movies, blah blah blah.

Many go to energy practitioners or healers… because their creation method doesn’t work… they believe they have abundance blockages, or maybe energetic strings, or whatever people can dream up and sell on the bazaar of the interweb…

But few if any address the real issue.

You create your own reality with the context. Good reality, bad reality, you create both. Boring reality? yep… you create it with the context.

And inside that context you look at things… And the context, unless attended to, is mostly creating a reality that you don’t want. But because you don’t know how to create context, that is what you created. bummer, eh?

Context is decisive. And yet 99% of humans cannot wrap their minds around the context. Context is invisible… and most people can’t see it. But…

The quality of your life, your life experience doesn’t depend on the content, it only depends on the context. On the invisible.

The previous article should have explained it all, but it probably wasn’t enough. So let’s poke around this topic some more.

Most of us don’t live in a world of our own design, or unless you consider all the voices in your head, it is the voices’ design, not yours.

You are, at best, that small person who can see that you could be big. That there is room to grow.

That person, the real you, has seldom any audible voice… that person is shoved aside by the voices that are loud and obnoxious.

I love the “little voices” book, 1 except for the expression “little voices”

Those voices are not little. The real voice, the voice that is yours, that is what’s little.

And your job, if you want life to get better, is to get creative with that voice. To train yourself to use that voice to create contexts, a context that will make you grow, a context that will make you have fun, a context to make you enjoy life, regardless of the actual content of your life.

It is possible, but you’ll need to apply yourself. You need to make your real voice sound.

In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn’s character picks a cheap peace of fake jewelry, and yet she is happy.

Why? Because even that cheap piece comes in the famous Tiffany blue box… The real value is in the box. The box is the context, that shows that she is living a life worth living. A life where she gets what she wants.

If you are a man shopping for an engagement ring for your intended, and look at the cost of the ring, you have a choice. Will it show how much you are willing to risk to become happy, or will it show how good you want to look to the outside world?

The difference between the two approaches is the difference between a life worth living or a life of pretending. A life of climbing. A life lived on someone else’s agenda.

martyr-syndromeEven though context depends entirely upon you, the words you wrap your life into have been lacking any thought, any creativity, and awareness that your words matter. Most people have one context, a default context, and that context is not fun. Scarcity, victimhood, neediness, slighted, martyr, not having what you really want.

Mostly desire trap. Or shoulds.

Your relationship to feedback: When someone points out a frequent error you make, you can be dismayed, angry, or depressed, or joyous and optimistic.

It all depends on the context, the box inside which you receive the feedback.

Judging from the feelings I feel from you when I do your Starting Point Measurements, where one of the questions is “what is your attitude about feedback”, it is a rarity to find someone who can’t wait to get feedback so they can have a new opening to grow through.

The queen in the book, Through the Looking Glass, I think, can think of many impossible things before breakfast. Like impossible things, context can be practiced: the more contexts you can create the richer, the more flexible, the more winningest your life will become.

You want to practice thinking and creating many different contexts, trying them on for size, for feeling, so you become skilled. Inventing a context is a skill…

It is a skill. It is one of the spiritual capacities. The better you get at it the better your life gets.

It’s not what you have that gives you the quality of your life, it is the context.

  • For some making more money has the context: Now I have to pay more money to my ex-wife!
  • For others: I get to create abundance around me.

I can sit here and make up a thousand different contexts, without ever touching the content. It’s the same more money… the same ex-wife, and yet, the context can change… and with it your mood will change, and what you will do. And the amount of money you’ll be willing to make.

If you have the first and automatic stingy context, you won’t make more money. And you’ll be wretched. I know a few guys like that.

I used to be like that! And I still hear the little voice that says something like that… I haven’t challenged that little voice in a while… I wonder what would happen if I ever actually decided to make more money.

Here is another area where context is decisive: Integrity: without integrity nothing works.

Not surprisingly, a major element of integrity is the context inside which you do what you do. It may look integrity from the outside, but if your context doesn’t empower you, then the action has no integrity.

  • If your Starting Point Measurements shows that you have barely any integrity, the issue is often in the context…
  • And if you are the 99%, you won’t even understand what I am talking about.
  • If you are one of the 1%: I want to continue your education. You’ll go far.
  • And if you are the 1% of the 1%, the person who can change the context at will… I want to work with you.

Everyone falls prey to the default context from time to time, but if you have ever managed to turn around your view of life, your view of your circumstances then you likely have the capacity… and you can turn into someone who has the world as his or her oyster.

Please make sure you let me know.

But… how do you become the 1% or the 1%, one who can master the context who they can truly create the life they want, including self-love, and abundance?

It cannot really be activated by a simple energy. 🙁 right?

But… but… but if your attention is brought back to “what context am I creating?” regularly by an energy, then, if you are willing to go where the energy asks you to go, you can check and change, check and change… and make it a habit, and make it a skill, and make it your stairway to heaven.

I have two energies that do that… one is, of course, the Big Bundle… all my students are using that… the results are good, but not specific to context.

So I am creating a version of the Avatar State Activator… specifically for that: so you check the context and make it powerful, several times a day. I’ll put the birds in the background: just hearing the birds snaps you out of default mode and into creator mode… priceless.

This is why I am running this special deal for you. Special deal till Monday 7 am, on December 9.

You get any of my Avatar State Activators, including this new one… context activator? haven’t decided on a name yet, and I give you two gifts AFTER you buy: I’ll measure if what you picked is a good match for you, and if it isn’t, I’ll measure what is a perfect match for where you are.

And I’ll also activate the DNA capacity of directing your attention, controlling your attention.

Here is the link to the page that lets you pick an Avatar State Activator.

Go and pick your activator
PS: if you were in my What’s Missing workshop, you have a context that is worth perpetuating: it is for a new you. If you haven’t… there is a session coming up on December 7…

Question: do you need a specific context activator? Answer: no. If you already have invented a context for who you are going to be, what you need is The context Avatar State activator…

I have invented context for many situations where the default context was very disempowering to me. Making money is one of those areas. So I invented: I will never do for money that I would not do for free.

For most of life… like illness, trouble, bad things happening, I’ve invented: Who I am is living on the edge generating distinctions for transformation for humankind.

And for my beingness: I invented being joyfully exuberant…

For things I am asked to do, I need to do, I invented “It’s all in a day’s work”…

I don’t teach you anything I don’t do…

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