Powerlessness comes with The Original Design

Eliminate Powerlessness of The Vessel

As far as I can see, feeling powerless, feeling at the mercy of something out of your control, is part of the human experience, in fact it is a fundamental part of the human experience. And it is a part of it, even after the activation of The Original Design where homo sapiens turns into Human Being.

Why is it part of the Original Design? Because it was part of the experience of the Original Vessel, according to Kabbalah. And because I haven’t seen much in Kabbalah that wasn’t, that didn’t turn out to be true, I am going to conditionally trust Kabbalah…

I am not going to tell the story again, if you don’t know it, please look it up.


But just to set it up for you: there was The Light desiring to bestow its light. It created The Vessel. It flooded The Vessel with light. At some point The Vessel said:

Enough! No more! I want to earn my light. 1

Now, if you look carefully, and put yourself into the position of The Vessel: you can see that The Vessel’s experience wasn’t pleasant. The Vessel experienced no power. it only experienced enough power to shout: Enough! No more!

That is the powerlessness that we inherited from The Vessel.

What other choices could The Vessel have had, if it had the “mindset” that it was powerful?

Looking at the situation from a “from the side and slightly elevated” point, I suggest that in that view The Light is included not as an oppressor, but as a misguided benefactor.

I say that The Light forgot to add an element to the design, the element of expansion.

With that element of expansion The Vessel has the power to control how much light it receives, and has a chance to experience its own power by limiting or expanding itself.

The vessel earns more light by expanding, and expanding is a choice.

This dysfunctionality has been in place since before the Big Bang, when The Vessel was still whole and complete, and till today, when the fragments of The Vessel are all dispersed in the Universe.

Knowledge is power, and this knowledge hasn’t been widely known.

The Kabbalists (highly connected students of Kabbalah) knew this. That you need to expand yourself to activate the light, to increase the amount of light you receive.

They just never really taught ordinary humans, like you and me, how to do it, reliably, predictably, scientifically, exactly.

They, to my limited knowledge, taught moves and magical customs, but without the correct mindset these magical moves don’t work.

The last three-four generations of Kabbalists have been giving lip-service only… they repeat what they read, but there is no one to hear it because they are repeated words.

Until I came along. (no ego, I just don’t know about anyone else, sorry)

I heard the echo of the original Kabbalists, it became a seed, and the seed started to take root.

What The Vessel, had it felt powerful, would have suggested to The Light is a deal, a way for The Vessel to control how much light it gets. If it wants more, it expands. If it wants less, it shrinks.

It will use ambition to accomplish that.

Then, and only then, can become the light and The Vessel’s relationship a relationship of co-creation, that gives both parties what they want and what they need, a sense of control over their destiny.

Exactly what you want, right?

The elective activator downloads are designed to give to each fragment of the Original Vessel a choice, and establish the foundations for this new relationship with The Light, with The Creator, with Source.

The first capacity to build that foundation is experiencing your own power, or “Eliminate powerlessness”

Please note, that this adjustment to the Original Design, will be the stone that hits two birds…

The conundrum of how to reconcile the “desire to receive for the self alone” with wanting something for yourself and not another person has been as old as Kabbalah. (6 thousand years?)

The solution is elegant and straight-forward: when you desire something with the mindset of expanding your capacity to receive, expanding the size of your vessel, you are desiring for yourself and the Creator: ultimately what the Creator is desiring of you is that you become a better receiver, a bigger vessel.

So, as long as your desire doesn’t violate another human’s rights, the desire will be fulfilled, and you can keep on expanding, as long as you choose to.

I’ve been doing exactly this, and it’s been blissful.

PS: I am testing this activator with the Pioneers, and it will be ready for you in about a week.

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  1. This, in different words, says: I want to be in control of how much light and get and when!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Powerlessness comes with The Original Design”

  1. I want to be powerful and confident. I go through my life like an Albert Brooks character, hoping that my evident weakness will make me appear genuine and humble and attractive.

    I am not confident, because I was taught to seek first the Kingdom of God and to devalue the things of the world. I envy confident people. They know what they want and damn it, they Go For It! They have the best postures and the brightest smiles. I have neither heavenly nor earthly plans.

    Until recently, that is. I am committing the sin of wanting. Of desiring something in this life. Even this is a put-on. I’m waiting for my revelation from above. For my True Purpose to descend upon me like a holy vestment. Forget it. I am ready to fail and fail, and build my life on that.

    Readers, students of Sophie. Can I get 30 commited people to pledge a hundred dollars a month so Sophie can just live and do this work?

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