The puzzle that is called “human”. Your theory matters…

Humans are an unpredictable mystery, and therefore have given rise to many many theories.

The way humans examine things to make sense of them is by taking them apart. It works relative well with people, but with a living thing, it is not that effective.

So humans make up parts and elements… and some seem to work to one degree or another, but nothing quite works perfectly.

The mechanical models medical “sciences” use doesn’t work well at all… we have more diseases than before…

The psychological models of ego, and subconscious, and beliefs, and such don’t work well either… How do we know? Because the results are temporary, or there are no results. Life is simple… The results are the shadow… showing that the method worked or didn’t work.

  • There are a few models that work, somewhat, transactional analysis is one of them.
  • Then there is the “ontological” model of the Wisdom Course (Landmark education) of the fields
    The model of the racket, strong suit, etc… of the main branch of Landmark Education
  • The Dianetics’ theory of … whatever they call the first incident.

I have been working, successfully, with the model given by the Hungarian engineer, Margoczi… plus all the stuff I learned in many of my courses, workshops in the past 35 years.

I have “dabbled” in all the theories before, and have more than cursory knowledge of them.

I am revisiting Transactional Analysis

I am revisiting Transactional Analysis, because it has definite parts that aren’t covered by other methods of revealing the unconscious, the invisible: scripts, story lines, contracts, strokes, etc.

I found two old-old videos of Eric Berne MD being interviewed about his method… “TA” as it was lovingly called.

I have explored the games, I have tried to work with the fairy tales, but not seriously.

I am now going to have one session in the Playground to look at the fairy tale part of his method… To see if it is useful… If it will help you in causing you to behave mostly like an adult, instead of being script driven, child driven, parent driven, memes driven, same old, same old.

One of my favorite expressions “innovate yourself out of a problem” coined by Jeff Bezos is a typical adult saying. You can’t do it unless you have access to your adult capacities… this measure is part of your Starting Point Measurements, by the way. And having access doesn’t mean you use them either… I often find myself doing magical thinking, wishing, bemoaning… none of them are part of the adult’s tool box… lol.

I test out everything, nowadays, in the Playground or with Playground participants. It is definitely the best deal for you if you want to go deeper in having a life that is without all that suffering that makes no sense to you, makes no sense to anyone and yet you can’t get rid of it.

If you are puzzled why your life goes the way it goes, seemingly without you driving it that way, contact me. Let’s have a conversation. Maybe the Playground is a good place for you.

Around month three people are starting to have spontaneous re-awakening in situation where traditionally they would go to upset, drama, tragedy… and suddenly the story goes lighter, or no such place… magical.

Of all the elements of Transactional Analysis, the fairy tale script is the deepest… and if interpreted correctly (not easy!) the most therapeutic.

By therapeutic I mean freeing. Freeing you up to shake off the “scripty” nature of your life.

If you look at your life, and you look honestly and carefully, you will see or feel that you are limited. The limitations are like thin threads that pull you, push you, hold you back and hold you down.

Many of those can be brought to light by listening to The Voices… by distinguishing the words of the memes. But many of you feel like the voices are YOUR voice… even though they aren’t. And those are probably the most damaging to your freedom, easy, and grace… like those bars I pasted on the top of the party scene in one of my collages. Or the bear climbing on the tallest tree to avoid people. Yeah, collages, when look at rightly, are amazing tools of seeing into your “sub” conscious… and get to peace about them.

And here is another video, same time, same people, just looking at Transactional Analysis and the Games people play differently.

How to prepare? The fairy tale that most pulls on your heartstrings is probably a good way to start.

Mine is about the old woman who takes home a fawn with a broken leg. And when the fawn is good and ready, allows her to return to where she belongs, the forest.

The intense yearning to be cared for and the even more intense yearning to do what I am meant to do… away from the restrictions created by belonging. That is MY script.

Don’t expect me to know all fairy tales of all nations, I don’t. Most fairy tales can be found on the internet, so refresh your memory…  re-read the fairy tale you suspect is your script, and either send it to me, giving me enough time to read it, or bring it so we can read it.

It may be, like in my case, a fairy tale in the different language. Bring a good translation. Don’t try to wing it! Preparation is a sign of respect… if you are disrespectful you won’t get your script analyzed.

One more thing: if you don’t watch the videos… then you can’t come to the call… if you are not willing to do your part…

All my courses, all my energies, all of life is co-creative. You do your part, and I do my part.

Maybe that is the first thing you need to learn… oh, one more thing: wishing, wanting, hoping is not doing your part. It has to be enough, or you didn’t do your part.

One of the damage religion, attraction, manifestation, mind-movies people cause is the idea that you provide what you want, and the Universe will do the rest. Like Pam Ragland taught: the Universe is like a restaurant: you place your order and the food will come… Bah humbug… b.s.

I have a student with a serious case of magical thinking. It is hard to “cure”…  and some soul corrections are more prone to it than others. Removing Hatred, Sexual Energy, Sharing The Flame are on the top of the list. When you can get to the first incident in life where by accident your wish got fulfilled, you’ll see that it hooked you… Most likely you were a little clueless kid… and that you remained.

Adults are not hooked in children’s dreams… adults know that they have to do their part.

And you pay for what you want… with work, with money, with your attention… or you won’t get it.

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