How Does Your Personality Effect YOUR Life?

How does your personality effect your life?

Some 44 years ago, when I was in high school, and a celebrity of sorts, I was presented with a lesson that did not land until just today.

Back in 1963, my friend, Pamacs an I, applied to a talent show. She sang, I sang, she could strum the guitar, I was an accomplished guitar player. We opted to sing two Neil Sedaka songs, in English, instead of my native Hungarian. We stayed in the competition for quite a few rounds, and became everyone's favorite Bambi.

Duo, as we called ourselves. I have seen photos taken from the Television show, and we looked sweet, fresh, and just adorable.

Everyone who watched TV watched that show: that was the only TV station in Hungary, back in the olden days 😉

Every Saturday, Pamacs showed up at our house, and we went dancing. She danced the whole evening, I danced maybe two songs. At the end of the night hordes of boys wanted to walk her home, no one cared about me. I was prettier than Pam. I was dumbfounded...

Fast forward a few years... a few months ago Pam got in touch with me: the magic of the Internet.

She now lives in London, married to a famous and absolutely smashing guy, step mother of an Oscar Best Actress winner, has a striving psychology counseling practice.

I am not married (have never been), live alone, so you see, the story continued as it started. What is the difference between Pam and myself? If you guessed: her personality, you guessed it right.

So that means that I am screwed, right?

Now, I happen to agree with you, but we are both wrong.

Because in my new course, to be released soon, "Design Your Winning Personality" I have good news for you! You are not stuck with your personality, warts and all... You have built it, you can build another one. One that will get you what you want, the right guy/gal, the right job, the right connections, the right income, the right mood: happiness.

Let me ask you a question: if you could change anything about yourself: what would you change? What do you think would happen different in your life, if you could successfully changed that?

Please post a comment below.

Looking forward to hearing your answers.

xoxo Sophie

PS: In my next post I will write about a real-life example, another friend of mine's, how she changed from a needy wallflower to a married, happy, successful architect.

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