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This is a long article. It is only worth reading if you are interested in a different life than you are living. If not… not worth reading… Go back to Facebook, or your romance novel, or witches, goblins, vampires, computer games, daydreaming, or whatever you fill your life with.

I am re-reading one of my favorite fiction books, Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

The book felt slower than it felt the first time. I saw only about 5% of it for the first time… But who I am and what I can see have changed subtly… I have two distinctions that I didn’t have when I first read it. I’ll share those two distinctions.

There are two characters in the book that manifest those two distinctions, Zula and Sokolov.

  • Honoring the timeless, that will never change… is one of the distinctions, and the other is

  • spending no, or only little time thinking of oneself.

These characters in a novel are worth reading because the normal person is not like them.

A ‘normal’ person never honors the timeless, and they are all or mostly about themselves. They are someone to model after.

Without models of higher ways of being, higher ways of thinking, you and humanity are stuck in the ugliness we live in.

If you can’t see the ugliness, then please leave now… You are part of the ugliness.

But what isn’t said, maybe anywhere, is that “The What” to model isn’t in the visible. The timeless isn’t in the visible…

The other day, in the Growth course ‘honoring the sacred’, a timeless way of behaving came up as the topic.

One of the students, unconsciously, honors the sacred in one area: he never gossips about his wife, but because it is wholly and fully unconscious, he can’t and won’t bring it into other areas of his life… He gossips about the sacred… and dethrones it, disempowers it, and disempowers himself with it.

You, like him, keep hoping that something sacred will show up to guide you, to give you substance, while ignoring the sacred in your life now.

You keep staring at the visible, in my work, in movies, in books, on Facebook, and you don’t understand that there is nothing inspiring, there is nothing spiritual, there is nothing worth honoring in the visible. The sacred is always in the invisible.

It is what you need to see past… beyond…

Especially if you wanted to get a clue to a life worth living.

Describing to you, telling you what you don’t see is futile: what you cannot see your cannot see.

Last night I had to do serious jujitsu on my mind to let me go to sleep.

I read one of my students’ post on my site, and got re-activated… seriously.

When you live the opposite of Zula and Sokolov, when what is important to you is the right now, and how you look to yourself and the other, I want to give up on you. I want to go HOME… leave this miserable, ugly place behind.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are ugly. Your life is ugly. Your intentions are ugly. Your thoughts are ugly. Your relationships are ugly.

One of the things I see on long time students of mine is how the ugly falls away, giving place to beautiful. It is what gives me hope…

The curse of being me is that I can see the ugly. And my job is to shed light where I can, so if you look, you can see.

Until you see how ugly you have been, you won’t want to change your ways.

Some of my programs, when I look back, are 99% about that ugly. because until you see it clearly, not just say it, but SEE it, you won’t have enough reason to change.

You need to go from blind to at least vision impaired… to seeing.

It’s all about seeing.

Hold up a mirror to a blind person and hope that they will see.

It’s not working.

One day they seem to be seeing, the next they don’t. They looked away… and because they cannot hold two things with their brain… yet, the ugly fades away, and out of sight/out of mind, as if it never existed.

Aside: This is, by the way, why even really smart students can’t hold the connection to Source longer than a few seconds once they open their eyes. Their attention is like a finger… it can only touch one thing at a time. To develop this is why we had the brain calisthenics in the olden times when I had time to do that, three times a week.

They see the ugly… but it disappears from their view, and they, again, only look at what they want, the result, and start lying, cheating, and lose all the gains they achieved.

How you lose your connection to the sacred

Thinking that your value is in what you accomplish, in your results, not in what you do, who you are being, in your moment to moment behavior is how you lose your connection to the timeless, how you lose your connection to the sacred.

If I want to continue to be honor the sacred myself and keep on distinguishing more and more of the invisible, I have to catch myself when I think that producing result with you is my job.

My job is what I do, how I do it, who I am being while I am doing it.

The moment I think that what YOU do is a reflection of what I do, that what you do and say have anything to do with me, I get pulled into the “how much I think of myself” high numbers, and it becomes all about me.

Like when I got upset about what I read.

What you do is what you do. Your result is your result. It has nothing to do with me. You crunch on my pearls, and that doesn’t make them not pearls.

After quite a few months of not watching any movies or TV shows, I am re-watching the second season of Mindhunters. And I see why.

One of the FBI agents and his wife adopted a little boy who is about six years old in the series. He is shaping up to become a psychopath, maybe even a serial killer.

His wife takes him away from where he is known as that… My  assessment is that she thinks that the boy’s behavior reflects on her. That she thinks that what she does, says has and will change who the boy is.

Nothing is further from the truth. I was abused and didn’t become a psychopath.

Your behavior comes, directly, from what you see.

And by now you should be aware that even in the rare instance when people look at reality, what they see is as different as how many is doing the looking.

Humans, homo sapiens, finds it near impossible to look at something and see that… Human mind is a meaning making machine, and the meaning commingles with the facts, and becomes, what we call here OCCURRENCE… wholly individual, and 99% not matching reality.

But what you see, the occurrence, is what gives you your behavior.

The best a teacher can do, a guide can do, a mentor can do, is suggest, show you different angles, different vantage points to look from.

That is the only job of a teacher.

In the coaching program I am taking I observe people there while the ‘coach’ is speaking, and they are diligently mixing what they hear with what is in their mind… they never actually hear what is being said… ever.

So they don’t ever ask clarifying questions, because in their occurrence it is not necessary: they filled the missing information already with what they add to it.

Do you think they will be able to produce the results as someone who doesn’t add anything to what is being said? hell no. They can’t and they won’t.

The other day the coach said something very important: when you pay for coaching, you pay for insight. Knowledge is immaterial… insight: what you get a glimpse of, is all the value you can get.

And if you can run with that insight, unadulterated, untainted with your own thoughts, you can produce the result the coach intended for you.

Whether you can 1. see the pure insight, 2. hold onto the insight or not, is a function of your Sight capacity… see and hold firmly what you see.

It is very seductive for a teacher/coach to think that your behavior is, in any way, related to what they do, or the value they provide.

Of course if reality responded, immediately, instantly, to every move as it is “supposed to”, if reality were a machine, You would be a good little soldier, maybe, doing what you are “supposed to” do.

But what I see is this: you piss in the wind, most of the time. Do this and do that, no rhyme, no reason… and… You end up with wet pants…

If you can make that OK, you can be on your way to effectively model your life after Zula or Sokolov… and start your journey to become an Expanding Human Being.

If you can’t or won’t make it OK… then you go on the cheating/lying route, and watch your vibration number falling.

That is how it works. Your vibration, like the thermostat, changes a hundred times a day… And it is all 100% up to you.

Given that it is your ability to see, to see accurately, to get out of your mind and see what is in front of you is what separates human beings from homo sapiens, effective people from those who piss in the wind, all my challenges are geared to give you yet another way to look at life, the world, at yourself differently.

When it takes, your life and your numbers change. When it doesn’t take…

This upcoming challenge, the Validation Challenge aims you to get your head out of your ass

and start seeing things to acknowledge about people, things, etc.

It comes with some training and coaching… but not much. What it does come, and what could make a difference, is I turn on the capacity to see value… what you do with it is really up to you.

I have had participants who didn’t see anything different even thought the capacity was open as long as it was open.

It’s like in every other area of your life: just because you could you won’t necessarily will… you could say no to things but you don’t. you could do things you definitely can, but don’t…

The challenge is free but you need to have your capacity turned on, and turned on again.

Get your ‘recognizing/seeing value’ capacity activated
It’s $45… If you paid $25, you are in the challenge as long as the capacity stays on, and then I drop you. If that is you: you so don’t see, that you didn’t see the $45 option…  Email me for the payment link of the missing $20.

Why do I want you to pay $45? Is it the money I want? After all I will make as much money from you as $4.50 an hour invested in you. So no, I am not doing it for the money.

Why don’t I charge more than $45? If it made a difference, I would.

But I have watched people send mucho mucho money and produced literally NO results. The money wasn’t incentive enough.

You need to be just ready to look differently. The money can be a hindrance in that! Because it may make you look even more at the results, instead of your actions.

Your Sight opens up because you see something that is different, and then you see it again and again and again… and if you are lucky, that is enough to cause a permanent dent in your occurrence. Like this cartoon below:

If you didn’t get it: come back to this article in 30 days, and look again. If it starts to make sense, you got the job done in the Challenge. If not, continue, even though the challenge will end…

OK, here is the link to buy the activation and re-activation

Get your ‘recognizing/seeing value’ capacity activated

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