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Seeds of Agenda: What’s In It For You?
Rav Ashlag, founder of The Kabbalah Centre, said that ego-less sharing is almost impossible.

When a person wants to change and transform themselves, they will never do it unless they get something out of it.

The energy needed for the sharing and caring must come from their ego.

There is a paradox, no doubt. On one hand giving and sharing and caring sounds like it’s not selfish. On the other hand, without a selfish motive, no one will ever share. Mother Teresa, or anyone! But if the giving is selfish, the rewards are all ego-rewards, short term high, long term low…

But here is a move that will surprise you:

When you acknowledge your initial selfish motives, the rewards of your giving are longer lasting. But when you think you are doing it out of the goodness of your hearts, there will be a short-circuit at some point in the process.

So, how do you do it?

Be ruthlessly straight with yourself and find and acknowledge the ego root, the seed of agenda, in your “generous” behavior. Say, out-loud what’s in it for you.

For example I always say why I teach, that I won’t do anything that I don’t enjoy, that I only want students that I like and want to work with because I love myself… I never pose as a giver, I always position myself as the one who gets more out of each transaction than what I put into it.

Ever since I’ve been doing this, about a decade, the Light has been generous with me, my health has been much better, I sleep better, feel better, and life is working a lot better for me…

That acknowledgment transforms that same very seed into a seed of selflessness. How is that for an unexpected move… and paradox? (See the original article)

Why it’s great that you are judgmental

“I don’t want to judge but…”

Before you judge yourself for judging another, consider this: It’s a good thing this is happening because it’s activating something inside, some part of yourself that is crying out for correction. Remember what I wrote in the Power of Kabbalah, The Light surrounds us with mirrors reflecting back what our soul needs to correct.

Today, don’t hate the mirror! Refocus on what’s coming up for you. You’ll see that as you begin to work on your reaction – and finding its hidden source – the judgment will fall away and understanding will take its place. (See the original article)

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Thank you for letting us read your earlier blogs. Already this opened some light for me on a different way to consider judgement, rather than a continually flawed and unfixable part of my character…

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