Are The Voices subliminal? Talking to your consciousness?

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Remember that episode in the Columbo series where he is in the movie theater and suddenly everyone wants to get a coke… and that is what helps him catch the killer?

That was the time when scientists discovered that the brain can see stuff that you cannot consciously see and act on it. Subliminal, I think, they called it.

The Voices, The Dark Side mostly uses subliminal techniques on you. More of that a little later, but first let me share with you a principle of mine:

If there is a memorable idea, a memorable teaching in a book, a movie, a conversation, something that I’ll use decades later, then it was worth reading, it was worth watching.

That is an attitude vastly different from the attitude in vogue: where you are digging, searching for the memorable.

I have found that diamonds, gold, don’t shine when you first look at them. Only the fake stuff.

The fake stuff is from the Dark Side.

What makes the Dark Side work against you is this eagerness to squeeze out every bit of juice of your experience… that hunger, that greediness.

And, of course, how you do anything is how you do everything… said in another way, your attitude is ‘portable’, your attitude in one area of life is the same as in all the other areas.

If you are greedy when you read, you’ll be greedy in business, in sex, in relationships, and with money.

And… drumroll… we are ready to return to Columbo and his subliminal…

You can train yourself, practice, to actually see those flashes of subliminal messages, and I have.

I have bought tons of software that used subliminal messages to make me rich… or at least have more money. (One could claim that a Mind Movie is subliminal… meh.)

They, of course, didn’t work, because unless the words talk the exact language that fits into your machine like a well-cut key, they won’t do a thing. And of course that is the problem with affirmation and hypnotherapy… they are not able to get to you through the machine.

I have found that different soul corrections hear the voices differently.

I am a Forget Thyself, and I barely if ever can hear the machine before I have a recognizable marker feeling… even though I have been practicing for decades… literally decades.

Here is one behavior that makes me ponder: Every day I run downstairs to check the mail. Why? I am not expecting any mail, from anyone. So what is that eagerness? Obviously there is a voice or voices I can’t hear, but the Marker Feeling is eagerness… WTF, right?

Other soul corrections have loud jarring voices… not mine.

But either way, the voices are working on you the same way, more or less on the subliminal level. Some of the things they say: no sane person would ever be so creative to come up with that!

80% of the voices are creating your soul correction.

Here are two examples from my emails just from today:


And today, and I forgot to ask about it in the webinar.. I have a lot of voices that talk about doing things..doing that, doing this, starting that .. ohh ,, if I could do that.. what if I could get that? Then I could do.. on and on it goes..

then I will say to myself.. no , I cannot do all these things.. i need to do only the necessary things. But the feeling is strong at times.. very stimulating.. or like a fear, i might miss out on something important.

Is that busyness , the voices of wanting to do so many things, to do
With my soul correction?

The voices say: do this and do that, and you are missing opportunities. Soul correction ‘Finish what you start’…

The voices work, feverishly, on distracting you, to create a FOMO space…

Brilliant… and unless you wake up, the machine will run you to the ground, and you’ll amount to nothing… or nothing much.

2. It was a very long email, so I grabbed a few lines..

But we never cut a clear deal – this is what I’m asking for, are you game or are you out.

Replaying childhood drama.

Be nice, be patient, use a nice tone of voice.

When you behave nice, I’ll talk nice, when you talk nice, I’ll behave nice.

Never agreeing upon anything, never communicating.

Keep it fuzzy. Maybe I’ll do it, but if i don’t like your tone of voice, i won’t.

Soul Correction: Stop Fatal Attraction… the fuzziness, the hope, the expectation, the ‘never make a promise, a request, an agreement’ so you can continue being in hope, in expectation, in pain, in a tizzy… in a fog. Brilliant… and unless you wake up, the machine will run you to the ground.

And here it is mine… I just ‘witnessed’ the machine: I turned the heat on a skillet to high. The voice said: ‘you won’t forget it this time!‘ and, of course, I did. I came back to write more of the article. So when I started to smell the burned smell (soooo familiar, lol) I ran, and the voice said: ‘you see what you did?‘ lol

Forget thyself… the smart/stupid soul correction. Perfectly played out by the machine.

So, what is there to do?

The work of the person who is interested to live like a person, needs to know its home: the machine.

The soul correction, the voices, the memes, the pebble in your shoe, the unscratchable itch, the story you add, and the precious ‘I’. Intimately.

Unaware? The machine will chew you up. Sleep walking? In the bull’s ear? Ditto.

The how, the where the machine is aiming is same in every area of life.

Health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

In the money workshop (Title: What are your attitudes that rob you of a life worth living? of money?

Description: The workshop will deal with money… when you see what attitudes repel money, you’ll also see the same attitudes rob you of love, health, and happiness.) We’ll dig around money, but we could dig anywhere. Your attitudes towards yourself are even more revealing. But your attitudes towards growing, becoming a person, reading, working, sleeping, eating, exercise, are the same…

But if you are coming, bring your money issues.

As usual, I am doing the work with you, with a little bit of advance work… so I can be WITH you instead of with my own issues.

Want to ponder ahead of time?

Look at these questions: what works about money and what doesn’t… or not as well as you’d like it. Pick one aspect that isn’t working, and look what isn’t working there… describe it so I can get it…

We’ll work closely with that aspect…

Haven’t registered yet: Here is the link to register:

And if you want to help me out, get your Starting Point Measurements

It will sting, but it will pinpoint to a certain level of accuracy, what repels your money.

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