Control Life Or Dance With Life? Fit in or be happy?

Society is a rule-system designed to perpetuate itself and only itself. It considered outsiders, differents an enemy and most of society’s activity, is hunting down and destroying everyone who is different.

Society is self-regulating: it feeds the members that comply, and denies sustenance to those that don’t comply, that don’t fit it.

write what you are toldLet’s use a human body to represent this phenomenon: cells, organs, and the whole body is evolved to word well together, to become a self-regulating, Life-affirming, expanding, always bettering itself organism.

Everything goes well… the body fights off invaders, injuries, diseases, but at some point something happens: a different type of invader enters: a virus type: it’s tiny, it has only one cell, a DNA, and it slips through the attention of the body’s defenses, maybe because the body is tired, or maybe because the body is enjoying too much of the same thing: something that tastes good, feels good, so it relaxes its attention: it feels secure. Or maybe the virus pretends (it is a shape shifter pretender) it pretends to do what it does for the greater good and makes binding promises… and the pleasure seeker body says… yeah, please, I need help, thank you for coming.

The virus then establishes itself in the body, causing cancer, causing illnesses, because the virus is only interested in growing itself, not the body.

Healthy is now an aberration. Happy is now an aberration. A deviation from the norm of the new system: society demands that you talk about happy, pretend to be happy, but be miserable under the pretense.

society-controlSociety propagates itself with mind-virus. Self-sacrifice, positive thinking, Law of Attraction, manifestation, instant healing miracles, gods, angels, spirit guides, crystals, herbs, exercise, organic food, corporations are bad, contribution, transformation, psychics, channelers, UFO’s, aliens, blah blah blah.

It’s all about separation: some people can do things, and others can’t.

The ones that cannot try to get it from the people that can, learn it, buy it, rent it… Just so that they don’t have to do anything… So they don’t have to be responsible for what they do, think, say.

It’s also about control: society tries to control everything: reduce Life to predictable, smooth, backwaters.

sheepleThey teach you: control your mind – control your life. Think positive and only positive things will come to your life. Raise your vibration to the vibration of money, and money will start rolling in. Find your soulmate and you won’t have to worry about relationship issues. Take a supplement and you won’t have to worry about disease.

All institutions toe the party line and you buy it: if you work you earn money. If you work more: you earn more. If you go to school and do well, you’ll be successful. Multiple-choice tests measure your knowledge, aptitude well, and is a good predictor of how well you’ll do in life. Family first, sacrifice yourself, relax, buy buy buy.

It is all about control, and some things, real thinking, real creativity, real power can’t be controlled, so don’t even go there… The few healers, gurus, teachers, scientists, writers, artists, that started out with something legitimate to offer, soon learn that unless they offer the party-line, they will not be able to earn a living with their art, science, etc.

They give up pursuing the truth, and join the herd: and the herd welcomes them.

I watch your behavior. I test what makes you tick. I test what turns you off. I test what you do after you spend your money with me.

I have another business to make a living with, and therefore I can afford to say no to joining the herd. Because if I didn’t have another way to make a living, I would starve to death.

You are only interested in miracles. You are waiting for instant enlightenment, waiting for me to raise your vibration: overnight, without any work, without any awareness, without any uncomfortable truth…

You have now the capacity to become truly a human being, strong, beautiful, and intelligent. That was my work. I have fulfilled that.

Some of you will activate those capacities. Some of you will learn how to be powerful, happy, peaceful, productive in the face of the uncontrollable.

Life cannot be controlled. We live on a tiny planet that is like a single lightbulb, naked, hanging in the middle of a vast universe that doesn’t care.

comet zone tunguska every dayWhen the s-h-i-t hits the fan, when the Earth’s path crosses a string comets path, like so many times in the history of the planet, (just think about the Ice Age, the Dark Ages, the Big Flood, the plagues, they didn’t just come for no reason, they were the results of passing through a field of comets that exploded above the Earth or hit it, causing climate change, dusty darkness, floods and earthquakes), the ones with the thinking skills of real humans will survive and the herd will perish.

comet explosionThe survivalist movement teaches people how to survive for a few days. But the level of thinking that makes someone buy the wares of the survivalists will not be enough to solve the problems that will present themselves.

The skills that help you to be happy, fulfilled, expanding, in peace time, are the skills that allow you to survive in calamities.

superior-control-of-selfDirecting your attention with superior control, finding the funny in every situation, seeing the big picture, etc. are all skills that work, peace or not.

Skill is a capacity activated.

And all capacities stand on the foundation of Unconditional Love… the freedom activator, the maturity activator, the “mother is not coming” activator, the activator of “if it is to be, it is up to me!” attitude.

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