When I allow myself to feel my negative feeling…

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A lot of people seem to wonder how they can avoid feeling negative emotions… They try to block them, get busy, take medication, self-medicate (alcohol and drugs) but the solution, as you will see, is counter-intuitive.

One of the Path Coaching students writes:

Hello Sophie

Thank you for last Friday coaching, after telling you what’s happened on that day regarding my husband, I have more clarity. After allowing myself to feel the pain and fear of the possible consequence of my text I now realize how much I love my husband and now appreciate him to be part of my life and my perception of him suddenly changed. Before this incident I was in a place where I wanted him out of my life.

I am just wondering Sophie, after the incident last Friday, I am now practicing allowing myself to feel whatever is the feeling at that moment especially the negative feelings; before that I will always found a way to avoid feeling the negative emotions because I was so afraid to feel them. Now, when I allow myself to feel whatever I feel in that moment, especially negative feelings, I notice that the negative feeling I have transform into positive without me doing anything at all, from feeling the pain, like fear, then the feeling moves towards feeling good without any effort. I am just wondering if you have some explanation how it happens.

Thank you.

My answer: when you are about to lose something, or when you think you lost it, that is when you see what it means to

Her next question:

Thank you Sophie, and how do you explain when you allow yourself to feel what is the feeling in that moment especially negative feelings and you are aware of it, and without doing anything the feeling is then transform to feeling good?

My answer: That is just how it feels: when you allow any feeling, when you don’t freeze it, then it can move.

Every emotion moves, like the clouds in the sky…

When a negative feeling is allowed to move, then it leaves in its place your natural good feeling, not a new, positive feeling.

Your natural state is to feel good. When you allow yourself to experience without resistance the feeling, it goes away, its message gotten its work is done. And you are returned to your natural state: feeling good, energized, sharp, and ready.

A few years ago I spent a lot of time to map out the Bach Feelings… namely how they move.

All the Bach feelings are guiding feelings, and all the Bach feelings are bad feelings. Some worse than others. They indicate something about you…

One of the things that happens when you use the Heaven on Earth that is 38 Bach Feelings and 3 more I discovered myself, is that the specific, precise energy of the feeling unsticks the Bach Feeling… and it starts to move. And it leaves well-being in its wake.

Feel your feelings. Learn to allow them

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