Signs, God, Revelations, Numerology, Astrology. are ALL BS?

Signs, God, revelations, numerology, astrology, dreams, magical thinking

It’s all invented, it is all some rules or some laws to make sense of what cannot make sense… life, the Universe, this whole thing we were born into.

For a while it makes sense… while the parents and the family surround you, but once you are on your own, once what you do matters beyond the rules of the family, life doesn’t make much sense.

The ego, the part of a human that wants you to be safe, is not comfortable with uncertainty, with not knowing. It is only comfortable when the rules are clear, they work every time, and you know that if you do A you’ll get B.

But life doesn’t seem to have clear cut rules… and the ego is not happy.

I don’t think there is a personal ego, I think ego is shared… ego is consciousness independent of the individual… much like mind. Mind is not individual either. The brain is… but consciousness isn’t individual either…

How, why? I don’t know. If I know anything is this: I am an empath and I feel that the ego, the mind, consciousness is shared… But…

The ego over here wants to know. It hates uncertainty, and it will go with, it will consider anything half-reasonable to get away from uncertainty.

The Ego will consider anything half-reasonable to get away from uncertainty.

I think that uncertainty is what we hate about the dark. That we don’t know if our next step is going to be OK, or going to get us into trouble.

  • The trouble is that there is no way to reliably predict anything.
  • There is no way to rig the game.
  • There is no way you are going to get out of this life alive.

If we consider that we live in a computer game… and this thing was created, then we may have some comfort… So let’s see what we get with that starting point:

Life is meant to be uncertain, and that could be the beauty of it. If you could just start enjoying it!

Spontaneity… Adventure, Discovery… we use these words as if they had value for us… but truth be told, they make good movies that you watch, but if I asked you to participate, I would get a polite “no” or a “hell no” from nearly everyone.

It looks good, it titillates, entertains, is fodder for imagination, daydreaming, for desire trap… but “no thank you, I don’t want to live like that…” says the human.

Age after age, historical period after historical period we see that us, humans, created fables, and signs, and revelations, gods, Myths, the “science” of numerology, and astrology, and dream interpretation, all to take the beauty out of life and reduce it to a formula.

Take the beauty out of life and reduce it to a formula

We’ve invented, made up laws, “immutable” laws of the Universe, that we say are as certain as gravity.

The Law or Reciprocity, The Law of Cause and Effect… I’ll list them all later… are all based on a desire to make sense out of it, to take the risk out of life.

Take the risk out of life

We go and get ourselves analyzed. Get our horoscope done. Go to a psychic… Do psychological profiles, the more the better.

Risk is the name of life, and risk is what we don’t want.

I find myself guessing. My guessing accuracy is getting better… I must be becoming psychic… I think, hopefully.

We can never be sure.

Did it happen because it was supposed to happen, or did it happen because I somehow made it happen through predicting it? Expecting it? Manifesting it?

The reticular activator is real, seems to me, by design

I know that the reticular activator is real: every test shows that once you fixate on something, it starts to show up everywhere. And then events unfold in that direction. Like magic.

There was a book, The Bible Codes. Hoax, obviously, but interesting.

The one thing that was interesting about it, for me, is its predictive nature… backwards at least. The future eventually becomes the past…

The Bible Codes says that if you find a major cataclysmic event, like an assassination, or the end of the world in the text of the Hebrew text of the bible (after taking out all spaces and all punctuation), you will find the word written across, perpendicular to it, or next to it: “Averted.”

I like that kind of certainty/uncertainty. It titillates ego over here…

I like that it is both preordaned and not preordained. I like that participants can make different decisions (free will?) take different actions from what was predictable, and those actions will cause different results.

I have been indulging myself in the thought that the Activation of the Original Design, which wasn’t written to happen, anywhere, was my way of changing the predictable, end of the world or not. 1

Of course, the news don’t necessarily and obviously support that, what’s happening right now in the Middle East is far from indicating that truth, but if I add the Reticular Activator in this “calculation” then…

Here is a vision for you:

Step one: People find out that their “equipment” can be upgraded and they can become less automatic of “evil” thought than before, and they can even go up, with this upgrade, to fully not choosing an evil act or thought.

Without witnessing nothing happens

Without witnessing nothing happens: If you are not conscious of your higher vibration, you will still act, out of habit, with your old vibration.

You wake up, every morning, with a lower vibration. Immersing yourself in sleep you forget who you were the night before.

You have the best equipment, but if you don’t use it, it will not matter at all.

Step two: People’s reticular activator now homes in on this new idea: people are good, and they are good to each other and the Earth.

Step three: the predictors of the global catastrophe start supporting activities, rather than support their pet idea of global warming, or other horrible scenarios, and instead start going for what we really want: a livable planet, a life that works for everyone, with no one left out.

Step four: this new consciousness, now supported by actual facts, starts to reign on the Planet.

So what could YOU do to turn things around, my dear reader?

1. Stop concentrating on what you don’t want, what you don’t like, what you’d like to do away with, and find something, ever so small, that you can support, that you can want.

In Syracuse, NY it would start with the weather, lol. People, before they automatically hate the weather, they would look for something to love about the weather.

In the winter, they would look at the dime size brighter spot on the thick cloud cover in the sky. And they would say: there is brightness in the Syracuse sky. I have been doing that for 10 years, and I have never gotten S.A.D. disease, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Affect is how you feel…

You can try. There is a “silver lining” in ever “bad” stuff that will take you to see what you can do that is life-affirming.

Without withdrawing our energy, our support from what we don’t want, we can’t have anything else.

In The Playground program we call that “wrong”. And we work, for a whole year, to bring a special process inside which we get to see that is our not wanting it that makes it wrong… That there is no wrong in reality. No lacking. No missing. No mistakes even. No bad, no stupid, none of that. There is pain. But there is not even procrastination… You always do something… Never do nothing. And all the needing to, wanting to, having to, should’s are made up… You’ll always do what you’ll do. Some works and gets you better results. All your actions get you what they get you. It is up to you to not get stuck… and look for a next action that is closer to what you consider better. And that is what we learn in the Playground.
In the end, depending on the amount of “heart” you put into the work, you’ll come out happier, higher vibration, and better results than you went into it.

2. You can share this knowledge with others. Believe or not, not everyone is reading this post! But you could share it, tweet it, re-post it on your Facebook, on your blog, in your newsletter, you could talk about it, you could teach it! Teaching is the best way to learn something, that is what I do to learn, exclusively! 2

It is hard to be brilliant in your head! It is hard to really learn something in silence. Most learning really happens in conversations.

And that’s it, my friend. With these two simple looking actions 3 you will alter your reality, and the reality of the Planet.

And then we can look for signs, revelations, zodiac support, myths that predict that, the second coming, all that. Because we made it happen, now we can be sure… we created something. Instead of avoiding the risk.

Now, please, re-tweet this post… Or Digg it… Share it on Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. Do something to get the word out! OK? Please. Thank you.

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  1. Your DNA is a way the predictable future is “written”… but we don’t quite know how to read THAT book yet, we are just guessing. My overdeveloped sense of feeling… being a trained empath, says that we have 160 spiritual capacities that can be activated, but aren’t. They activate themselves when they are really needed, consistently, and shut down when they aren’t… Spiritual capacities can make us play this game without rules more skillfully, more confidently, by seeing wider, deeper, more accurately, and with a whole lot less trepidation. And with a lot less attention on other humans and a whole lot attention on what they are doing and how they are doing it.
  2. I am dyslexic. That is a brain organization misstep… One of the ways my dyslexia manifests is that I have a really hard time to follow written instructions.

    I always pray that someone will come to the rescue, do it WITH ME. But no one ever comes… not since I learned to write at age 7… Or in gymnastics, or in yoga. Everywhere else you are supposed to figure it out yourself.
    I can’t…
    But I have learned something that works: I find someone to teach. That is how I learned to play the violin, the guitar, that is how I learned everything that I know.
    The languages I learned but never mastered: I had no one willing to learn from me. Danish, Arabic, Russian… So I never got good at them.

  3. simple doesn’t equal easy.
    I predict that sharing will be difficult to many of you. The ego won’t like it. You won’t want to get rid of your pet peeves: how would you recognize yourself without them? or how could you say that people are good… you love to hate, don’t you? But for the common good, or for the fun of it, or for the good experiment, I hope, many of you will share… and that will be YOU taking on leadership. The herd will follow. I promise. They always do. 99% of humanity is second-handers, copy-cats, repeaters, and never have an original thought in their head. This will be something to repeat… and that’s OK… as long as they repeat it. There are 8 billion people on this planet. And we all matter, one way or another

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Signs, God, Revelations, Numerology, Astrology. are ALL BS?”

  1. Great article which I really enjoyed reading. I have noticed that there are a lot of people going against the mainstream trying to fight things like vaccines and 5G etc. A lot of people taking about de-population scenarios and how we are all doomed. Pervasive cover ups etc. I find it really easy to buy into these things because I tend to be an anxious person. I’ve started to question whether people who take this track tend to be more anxious and be those who have been a victim at the hands of another so that they have become very mistrusting of the general public and governments etc. Do you have a view on this? Thanks!

  2. People have a narrow cone of vision, have no control over their attention, have an abysmal vocabulary about reality. this includes you, elide. so no wonder they live a shadow life… Congratulations, you got what you needed to stay sane.

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