When did it happen, how did it happen that you stopped looking, stopped seeing reality, and you don’t even know that you did that?

In the beginning our eyes sent wordless signals to our brain. And the brain figured it out what that signal meant for you, in that moment. It kept you safe, it kept you in food, it kept you in the good graces of your tribe.

But at some point words, like a narrative, accompanied the visual signals, and after another while we stopped looking and we started to be satisfied with the verbal commentary.

Of course many of us did. But because the people that were going to the words to know what they saw died, they became dinner… Their genetic material didn’t learn anything, because they were dead. But many didn’t die… and they lived in a false security not informed by reality, and there was no evolutionary pressure to start looking again…

This is the segment of humanity that has grown in numbers the most. They weren’t bothered by scarcity of food, scarcity of power, lack of survival skills, they just multiplied like rabbits.

Their offspring comprises now 99% of humanity. The 1% is mostly millionaires and billionaires.

The difference between the two groups is invisible to the naked eye… you have to watch them in action to see that the 99% isn’t even looking before they make a decision.

We tell our people to look left and look right before they cross the street, but we don’t… we don’t look. we are satisfied with the memory of what the words signify… a once in a while visual signal. Unless it hits you between the eyes, you don’t even see it.

OK, the picture I am painting is dim. And the reality is dim.

Are you locked into being part of the 99%?

Yes and no.

The capacities to see, to be astute, to be aware, are hardcoded in your DNA… and it will take another few million years for the DNA to change enough to not include those…

If we had another million years… I doubt it.

But like with every atrophied capacity, it is a matter of purposeful practice, conscious practice, can reverse the damage tens of thousands of years of idleness has created… for the individuals who take on returning to the original design, where you can actually see around you, not only in your head.

The biggest issue is that people who can don’t know others can’t. I didn’t…

People who can’t: they don’t think other people can.

99% of all books, all articles, all blog posts, all youtube videos are made by people who don’t see that they are looking inside their heads for what there is to see OUTSIDE.

When I measure truth value of stuff… this is the main reason they score so low. The “author” of the stuff can’t tell they are speaking from inside their heads not from reality.

One of the most jarring things for me, watching the documentary on Osho and the Rajneeshpuram was seeing Osho wake up when Sheila left. Talk about “nobody home”…

You can look at your gurus, at your politicians, at your PhD’s… nobody home.

Now that you have at least a little idea about what’s happening, what do you see? Can you see that without actually looking at reality, learning to become astute about reality, staying in the position to look would make you more successful, and a lot less available to get lost in social media, and seeking, and pondering, and other largely useless and harmful activities.

By god, maybe you would even start getting some work done when you are at work! You would notice that you are anywhere but where you are!

It’s really a capacity! that unless you integrate the brain and seeing, the eyes, unless you regain your long lost dexterity, you can kiss your dreams good bye.

The training, not mine, I don’t get commission, don’t own it, etc. is an eye training… called EyeQ… My only self-interest is that when you get good at it, i finally have some people to work with who can… Can learn, can retain what they learn, can benefit from what they learn, make more money, make a better life, and if they want, become and Expanding Human Being.

You don’t have to go all the way. You can just become happier, more joyful, more fulfilled, calmer and more observant in life. It’s not a bad result. Not at all.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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