What results can you expect from a low truth value course?

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I have been intensely curious why something with a 7~10% truth value would make a difference for people who read it, study it, practice it, and apply it to their lives.

Ultimately we are talking about 90-93% untruth… and yet. People report results… in the testimonials.

If we look, the world at large is a dark, foggy place with hordes of ignorant, mislead, slothful people.

The average truth value of what is known… meaning accurate knowledge about the world, is less than 1%. 2Truth value is a percentage number that tells to what degree the particular piece of information contains the whole truth, multiplied by the errors and mistaken assumptions, unproven theories, and such.


99% b.s. or lack of knowledge about anything.

So compared to that, a PhD, a medical doctor, a university professor, a Nobel Prize winner, a Billionaire’s 7%-10% truth value is staggering.

Most people never read a book. It is too hard for them: they have no foundation, no hooks to hang on new information: their mental walls are empty.

I am looking at the people who study from me: the guy with the highest truth value knowledge has a 4% truth value.

All the way down to less than 1%.

You can tell a person’s numbers from just one of their measurements, preferably two:

their vibration and their awareness score.

  • Awareness is ultimately the opposite of how much time you spend in the mind… how much of reality you actually track as it is happening.
  • Vibration is also a seeing score, coupled with accuracy. How much of reality you see accurately.

Given the low numbers, you can see that humanity, as a whole, doesn’t see much of reality, and it doesn’t see it accurately.

What you actually see, that displaces reality is memes, tree of knowledge, second hand knowledge, and delusion.

Your actions, your attitude are strongly correlated with what you see. And your actions are what produces the life you live. Not your book knowledge, not your high-mindedness, but your actions… and your actions and their accuracy depend on what you see, and the truth value of what you see.

Most teachers, authors today have an average vibration of 170, and a truth value of what they teach of 7-10%.

You, as a rule of thumb, can acquire about one tenth of the knowledge of a teacher/mentor. If you aspire to higher, you need several mentors, including dead ones who wrote books.

Now, returning to the original question: why and how do those 7-10% dudes and dudettes produce good results.

Well, partially: they don’t. Most of the people attending these coaches, teachers, etc. classes produce no results. We’ll examine why not, a little later, so bear with me.

And a few do. Depending on the level of the program, between 1-7%.

The higher level your start, meaning your vibration and truth value, the more results you can produce. That should be obvious, but when your truth value/awareness level is very low, you can’t see that.

For example I know a few people who believe that they can go from zero to 100 with following one teacher’s course…

But if you know physics, going from zero to 1 takes more energy than going from 1-100… so they actually never produce any results.

The more delusional you are, the less results you’ll produce.

Delusional is simply a measure of how much of what you think/believe you consider truth, without any proof whatsoever. Often in the face of overwhelming proof to the opposite.

Tai’s analogy of the mirage in the desert that suggests that there will be water just over the next sand dune is very apt.

When your truth value is very low, you cannot see, you cannot even fathom that you are at the wrong place with the wrong tools, or with no tools at all.

Positive thinking, manifesting enthusiasts belong to this group. They may keep at it, even though everyone else knows they are betting on a dead horse or a lake in the middle of the Sahara.

OK, one more thing:

A 7-10% truth value teacher will teach you 90-93% hogwash.

Because your head is filled with hogwash already, you’ll be attracted to it, and learn more of that than the new, unfamiliar, uncomfortable truth in the 7-10%.

You’ll get 30% of the hogwash, and if you are really good, you’ll get one half of one percent if the truth.

Not a very high return on investment, is it?

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