How Will You Activate The Light? Are You Part Of The Majority That Is Always Wrong?

expanding How Will You Activate The Light? Are You In The Majority That Is Always Wrong?

In this article I will introduce you to the ultimate trigger that operates the “faucet” for receiving light. It will surprise you, and it will, probably, disappoint you, but you will be wrong to take it that way.

Let’s start with the historical overview of how “operating the faucet for the light” has been taught. Keep in mind, all of these are theories: once a theory is proven, it becomes an axiom, and it works, all the time.

This overview will be different. I will concentrate on the mistakes our predecessors and our contemporaries have made, to the effect that we, 21st century humans, are not better off than the caveman. In this regard.

The first school of thought is that there is nothing that you can do, that it is all random and capricious, and that’s that.

The second school of thought is that being good and sacrificing for others is the ultimate trigger for God’s love.

The third school says that you need to put yourself into the same vibration as the thing you want, and it will not be able to resist you and will come to you.

The fourth school says that you need to be in an expanding state of mind for the channels of light to open.

Who is right and who is wrong. We even have a historical perspective: most of these theories have been around for a long long time.

1. The school of thought of nothing works cannot be proven. The American judiciary system, rightly, places the burden of proof on the accusing party: the innocent cannot prove they didn’t do anything because nothing cannot be proven. Something can be proven or proven wrong… So we’ll leave this school of thought alone: we have no tools to prove them wrong, unless one of those other schools is reliable and works every time. OK?

2. The second school, the school of religion says that if you sacrifice yourself for others, if you go without so others can have, if you don’t commit sins, then you will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Maybe. No one has come back to prove that right.

Let’s look what happens on earth, while the do-gooders are alive, while the avoiders of sin still breathe.

This school teaches you to be selfless, to give up desire, to shrink.

2011 years of darkness has been the result, so far.

If you catch yourself not wanting to grow, if you catch yourself wanting to play for keeps, wanting to play it for safe, you are trapped in this school of thought.

“Make something of yourself”, “take risks,” “go for broke,” “the only games you lose for sure are the games you don’t play” are all sacro-religious in this school of thought.

All pioneers, all inventors, all scientists, all people that caused the advancement of humanity were enemies of this system and were excommunicated, burned on the stake, put in mental institutions, or treated as lepers in this school of thought.

Including the infamous Jesus. He was promoting expansion, he was promoting thinking, he was promoting advancement. He failed miserably. His Father wasn’t, probably, too proud of him. The religion they named after him was a big step backwards.

3. The third school is the school of The Law of Attraction people. They say: like attracts like and opposites repel… So you want to be like the things you want.

It deals with stuff that is both invisible and non-measurable.

It says: get in vibrational harmony with X and you’ll get more X. Or it says: if you really really really want it, and you play with it in your thoughts and if you really want it, then this “activity” will put you into vibrational harmony with it and it will come to you.

This school encourages you to practice wishful thinking, and discourages you from taking action, taking risks, working, learning, anything that would take your attention off wanting and wishing and meditating about what you want.

The few that seem to be able to activate this “law” do it in their privacy, and you only know what they are willing to tell you about it, probably the ‘stuff’ that proves that they were right to teach you what they’d taught you.

What a bull.

They talk about creating parking spots and the like… and they always remember to tell you when the spot was close enough to where they were too lazy to walk to.

Hey, I need a little exercise, so I park far from the entrance… do I get browny points for that? lol

risk and expanding go hand in hand 4. The fourth school is the school of expanding.

I am interested in this school. Why? Because, whether it works or not, practicing it gives you a life that’s worth living. Because being a human being is about growing, at any age, at any cost.

I was guided to watch a movie today, on Netflix instant play. The title of the movie is “Queen To Play.”

It left me breathless, it left me inspired, it left me in tears.

It was the perfect movie to share in this article.

The story is about a woman, around 40 years old. She is a maid at a local hotel, and cleans houses in the afternoon.

She lives on a beautiful island off the coast of France. She never looks at the view of the oceans, or the view of the rugged mountains as she rides her bicycle to work, or from the bus.

She gets up before 5 when it’s still dark, and lives a life of obedience, a life of insignificance, a life of apologizing.

One day she goes to clean one of the hotel rooms. The guests, a couple, are on the balcony, playing chess. They look happy. The young woman wins the game. Our cleaning lady watches, mesmerized.

That afternoon she notices a chess set at one of her clients’. We can see as the pebble, chess, falls into her life that is like a pool of compacency, starting to make waves.

She buys her husband a computerized chess set for his birthday. He isn’t interested, but she is: she spends every moment she can steal from sleeping, learning the game.

She asks the client with the chess set to play with him. They set up a steady “date” every Tuesday at 4 pm.

You can watch as her mind and and her world open up. As she obeys the force working through her to express itself, she changes.

She, slowly, develops a sense of self. She starts to stand up for herself.

Her world fights for her to stay the same, but she finds an unexpected ally in her daughter. The daughter says that everyone benefits from a person who is willing to expand… and make something of themselves.

She, like the parched soil, hungrily absorbs all that nourishes the self’s desire to become all it can be.

She wins a local chess tournament and she boldly sets out to Paris for a bigger and riskier tournament.

That’s how the movie ends.

Go, watch this movie. Allow it to work on you. Allow it to wake you up from your slumber. There is a whole life out there for you. To be alive is to grow. Shrinking is death. And staying the same is shrinking.

Learn anything new. Don’t wait for the right thing to knock on your door. You can start where you are. Just keep on growing, keep on taking risks. The path will take you where you can become the biggest, where you can grow the fastest, where you can most fully express the Spirit in you.

And while you are doing this, you won’t even notice, but the spigot of light will be showering you with light, with nourishment, whether you ask for it or not.

Some guidance:

1. the only learning that qualifies for expanding is learning through doing, or learning and doing. Learning for your head doesn’t cause expansion, so it doesn’t qualify.

2. If there is no chance of failing, you are not growing
3. The majority is always wrong. That means 99% of the people you know.

PS: after finishing this article I had a heart-to-heart with Source. A total of 5 readers will be inspired by this article to take action. Five readers will hear the kick in the butt they have been waiting for. The rest of you will continue in the direction you are heading. You are the majority that is always wrong.

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