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Although I use this iconic picture from the French protest… this is not a political article… Something, deep inside the French was activated by the new tax on fuel… and moved them to action…

In this article I want to talk about how to awaken that inner, deeply buried energy that could set you free. The caged desire. A suppressed desire.

Rob Brezsny, and many of his similar positive thinking contemporaries, cannot see, will not see, unwilling to see that not everyone is capable to do, to see, to understand, to use everything.

This is my biggest beef with Landmark Education, or any other marketing organization or person: they lie. They pretend that you can do it, you can see it, you can understand it, you can use it.

So today, reading my horoscope for the week, I saw how I benefit from those famous horoscopes of Rob Brezsny, and how, for most people, they are just funny, or whimsical, but definitely not useful, or not always.

here is the horoscope I got today:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You know the expiration dates that appear on the labels of the prescription drugs you buy? They don’t mean that the drugs lose their potency after that date. In fact, most drugs are still quite effective for at least another ten years. Let’s use this fact as a metaphor for a certain resource or influence in your life that you fear is used up or defunct. I’m guessing it still has a lot to offer you, although you will have to shift your thinking in order to make its reserves fully available.

OK, what did I do after I read this horoscope?

I immediately created a context: allow it take my view to a place where I normally dare not look… lol.

Where I’d rather be blind than see… where I am blinded by what I already think I know, some fear, some anxiety, some ‘monster’ I don’t know how to deal with.

Does this context work with every horoscope by Rob Brezsny? I think so.

Anything that makes you look where you are afraid to look can make a huge difference, and Rob Brezsny’s mission is to make you look.

What is good about looking?

The size of the box you live in, the size of the life you live depends on how far and how wide you are willing to look.

The more things limit where you would look, the smaller your life.

So when you face, head-on, the areas or issues you are normally not willing to look at, you potentially remove the self-imposed limitations you put on yourself, and you can enlarge your life.

A small life is like a small prison cell… very limited. Not fun at all.

Actually, this is probably the first time I am really addressing this topic, thank god for triggers like this horoscope.

So where did I look, you ask?

I did what I am asking you to do: I looked at where I am scared… my life expectancy.

I am 71 years old, and even though my overall health is good, I have aches and pains, and I am somewhat limited in what I can do without driving.

So I have been ambivalent about this life expectancy/quality of life issue… afraid and powerless.

The horoscope, potentially, suggests that just like the expiration date, is like my life expectancy: I can live and be able to work a lot longer than my fears suggests…

And whether this is true or not, my life can feel bigger, my actions can become less restricted. I can become less restricted if I take it one day at a time, and focus on the difference I can make, the difference only I can make.

Some of my students deal with essentially similar self-limiting views… spending their whole life in preparing for threats, dealing with unfounded fears… all living in a small box… all their own making.

Now, what’s wrong with a small box? It’s comfortable…

But the inner nature of a human, given The Original Design hardcoded in the DNA. Humans are engineered by nature to live big. To see wide and deep. To make connections. To be the marvel of the Universe.

With your small life you are not much different from a chimp in a cage. Or, as a matter of fact, any domestic animal in its enclosure…

The soul, the spirit in you is weeping. And making you miserable.

The pain, the yearning, the longing, maybe even the fear you feel is from the soul. It wants you to live like a human… and start your growth towards human being.

The difference between an animal and a human is in their design… human design is for a bigger life… animals, on the other hand are designed for the life they live.

You are cheating yourself and Life out of its due…

Now, let’s talk a little bit what could dislodge you from this caged living, shall we?

I could say that returning you to high school circumstances could make a difference. Could make a difference if your level of ambition, if your willingness to work for a future that cannot yet be seen, were higher.

But your ambition is where your ambition is… and your willingness is where your willingness is.

In my experience, the single most important step that made a difference for the people who went beyond the cage-living, who were willing to go back and fill the gaps in their knowledge, was the Juice Exercise.

The Juice Exercise is an innocent sounding conversation between a person and another, in our case you and me.

I ask questions and you look for the answer.

My job is to listen keenly… listen more with my feeling to your feelings than my ears.

You may say you like something, but if there is no pain there, it is a trick you play on yourself and me.

I am looking for the pain…

Pain and pleasure are the same feeling, creative tension and release… it is nature’s way to make you move. So that is what I am listening for.

When the conversation goes as it should, you get in touch with the most fundamental inner calling, your most fundamental desire that says who you are.

For me it is penetrating the invisible. Frightening and exciting at the same time. Without that I have mighty little to live for.

If I had to describe it differently, I would say that the desire is the same as sexual desire as far as the inner dynamic goes.

I am not quite surprised: the desire to multiply and the desire to live fully must come from the same source: The Life Force.

The purpose of the Juice Exercise call is to re-engage that desire that you have probably given up on fulfilling.

Or if you are a woman, you may think that having given birth fulfilled that desire, but you will be mistaken.

It cannot, will not be fulfilled, not even having ten children, or adopting a billion kids…

It’s about conquering… consuming… overpowering… very sexual. A fire that cannot be extinguished.

When people are asked on their death bed, not following that desire is their biggest regret.

OK, and what is my offer… you knew it was coming… Right?

I am going to do as many Juice Calls as I can without destroying my health, in the coming month or two.

It can go as long as two hours… So my usual fee of $250 is a bargain.

But I have found out that knowing what gives you juice is not enough… You need to have more conversations, so you can have a real life application, a process to follow.

So I am going to give you a break and give you the second session for free… until further notice.

You will need to get your Starting Point Measurements… And I’ll throw that in: it is for my orientation…

In the call…

…we’ll ferret out what and which way your soul wants you to go to fulfill the unscratchable itch. To start fulfilling the suppressed desire. so you suddenly have a reason to leave the safe confines of your cage. and start exploring the world that you were meant to conquer.

We’ll brainstorm about ways you can do that. If I can, I’ll start you off with a spiritual practice that if you do daily, you’ll slowly strengthen the atrophied inner desire muscles to move you into effective action.

If you don’t think you can, if you don’t think you are willing to do a spiritual practice, please don’t waste my time coming… This is not a magic bullet.

Knowing about what would give you juice is NOT power. The difference between knowing about and knowing is the practice.

In the Bible (the original) knowing is used for the consummation of the relationship: sexual relations. Before that people only know about each other…

Knowing is a deep penetration… the consummation. Then you know.

If you want to just know about… your curiosity has already killed you! You can only die once.

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