How to make the world your oyster? updated

When the world is your oyster, you have a world that can create pearls for you, valuable pearls for you life… That is the meaning of the expression. You just have to create irritation in that world, a difficulty, like the grain of sand in the actual oyster and it starts building a pearl (value) for you.

As long as you shy away from controversy, difficulty, hardship, pain, etc… the world won’t offer you its pearls…

I have been listening to old, 5-6 year old recordings. For most teachers their talks would not be old… they have been, habitually, saying the same tired Tree of Knowledge stuff forever… but for me, they are fresh and surprising. Most of it I wish I remembered.

As we are gearing up to do the 20-day skill learning challenge, (to which surprisingly many people applied, 90% of them NOT American, now that is not a surprise! lol,) I am looking at two kinds of skills:

1. life skills that can get you do things you could not do before…

…but don’t need you to change who you are, your attitude, your behavior, other than be able to put in the 45 minutes a day.

  • You can learn to play the ukulele, but you won’t become a musician
  • You can learn to cook poached anything (yummmmmmm!) but you won’t become a chef

I have even seen this with people with professional degrees:

  • You can do accounting, but you won’t Be a CPA… that is a beingness
  • You can do architecture, but you won’t BE and architect
  • You can do art, but you won’t BE an artist
  • You can do music, but you won’t BE a musician
  • You can do thinking, but you won’t BE a thinker.

What is the difference between someone who is doing it and someone who IS it?

Obviously, this is a very deep question, so all my answers will be skirting the truth… but here they are:

2. Intrinsic value skills: To BE something, to BE someone you need to embrace it, you need to own it, choose it, you need to allow it to guide your actions…

Oh, Sophie, but this flies in the face of what you wrote in the “Why can’t you sustain your transformation” article?

Yeah, seemingly so.

The distinction is very fragile, so be careful you don’t trample it with your rough shoes.

The beingness I recommended that you need to own and embrace in the “famous” article, is your lowest of the low beingness.

The ugly, the despicable, the abominable, the horrible self you have been hiding from yourself and others, even though it is visible to all who have eyes.

The ugly that you seem to be OK with, your shadow, your Dark Side, your soul correction.

But as you yell it out, you disown it. You have a defiance in your voice, as if you said: the devil made me do it.

The “I want what I want without having to move a finger for it” or the “I will use you to build myself up”, or the “I’ll sweet-talk you like a jackal so I can take out a bite off you”

So how does owning THAT help you? How does owning THAT can guide you? Isn’t that a bad thing?

I have found that for living the life that is worth living (99% of you live a life not worth living, and the earth won’t miss out when you die!) is the Anna Karenina Principle, where what guides you most is what you say NO to.

You need to be able to use your ugly Dark Side for guidance in that way.

If you look, you now have no real guidance in life, other than avoiding being wrong, avoiding looking bad, avoiding losing, avoiding domination, and avoiding responsibility.

The bible made a weak attempt at setting out the main rules for humans, but it has failed.

They call it the 10 commandments, and you consider them about as strongly guided as Miss Maple’s behavioral etiquette advice… If it takes looking good, if you want it, if you feel like it, you’ll violate each and every one of those commandments, and the result: chaos, wars, killing, destroying the planet.

You never owned any of those commandments as YOUR guidance, it has been imposed on you. And the result: you have been a liar, a pretense artist, a split person, with no real chance to become a better version of yourself… and that is what’s been happening. You want to keep on sweeping where people can see it, but not where the dirt is.

And unless you own your ugliness, you’ll remain ugly, through and through.

It is who you are, that ugly person. Why? Because you have never owned it, and never said a firm “NO” to it.

Choosing is selecting freely AFTER CONSIDERATION. You have been unwilling to consider the consequences of tolerating, disowning, ignoring your ugliness.

As the years pass, you become uglier and uglier… unless you start considering, and gather the courage, or gumption, or whatever you need to say “NO” to it.

Whenever it comes up.

It won’t disappear, by the way. It is your soul correction, your Achilles heel, never heals.

The main difference between a human and a human being is their relationship to their word. Not that the human won’t have an evil inclination.

Scarce and rare resources will always feel scarce and rare, and will always tell you to rob, steal, plunder… but that is not YOUR word. What you are going to say when that voice speaks will decide whether you are a human or a human being.

As I was listening to my audios, in a two year old Sunday Rant I head MY UGLY loud and clear… gossiping, ranting and raving… I cringed. I have almost forgotten how I was when I was still split… having a voice for you, and having a private voice, on Sundays, for releasing the ugly.

My dominant emotional response: I am personally offended, has been the best indicator that the seductive voice of the ugly is speaking. And my response has been laughing. I can either go with it, or laugh at it.

I have been laughing… and it always sets me free from the bondage of the ugly.

By the way, if it hasn’t been clear, the ugly is your unique path to evil: desire to receive for the self alone.

  • Whether you are parasitic and don’t want to work,
  • whether you are a black hole,
  • whether you take more than you can use,
  • kill more than you can eat,
  • use more than you share,
  • whether you climb on other people’s back to get higher, or
  • force people into drama to feel your power, or
  • deny your own needs to please someone else,
  • gossip,
  • judge,

it is all desire to receive for the self alone.

Not any different from killing… I mean murder. If there were a god, a supreme judge, in their eyes it is all the same, and the whole species of humans is lawless, a bunch of pretending to be good, and smart, and pretty evildoers.

Even if you just pretend that things are happening to you… you are violating Nature… being, pretending to be a victim, is just one expression of desire to receive for the self alone.

Ugly. Unbecoming for a human… by design, by DNA, a human being. It is a power move: deflecting responsibility: with one hand you pretend being a victim, with the other you blast others to hell… steal, cheat, coerce, boast, and other ugly things.

The only difference between a “normal” human and Hitler or Trump or Putin, is how overtly they are doing it.

If you like either of them, your ambition is to be more expressive about your evil inclination… I am just wondering what the heck you are doing on my site…

Anyway, I am getting ready for the monthly Playground session for women, and I am deadly scared when this exact topic will come up: will I get killed? How many will quite the program at this time. Are they going to be the ones I would let go, or the ones that still have some promise?

The life of the messenger is not easy… but somebody has to do it.

Is there money in it? You guessed right: no money in it. For me.

But for the one that embraces their ugliness, the world becomes their oyster… and that also means money, if that is what they want.

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