What does Tai Lopez mean by cabbage mind? does he know what he is talking about?

This is an important post... Either read it thoroughly, or just skip it... Please. OK?

Every Sunday morning, for the past 12 years, I have been having a 90 minute conversation with a guy who I met at Pam Ragland's Quantum Thought Shifting course back in 2007.

I have been recording those calls... I call them Sunday Rants... because that is, pretty much, my only chance to rant and rave about things, people, frustrations, disappointments, and return to sanity, week after week.

It used to be a lot more ranting, but I am growing too, and I catch myself going off on the rails a lot faster nowadays.

You could say that I do 50% of my creative work on these calls... I penetrate the "for me" invisible realm, and pull the rabbit out of the hat... using the language of magicians...

Obviously, by now I have hundreds of these 90-minute long recordings, even I don't have time to listen to them.

I could say: if you could be a fly on the wall of


Einstein, would you pay for the privilege? But, of course, Einstein was a genius...

But there is some comparison here that may not be as deluded... just like Einstein, I get to what I get to, I get to new knowledge by patient and persistent staring into the invisible.

And that, my friend, is a rare behavior.

I have always been like this... even as a baby... I remember staring into the dark at night. Don't forget, I am constitutionally insomniac... have always been.

I am only half asleep on any given night... like a dolphin... just maybe not as smart? lol

Landmark Education used to have a seminar, Inventing your Life... seductive title, but impenetrable content for most people. In the whole country there were three seminar leaders who could lead the seminar, and as far as I could tell, one participant (very humble, eh?) who could follow it.

The problem was the language of the seminar... It didn't give you the answers, it set them up for you to see... but alas, in order to see you have to look... and you have to look in reality... where it rains, or shines, or winds, or the wolves can come and howl... so no, looking is not humanity's strong suit... humanity has gone "digital" long before the digital age... they (we?) have been looking at the reflection of reality in the safety of our minds... Plato's Cave.

My hunch is that even organically, the human brain has changed to look inside and not outside in the tens of thousands of years... My hunch stands on the fact that atypical brained people, on the autistic spectrum, can't and won't retreat into the cave... they will look in reality, and be WEIRD that way. I am one of those people. WEIRD.

And the hundreds of participants in that "Inventing Your Life" seminar were normal brained: they "naturally" looked at the shadow of reality inside their minds... It never even occurred to them to look outside.

It never occurred to me to look inside...

But all magic in life comes from the looking!

Said more precisely, all magic, all power comes from the part of life you are not looking at... I call it invisible, even though the issue is not visibility, the issue is looking, or better said: not looking.

What you don't look at: you can't see. Duh...

My favorite detectives are the ones that look and see what others can't or won't see.

My hypothesis is that humans can be trained to see again... And that it is my job to experiment to find a reliable way to train them, so they start to look and see.

In that Landmark Seminar, there is a crucial session, somewhere in the middle of the 10-session seminar, where you are asked to look into what you can't see, and keep standing and keep looking.

They you are asked a question from a different vantage point: if someone observes you staring into nothing... and then weeks later they come back and see that you are still staring... what will they think? What will they say?

Of course the answer, in reality, is that they will see a crazy person ready to be committed... lol.

But the seminar taught, that the observers get present to the possibility of possibility. B.S. I call on that... and yet, in reality that is the desirable answer... except it presupposes a world and a humanity who live outside of the mind, in reality... which is not the case.

In the current humanity committing the different ones, calling them names is the standard behavior, the standard reaction to someone who is staring into nothing as if there were something to see there.

So even scientists shy away from looking... they make us sh*t and then write it up as books or papers... all mind stuff, nothing new.

When I look I see the Matrix... because that is what is happening in that "model" of reality... no looking, no reality...

So... in the current Playground I am doing the brain training with people... re-train their brains -->Click to read footnote 1 to start looking in reality instead of the mind.

One of the things that has clued me in that people look in their memory (just another name for the mind!) for answers to questions, instead of looking in reality using the thinking function of their brain, is the way people behave on webinars.

The standard format of my webinars is that we converse, and I take notes, on the screen, as we talk. I teach those notes... those are the "distinctions" or building blocks of reality we are attempting to look at.

Then I ask probing questions... The answer is on the visible board...

The behavior I expect is that the participants looks for the answer to the question on the outside... but no... they, predictably, go to the mind, their memory, where none of the new stuff, I just taught, is... it is not there.

It is clear to me, that there is an automatic "switch" in the human brain that turns inward, where there is nothing useful, and completely ignore, suffers from, denies the relevance of reality that is ALWAYS outside of the mind.

It is the mind that says things should be in a certain way, and it is always the pesky reality that trips the well-imagined perfect scenario: things are always the way they are, and rarely there is any connection to how it "should be"...

This is the fundamental glitch of humanity. Considering reality an nuisance, and imagination, the mind as the reality it should be.

If you can get what I am saying, you also get why humanity is miserable, always frustrated, always slighted, always disappointed, always unhappy.

Many of my students haven't gotten this far... they still look in their imagination and try to fix that...

Instead of going back to where there is nothing useful, they haven't found out that there is a place where everything is useful... Will they? I have no idea.

I watched a little talk by Jordan Peterson's on IQ, race, and the Jewish Question.

He says some, to me, useful things about IQ... IQ is a good predictor of how well you handle, how well you navigate reality, how well you solve the challenges in reality.

What he doesn't say, because he doesn't see, is that the mischief, the main mischief is mistaking Plato's Cave for reality... and, of course, if you try to handle, navigate, and solve the challenges of the shadows... that is utterly and completely ineffective in reality... the shadows are shadows, no similarity, no real connection to reality.

I can feel that this sentence is making you angry... The angrier you are, the less relationship you have to reality.

There is never anything wrong in reality. In reality things are the way they are... A is A...

Only in Plato's Cave things are the way they should be or not... In reality things are never in any comparison with anything... because what you compare them with is not real. In reality there is no comparison.

And only when you can get that basic law of nature, is when you can get some power, some intelligence into your actions.

I have one student who has been grappling with this issue, going back and forth between the cave and reality... He is 70% there. His effective intelligence, his ability to change, rearrange, navigate reality has gone from average (100) to 115.

My most favorite quote comes from Mark Twain. Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage -->Click to read footnote 2 with a college education.

What he is saying there, is that if you want to become more effective in reality, and enjoy all that can give you... a huge edge, then you need to get trained.

Your brain, untrained, is a cabbage... you want to make it a cauliflower...

Is it going to be intense? Painful? Humbling?

Of course.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

Let me refer back to The Jewish Question, for a moment.

The difference between Jews and non-Jews, is the amount of training. Not every Jew gets trained, by the way... But most Jew is born into houses with a tradition of learning, a tradition of discussion at the dinner table, an attitude of not accepting anything as the truth until YOU can see it.

Did you catch the "see" part?

That is the difference between Jews and non-Jews... Jews must see it for themselves, and it takes a lot of looking, looking into the seeming emptiness, before anything is willing to show from the invisible, from the 99% of reality.

If you haven't caught up yet... I am declaring to an honorary Jew... and train your brain to become that Jew who can see... and therefore effectively maneuver reality.


  1. I just noticed that I have a preconceived idea that the human brain used to be able to look in the outside... but is that true? Muscle test says "no"... WTF... Does this change the picture? I am going to have to ponder this!

  2. a person with severely impaired mental and physical ability who is dependent on others for his or her subsistence, a person is so badly brain-damaged or ill that they cannot do anything.

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