The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life

The secret of producers in the invisible (both to you and them!) dimension. They do something differently from you… and they don’t even know it. I am an empath… and I feel what you do, and I feel what they do… I feel your how…

One area where the two how’s are strikingly different is your self-image. This is crucial… by the way. So please pay attention.

I won’t charge you a million dollars, even though it would be worth it.

You are who you are, the many different characteristics that describe what you do, how you feel, what you go for, and what you shun… are all a result of decisions you made when you were upset, in trouble, and when your brain misbehaved.

When I ask you about those decisions, one by one, and ask you if you would sit down on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and contemplate how to get the most out of life, would you would have come up with these same decisions?

I have asked this question from many of you, and all of you said: no way. And yet this is how you are, this is how you do or don’t do things… and the results, for your life, are rarely nurturing, rarely causing your life to be the way you want it to be: productive, with some adventure, with some love, with some me-time… no. Most of us don’t live that way.

Instead we live a life where most of it we don’t like, we don’t want, and complain about it, maybe to just to our pillows.

Unbeknownst to you, there is a reason why you are trapped in this identity… and why you haven’t been able to break out of it and start living a life that is worth living.

It is all in how you read, how you learn, how you work… In the invisible dimension of life.

The most important thing that people don’t learn in the Learning to Learn course is…

The most important thing that people don’t learn in the Learning to Learn course is probably the only important thing to learn… Pomodoro, and other tricks are nice, but they are a little like using makeup: they cover up that in the foundation of your life you are doing something that makes you ugly, or unable, or unwilling to use your equipment the way it was intended.

The first important thing to learn in the Learning to Learn is the scarce availability of slots on your working memory. In computer language, the working memory is your RAM, random access memory.

You can make a computer twice as fast by adding more RAM.

Why? Because for life, for calculations, your brain, the computer, needs space and slots to be effective.

So what does that teach you? What could that teach you if you cared? What could that teach you if you understood what they are talking about?

Simple: anything that doesn’t specifically requires your working memory should not be done with working memory.

How, what, how do you do that?

Simple: almost everything you do now is wrong. So we, as is usual, will go for the Anna Karenina principle: every happy family is happy in the same way, while every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

What does that mean in the area of how you use your brain?

Every productive person is productive in the same way, while every unproductive person is unproductive in their own way.

So how does it look in life?

  • 1. Productive people have routines for most of the things they do.

    They don’t use their scarce resources to decide what to wear, what to do when, what to eat, not even to read. Maybe not even to produce. They jealously guard their short term memory, so when the opportunity comes, when they have to make some important decisions, they are available.

Every choice you make uses up slots in your working memory. And while the course doesn’t say it, every choice uses up glycogen, a kind of sugar that feeds the brain, and is in short, limited supply.

The student who, between study session, plays computer games, has neither free slots, nor glycogen to get the hard work of studying done.

If you really look, every producer, whether they produce in business, literature, philosophy, politics, or sports, live a boring life from the outside: the excitement YOU try to add to every moment of your life makes you an underachiever, because all that excitement comes from rash decisions, and uses up your brain slots and your glycogen.

Also, producers are not talkers. Talking comes using the short term memory slots, so talkers are rarely producers. Why? they can’t… they don’t have the raw material to support producing.

  • 2. Raft building

    The second fundamental difference between a productive person and an unproductive person is their long term memory and the number of connected chunks they can use to produce with.

What is this chunks thing?

It’s simple. Here is an example: you are reading something. If you read to get the reading done (homework attitude), if you read to get enjoyment, or if you are reading to get answers to some questions, you read with a focused mind: your working memory, your working part of your brain.

You “lean” too close, because of your agenda, and you focus on the words, and see nothing beyond them.

While chunks don’t form when you have a narrow focus. Especially not the kind of chunks that will be useful later on.

How do producers read?

They read while they “hang back”. They read inside the big picture, always seeing the material connecting to other areas of knowledge, their personal experiences, and those connections are what allow the material to turn into chunks, and eventually create entire rafts on which you can cross the Pacific Ocean… the size of trips required when you are a producer.

In essence, a producer does everything in the big picture view, Only in the big picture view one can create large chunks of neurons that fire together, to solve big problems.

When I listen to the partner calls, everyone is on a slightly different level of vibration, but every single participant is concerned with non-important things, like what other people think about them, how they feel, and how they are doing on the call.

To be interested in any of that, you need to lean in… and be in focused mode…

Result: you don’t learn the material, and you remain an underachiever.

How I do it

I am sitting in front of my panorama window, overlooking a valley and the next hill towards on the east side of the house where I live.

I have trees, the deck with the bird bath, snow accumulating on the low walls on the side. Houses with snow on the roofs, the rising sun is glinting, and the sky is many different colors.

Why am I telling you this? Because even writing an articles must be done in wide cone of vision, with the fuzzy brain state.

I need to be present to how the words will land… and that is definitely outside of the narrow, focused cone of vision where any of you live… as if it were the only place to live.

Often participants speak over me, or other participants on calls… they can’t hear, can’t listen when they want to speak.

Narrow cone of vision. The more you do that, the narrower your cone of vision… and the less your efforts build a raft to get things done with…

One could safely say that the size of your life is the size of your cone of vision… And for most of you, that is pitifully small.

You narrow your cone of vision even further when you are afraid, or when you are trying hard.

And your results are disappointing, and you think that you are condemned to that small life… but you are mistaken. It is an optical illusion: the wider your cone of vision, the more resources you can summon, the more resources you can build, and little by little, create a big life with a big ability to live it.

This is the only two things worth learning in the Learning to Learn course…

And then bring that to my courses, to the Playground, to my invisibles, to coaching, and every action you’ll take will build a raft… even the activity of energizing your water, or eating the foods on your food list. Your partner calls… Everything you do.

Apropos partner calls. Yesterday two people remarked that they don’t want to bore me.

That came from projecting their narrow cone of vision on me…

I hear what you are saying on the calls, I hear who you are being, I hear all your emotional baggage, I hear your relationship to yourself and to others… and it is never boring. Frustrating, because I can’t redirect you: I am listening to the recording of the calls… but never boring.

Nothing is boring. If anything feels boring, consider that YOU are boring, because inside the narrow cone of vision, nothing is allowed to show other than what you are focusing on.

And that little thing may be boring, but the world inside which it is a little thing isn’t…

Producers are never bored. For them everything is interesting, because they deal with, look at the tapestry of life, and that, my friends, is mighty interesting.

It’s not all about you.

PS: for most people the invisible realm, the invisible dynamic of reality IS invisible. So they talk about what is visible, but miss the why of things, miss the part that justifies and explains why things work the way they do.

Such is the case with habits, routines of high producers.

I see hundreds, maybe thousands of articles that talk about the visible parts… these are some of the most shared articles… and yet no one is becoming a producer by using the methods… because the invisible part is not seen and therefore cannot be duplicated.

I attempted to add that missing piece of the puzzle, the invisible part, that 99% of humanity misses… and most likely you.

Can I teach you to look at the world with wide cone of vision?

I am afraid not. you have to teach yourself.

It is a capacity, a DNA capacity, that is inactive in the 99%, inactive because the 99% don’t call on it.

If you consciously practice it for any length of time, it may open. It is hard.

I can activate that capacity, energetically, but you till have to practice it. The activation keeps the capacity open for 72 hours, but if you don’t intensely and diligently use it, if you don’t need it, it shuts down: the body won’t keep it open.

Be thoughtful. Have a plan on how to keep it open… just like you would if you wanted to turn from carb burner to fat burner… you would have stuff that helps it for at least three days, and nothing that blocks it… so it is with capacities as well.

I can do an activation only when I connect to you empathically. I don’t use any cords, any channels, I merge my body with yours, and perform the activation on my own body that is merged with yours. Tricky, isn’t it? But it works. That is the method of the empath. I don’t feel you out there, I feel you in here.

Do you want this capacity? The capacity of producers?

If you drop the ball, you have to pay again after 72 hours…

Ask me to turn on your Big Picture DNA capacity
PPS: In playing paintball and many other games, surprisingly, again, the only mode that allows you to win, is the diffuse, wide angle mode… No kidding. Focused mode gets you killed… every time.

PPPS: the larger monitor you use the harder it is to include what is outside of your computer monitor… I still work on a 17 inch monitor…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life”

  1. This goes along with the EyeQ, too, right? The hardest exercises for me are the ones where you look at the center of a text while trying to recognize as many words as possible. For the longest time I didn’t get anywhere, because I was trying to read and understand. Just recently I noticed that when I look at a point where there is no text and then soften my eyes I can see more words. It still takes effort to not try and read them or to not name the items that I see in other exercises, so it’s a long way to go. But am I on the right track?

  2. you are practicing the mechanics.

    it is important to know that trying to understand is focused mode, and even I can’t understand something when I am trying to understand. The trigger is the trying… When I want to understand, I relax and let it wash over me, like the shower, and I get wet.

    The purpose to learn the mechanics is to have it available, 24/7. The more important or urgent something feels, the narrower your cone of vision gets, and the stupider you get. You know what I am talking about, right?

  3. This applies to everything, right? The trying to understand with my mind comes automatically, so I have to remind myself to stay relaxed and just let the images come in. It’s the same when I listen to audios or webinars. I keep wanting to understand and bite down on bits of information. I remind myself to put my attention to the tangerine spot and just let the information flow in, but I still can’t stay in this state very long yet.

  4. it takes practice. but the most important is getting out of the hellbent/forced/forceful wanting to understand mode… The more often you notice you are in that mode, the more often you can relax back into “normal” relaxed mode.

    Where you hold the blockage is what I teach in the “how you are stuck” webinar I offered yesterday

    being hellbent, wanting something, focusing are all blocks to the flow.

  5. I would like to read your articles in the diffuse, fuzzy way you write about in this article. However, I’ve noticed a desire to really understand. So, I’m wondering what exercises can I start practicing to start moving into a position where I can sustain the Big Picture activation? Thank you

  6. understanding is the booby prize. it is all mind, and useless.

    I have done courses where the whole course was about stepping back, and stepping back, and stepping back… so you can create a distance between the thing and your self. You can do that with anything, and all day. Step back, not physically, but mentally, energetically, from everything, the food, the bed, the car, the customers, the clothes… so you can get into fuzzy mode.

    My biggest challenge when I was in your shoes, was stepping back from my own thoughts, commentaries, opinions, and I had many… lol. And all the time.

    Hardest was in courses where my eager beaver persona wanted to take over. So I would sit on my hands and step back and step back and step back.

    You can do it. It is re-learning life.

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