Does any word added increase your vocabulary?

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I have written about increasing your vocabulary, I have said it in coaching calls, I have been asking people to do what it takes, and the answer is… nothing. 2

One possible reason is that you don’t know what I mean.

I have two students, one of them ex… 🙁 who, while reading books, wrote down words with their meanings, and learned them like a second language.

I, myself, look up every word on my kindle when I read, I don’t know, and then promptly forget the word. I have to look it up again the next time it comes up. And yet, I ‘sport’ an ever growing vocabulary, that has gone from 1000 in 2011 to 5000 nowadays.

Makes no sense, does it? If I don’t learn new vocabulary words, then what do I do? So what the heck do I mean by vocabulary when I measure it in your Starting Point Measurements, when I harp on it, when I know nearly everything about you by that one number? Damn it… lol

By vocabulary I mean distinction words.

Hot, cold, sad, stumped, breathe, stupefied, pretend, lie, hide, feel slighted…

Reality words. Words that help navigate in the world. Words on mood, tastes, textures, reactions, feelings, positions, intentions, what Roy H. Williams calls the 12 languages of the mind.

He says in this week’s Monday Morning memo: Perception: a conscious awareness of a sensation and interpretation of sensations.

Why is this important, and why is this one number gives me all I need to know about you?

Because the number of these words that you can use and interpret accurately will tell me how aware, how self-aware you are. How high your vibration is. How much you yourself occupy your ‘monitor’. How much empathy you can have. How much you are able to know yourself, and how willing you may be to change, to learn, to be instructed: to grow.

You live in an impoverished world by having an impoverished vocabulary.

In the cave of the mind where everything looks the same as everything else, except that not always, these words don’t make sense because they connect to concepts, not reality. So you don’t learn them, because you don’t experience them.

For you everything is anxiety, or depression, or pissed… no shades, no pinpointing.

I started my journey with the 38 Bach Flower feelings, attitudes, states

holly-hard heartedActually, I started with just one flower, Holly. Hard hearted.

My chiropractor recommended that I take it.

I had to find that hard heartedness (holly energy) in me. It devastated me to no end. That is not who I wanted to be, but feelings hurt, and I didn’t want to feel. It took me quite a while to allow myself to feel and still be well.

I noticed, after some experimenting, that feelings that i don’t resist, come and go… that the issue was the resisting, not the feelings. What made feelings hurt is what I added to it: my ‘no’.

Little by little, I was able to develop a ‘vocabulary’ of feelings, attitudes, and resist less and less things, react to less and less things.

heaven on earth energy remedyLast night I was downloading the Heaven on Earth, the 38 Bach Energies and the two I added to the bunch later, and it released all the resistance in my body, in my neck, in my spine, on my sacrum, etc.

It took me maybe four minutes, and I was asleep.

I teach this in the Energy and Healing meditations, the drills, the calisthenics, on my training site.

I have been spending more time there, because being on those calls, even though they are recorded calls, is like heaven on earth, like a cleansing shower, invigorating, freeing me up.

Four of these calls are paid, the rest are free.

50% of each moves need you to be connected to Source… this is why I don’t have it available for all to buy… but if you want to, you can.

For a limited time I’ll throw in the Heartconnection Meditations… to teach you to deal with fear powerfully, so it doesn’t stop you from becoming all you can become. normally $97

It also teaches you to step back when you find in the midst of a drama.

For a limited time, $40 for all of the calls.Get access to the paid energy and healing calls AND the heartconnection meditations

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  1. Read this other article to see some of what I am talking about when I talk about vocabulary and languages
  2. Read this other article to see some of what I am talking about when I talk about vocabulary and languages

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