Are you inspirable? Inspired?

Inspiration… what is it and why do you want to have it?

Inspiration, breathing life into inert or unconscious matter… is the difference between a machine and a Man…

An inspired action, an inspired life, an inspired person is vastly different from most people, actions, lives on the planet in that what guides those is what is beyond the 10% reality, and beyond the emotional dramatic interpretation and meaning based lives humans live nowadays. 1

Inspiration, it seems, is a right-brain phenomenon. Curiosity is also a right brain phenomenon… and so are conscience, inner motivation, etc. Few even know the words.

Whether inspiration has anything to do with spirit, or if spirit is even real, is another question: I won’t concern myself with that question in this article. It won’t really matter, it is a sidetrack.

Inspiration is Right-brain… really?

What does matter though, is that because 90% of reality is in the invisible, if you don’t have access to it, because you don’t have access to your right brain that can connect to the invisible, 90% of reality remains hidden for you, and your life is going to be almost unbearably dull, or miserable, or both. You will have a low life satisfaction, low self-awareness, the life of a robot… or the life of an emotional wretch.

When I say 90% of reality: I really don’t mean fantasizing, imagination. or other crap you you do to feel better… I mean reality. Invisible reality. Only accessible with the right-brain function of the brain.

I measure how inspired you can become, and how inspired you are in your Starting Point Measurements. 2

Why do I measure it? Because one of the things you need to have in your life, to feel whole and complete, to feel that you are fully alive, is the ability to be moved by things beyond your own puny needs and interests.

I have been tracking the movements of these numbers with people I interact a lot with. Depending where they are at, with their other numbers, in their lives, the inspiration number, the ability to be inspired changes.

If and when your about-me number is high, you are not even able, or even interested in caring what a person close to you feels, cares about, you are all about what you want, what you don’t want, what you feel should be, etc. You want what you want, and don’t want what you don’t want… no inspiration possible.

So consequently you don’t feel joy, you can’t see the sky, you are not inspirable.

You are drab, and pedestrian, and needy, and boring. A drone.

I often hear people playing with their voices, especially women, create drama with their voices, to cover up that they are boring, and maybe even bored.

Most people I observe, outside of my students I know, have settled into being boring and being bored… waiting for death. Don’t forget that i am old. The rest act as if… as if they were inspired and inspirable… all embellishments.

I have three tests here for you:

1. The little movie I also have on my Facebook profile

2. The second is a movie I can’t give you: it is on Netflix, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, a true story of William

But here is a TED talk of William

William, who is interviewed here, was freshman age in high school when first a flood and then draught hit his country, or at least the area of Malawi, Africa. They were facing death from starvation.

He had curiosity (from the invisible, from the 90%) and desire (from the 90%) to build a wind machine that creates electricity, powering a pump that can pull up water from the well to irrigate a second harvest, so the can plant again, and survive the draught.

They had next to nothing, so he scavenged the junkyard for usable parts, and he begged for his father’s bicycle to be made part of this: the dynamo, the little electrical machine that converts movement to electricity was the key to his idea…

Today a whole area in Malawi is self sufficient and they can eat, due to his “invention”.

When I shared this in the community the other day, no one understood what he did… they knew nothing about dynamos and electricity, or even about what water could have done for the starving Malawi families. 3

I cried from being moved at the movie, and cried from grief at the lack of education, lack of imagination, lack of inspiration of the people in my community.

OK, by now we have lost most of the people who can’t care, don’t care, could not care less… What does Malawi have to do with the price of tea in China… or with anything of concern to them?

But if you have remained, then probably your inspiration number is higher than 10%… one tenth of what a human being will have… one tenth of a high vibration person.

Now, here is the third test:

3. Watch this sales video, and tell me if you are inspired? I was. For me it was Malawi all over again.

If you want to know your Starting Point Measurement numbers, you can get them here…

People ask: how they could change their numbers to better, and expect a one-sentence answer.

You have everything in you to do that, but that everything is so covered up, so weighed down by the about-me stuff, that it takes years of targeted, focused work to get you back to innocence… and then redirect your energies.

This was my one-sentence answer… lol.

Well, start with getting what is the truth about you. I have a workshop scheduled today at 4 pm New York time.

You can participate if you get your Starting Point Measurements. If you already have your starting point measurements, you already got the registration link… in email.

See you there… Expect the workshop to be 2-3 hours long.

I will record it and make it available on the subscribers’ site, but you still won’t know what is the truth about YOU… Oh, you don’t want to know?

I got it. That is the answer of 99.99% of everyone… Because it takes courage to find out and look at it.

  • You can try to hide from the truth
  • You can try to outrun the truth
  • You can outwit the truth
  • Or you can face the truth and deal with it.

Each of those are a different emotional maturity stage…

You won’t have life and its wonders and delights available to you until you reach the stage where you can face the truth and deal with it.

I have done thousands of Starting Point Measurements… and not one person was on the maturity level to actually face it… with warts and all. But many said: I want to learn to do that… and then they became my students.

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  1. the numbers, the scores I measure this with in the Starting Point Measurements are the questions:

    25. How inspired can you become? And what level are you now

    26. To what degree you honor your emotions as reality? I am not saying feelings… the guidance system we all have and ignore. I mean emotions… the things we feel as a result of the words we say… the meanings about us, about our future… what Margoczi calls “marker feelings” that are dramatic, sweeping, and not guiding at all. The misery maker or duping emotions…

    Inspiration is not an emotion… it is a curiosity, an access to the world of the beyond the 10% everyone can learn, see, hear, the pedestrian reality. You can say higher… but that is very misleading… so I won’t.

  2. How do I measure them? I connect to you, I connect to Source=all-knowledge? and then muscle test.

    Can you do it? I don’t find that other people can do it. You need to be a True Empath, means fully trained to connect to another person, feel reliably what they feel, connect to Source, be completely outside of the mind/ego/the 10%.

  3. Is Malawi a poor country?

    Malawi is one of the least developed and most impoverished countries on earth. Nearly 53 percent of its 15 million inhabitants live below the poverty line.

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