Republished: What if what you are most proud of about yourself is what holds you back in life

Update August 2016: I think this article goes really well with my “giants” article, so I am republishing it, yet again. It is germane, apropos, relevant to the new discovery I am sharing in that article today.

Update: This article was written two years ago, and a lot has happened, but we never again addressed these life-suckers… Since we are working on anchor-to-doom and the actions necessary to live a life not determined by the doom… we probably will need to talk about these minor anchors… the topic of this article. These keep us stuck, suck our aliveness, curtail our successes, and make us inauthentic and pretending. So they are important.

We’ll use transformation to get unstuck: transformation is caused by making the invisible visible...

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

This is a theory in progress, so don’t jump of joy just yet, you’ll have to test this out.

If you are like me, you are stuck on a certain level in life… some would call it plateau, but it is a euphemism, a white lie, about a state of being stuck.

When you and me, analyze what causes the stuckedness, we always find some reason, and then we try to fix it. Look for solutions, look for help, look for the magical, miraculous, energetic magic pill.

get unstuckProcrastination, anxiety, fear… zap it, wish it away… wrong beliefs, memories of the past, blah blah blah.

What if the reason you are stuck in none of those? To me it seems to me that this is a myopic view, that the beliefs are a reaction to facts (failure?)… so let us look at what causes facts… OK?

I have been working on unstucking myself, and what I am finding is that I get stuck again after a few hopeful steps, again and again.

I had a thought: why don’t we stand it on its head and look at it this way (much easier than standing on your own head, especially when you are an out-of-shape 66-year old, lol). But either way, getting a new view of what you are doing, yourself, is a mighty great idea. This is, by the way, I like my students doing the 5-question exercise: they get to see themselves through another person’s eyes… For example, the student who has that as an assignment is now discovering that others are even more scared than he is… now, how is that for a new perspective? Heh? lol.

overreacting-bookSo I looked at myself, and found something really disturbing.

I am a Virgo, and that makes me a nitpicking, micro-organized person. In the big things I am messy, but in the details I am meticulous. I dot my i’s and cross my t-s kind of person.

stop overreactingI was watching myself being more interested in that than getting the job done. In another word: I was doing what came easy to me, and that, at least in my specific incident, got me stuck in not winning, not moving forward.

So, here is your assignment, if you are stuck: find the three things you think are the best about you: being a fast thinker, funny, diligent, a good person, a nice person, a helpful person… whatever they are for you.

the science of getting unstuck: transformation, making the invisible visibleThen post them, anonymously if you wish, in the comments section. If I get 10 comments with their three best “assets” I’ll do a webinar for them and the cowardly ones that were afraid to post… To see what is the technology to get unstuck from the glue-traps of your best characteristics. OK?

Now, make your list and post it…

Download the pdf version of this article getting-unstuck
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

23 thoughts on “Republished: What if what you are most proud of about yourself is what holds you back in life”

  1. 3 Best Things About Me:

    1) Love animals

    2) Like trying unconventional hobbies

    3) Protective of the people I feel a connection with

  2. OK RH… try to boil these down to beings… what kind of person loves animals? What kind of person tries unconventional hobbies? And what kind of person is protective of the people she feels a connection with?

    Because the actions do not seem to be obvious being characteristics…

    By the way, thank you for being the first and bravest… is this one of the unconventional hobbies part? Then I would say the being is “daring”… would that be accurate about you?

  3. (1) A good listener – I pay attention when someone is talking to me and I hear what they say
    (2) Considerate – I think of the other person’s feelings when I decide how to say things
    (3) Produce quality products – the things I make are of very good quality

  4. Good point . . .

    But I sure would like a webinar on this if you ever get interested again.

  5. although, on second look, this may be an area to cause epigenetic changes… because these do look like anchors to me.

    When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail… lol

  6. They do feel like anchors to me. I use them to make myself right and others wrong, to stay the way I am because I’m so “right”!

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