Do your solutions tend to become the next big problem?

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I get emails wanting solutions to the writer’s problems. Problems that are part of a system… but the writers, and I bet you! hope the problem can be eliminated by a simple advice in an email or an article.

No one gets the iceberg metaphor, even though I explain it over and over again.

Why don’t you get it? Because what is not visible is not visible… And to see what is yet invisible to you, you need to learn to recognize it… But no sane person would want to waste time learning something that isn’t… how do you know there is an invisible? Because I said it?

It’s a Catch 22. It feels that you can’t win.

The mind doesn’t want you to see anything that isn’t already in the mind.

There is no individual mind. When you say “my mind” you lie. Just as surely you lie as when you say “my reality” and expect it to be reality.

The invisible part of reality is really 90% of all reality, and really you only see a small fragment 10% of all of reality… and even that small part you need to learn. Schools teach the 10%. 4

In my senior exercise class (over 60) one woman called someone an African. I remarked: I am an African too… All human life began in Africa, therefore every human is an African. She was willing to bet that I was wrong.

She didn’t learn that in school: it is somewhat part of the invisible reality, and she only believes her eyes… she is black, and I am white. We can’t be both Africans…

And I bet that really learning that tiny bit of the invisible reality could transform a lot of what ails society, like racism. Getting that we are all humans from the same mother… very transformative.

Every tiny bit of the invisible reality is very powerful… very view altering

We are all bigots, 5 because we only see what we want to see, and we only see what is obvious, the surface of things. That makes us both bigots and morons, if you ask me.

People want magic and miracles in their lives, so you see Jesus and Mary in clouds, go to Ayahuasca retreats, because we all feel that there must be something beyond the ordinary, and there is… but you are looking upward… in your imagination, instead of looking down, below, towards the roots.

The latest email asking for solutions, asking for answers:

What makes a person a good person and how do we pay off karmic debt when we often act in generous ways out of self interest? What we label as good or bad are human judgments so how does karma work?

A person low in integrity are people pleasers and often do good things for others. This is also out of self interest because they are ultimately seeking approval and love from others. I am a people pleaser and I feel like I lack confidence and integrity because I care more about how others view me. What can I do to change this false belief system and be more confident?

Thank you.

In the Playground we deal with, we learn to deal with the 90%, the invisible. If the emailer had done even just the first few months of the Playground, I would be able to answer, and he would be able to use my answer to snap out of what makes him miserable, ultimately a lack of self-confidence… and all that comes from lack of self-confidence. A whole ugly can of worms.

Like most people, the can of worms is:

Having no self, having no firmness, having no authority, having no purpose, having nothing that makes you a person.

Devastating enough for you?

I have come to the conclusion, after the past eight months, that unless you learn to reveal the entire root system of reality, you will still continue pinning apples on your cherry tree hoping that they will stick.

I endeavor to reveal the entire root system… to the degree that I can see. My knowledge’s truth value is 80%, which means that i don’t see it all, but see eight times more, wider, deeper, than your normal PhD… 6 and can teach you with this new Playground Partner technology more than just teaching you to know about it… I am teaching you to  actually live and be firmed up by what you learn and practice. So it becomes who you are, not only what you know or what you can do. I change what you see and that changes you.

The difference between the old Playground and the new Playground is much like the difference between someone who learned about music, and being a musician: someone who makes music. A big big big difference.

There are about 50 things you could see, you could learn to see in the invisible reality with regards to human conduct, behavior.

Yesterday I spent hours looking at some of my old courses where I teach some of those 50 I have already forgotten…

One of them is called Brilliance At Will. Don’t you just start to salivate hearing the title? I do.

It was a course with three levels, taught over a year, but it didn’t have the partner system… and it produced a grand total of educated nincompoops…

It’s brilliant. And yet…

Without internalizing, without incorporating, without changing really who you are, nothing, I’ll repeat NOTHING will make a lasting difference. You are still going to talk a lot, try to pin apples to your cherry tree… all the stupid things other people do.

One of the (new) Playground participants had a partner call earlier this week. She was dramatic, swept away by drama… and at some point a new context emerged, from seemingly no place, something we invented on a call some weeks earlier.

It was a big victory, for the moment, she calmed down, only to return to drama the next day…

The nature of invented context is that its shelf life is very short, until, I repeat UNTIL it becomes who you ARE.

It’s nice, but it’s a fix, until that is who you are.

It is good to learn a lot, it is good to know a lot, but all knowledge won’t save you from drama, and suffering, if who you are doesn’t change.

What am I talking about?

This same student who has a tendency to slip into drama, has a little corner of her universe where she is not dramatic. Instead she enjoys who she is being.

Her little corner is in the horse barn. She wrote to me the other day:

Do you mean invent other ways of being and trying them “for size”? Like “I’m someone who simply takes care of things, without drama”?

Something about “being” came up early this morning when I took care of the horses. It’s not so much what I do that fulfills me there (otherwise I could just shovel poop anywhere), but who I’m being. At my barn I’m the one in charge of the horses’ wellbeing. I clean the paddock so we don’t have flies and parasites or diseases. I look at them and assess whether they need more, less or different feed, check their hooves, make sure they have hay and water and decide whether to open the grass pasture. On my little horse paddock I’m competent, reliable and in charge. I know what I’m doing, I do it well (horses have thrived in my care so far), I do it every day no matter what (or make sure I’m covered if I’m sick or traveling) and I can take every action I seem fit to take care of the horses.

Is that what you mean with way of being?

I was cautiously delighted reading that.
My answer:

yes, that is exactly what I mean.

I am exactly like that. if you can say: this is who I am… then that is who you are… obviously the actions and the speaking need to be congruous or you are lying.

Just snapping out of drama brought your vibration up to 170… I just measured.

and her answer back:

“Yay – thank you 🙂
Maybe that’s why I like taking care of the horses so much. My actions align with my being and I’m in integrity. I don’t feel like an imposter, because I know what to do and I do it. And I’m also in a position where I can make the shot and have responsibility. Feels good!”

Now, did this sudden insight create life as “smooth sailing” from now on? No. Until she can extend the area of life where she is herself into all areas, no smooth sailing for her, only more drama.

So how is she going to do it?

Well, I don’t know what she is going to do. But when she reads this article, she’ll maybe find out, that in every partner call, and in every minute when drama wants to start, she will bring the beingness of the woman who takes care of life the way she takes care of horses.

As I said, reality is like an iceberg: the visible part is only a tiny little bit, and 90% is invisible… just like with a tree, the root system is in the ground.

Unless you can change the roots, the tree will never change. And you live the life in the visible, on the tree level.

In each session, you learn more about the roots, and then in each partner call you practice going to the roots, so the life experience can change.

It is not talking about, philosophizing about, complaining about, thinking about, even doing about… it is going to the roots, and see the roots for what they are… so the 10% can change.

That is the only way.

Now, does that mean you should never learn something that you should practice to ultimately make it useful? Like the personal authority bit… or the pebble in your shoes… or the itch that you can never scratch?

These are all part of the root system. For example, the pebble in your shoes teaches you how to control and manage the machine, that reliably and cyclically destroys your life… and makes it go downward.

I have seen countless people whose life path has gone from high to low… and they had no idea what secret mechanism did that and how they could have turned the tide… Professionally, financially, healthwise, relationship-wise…

I teach that in level 2 of the Brilliance at will course…

I listened to some of the preliminary (free) webinars, where I was screening applicants to take them or not take them into the course.

Here is one I like. It is with Eunjin, who discovers what is “floating her boat” and what is causing her to have a life not fully lived… disappointing, with periodic experiences of feeling like a bad girl, no success, no aliveness.

This is what she writes after the session:

Hi Sophie,
what a great session… I am so grateful to know you!!!
I had several big aha moments. The biggest one is that I’ve working on REMOVE/ get rid of the machine so hard – at this point, frankly, disappointed myself.. so far none of modalities was working to remove the machine. i felt i was wrong, and most healers/ teachers made me wrong not doing right. – See I have been a bad girl.. not doing what they asked to do… I was beating myself so bad…. and demanding more … it was vicious cycle. i am so excited to learn to manage the machine and live life more fully.
Thank you again for the wonderful class..


Oh, and here is the recording:

audio only… look below…

If you want to watch/listen to all the session of Level2, aka the Pebble in your shoes, you can do so… I am working feverishly to post all the sessions… But you can buy it now, while it is not quite ready… and get a discount, or wait a few days, and pay more.

Up to you…Get level to that teaches you to manage and control your machine

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  1. When I talk about invisible reality, I am not talking about supernatural... beware, that is a lot of hooey...
  2. bigotry: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself
  3. Why can I see it and others can't? I am not sure. It may be because I am a True Empath? It may be because I have dedicated my life to this kind of digging? If you doubt what I say, you are not alone... You are welcome to your opinion.
  4. When I talk about invisible reality, I am not talking about supernatural… beware, that is a lot of hooey…
  5. bigotry: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself
  6. Why can I see it and others can’t? I am not sure. It may be because I am a True Empath? It may be because I have dedicated my life to this kind of digging? If you doubt what I say, you are not alone… You are welcome to your opinion.

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