What Activates The Flow Of Prosperity And Happiness?

desire for prosperity The most re-tweeted article on my sites is about attracting money. 1 The number two is about the dark side.

How do I know?

I have a habit of checking my blog for what people are most interested in. I read what questions you have, and I have a list of the questions that lead you to the blog.

I am interested in serving you and I am interested in helping you get from life what you want, while I help you get with what you need.

It’s interesting that the two main interests you have are on the opposite sides of the carrot and stick continuum.

In the field of motivating people (and animals) for action, it is known that there are two methods, one is desire based and the other one is fear based. You desire, you want the carrot and you fear the stick.

In the self-improvement, self-realization field the same thing is said differently, the carrot-people tell you to ‘hold your face to the light’ and the stick-people say “remove the wails between you and the light…’

I believe that a combination of the two approaches can work miracles, but unfortunately we have a problem.

99% of all people don’t have real desire, aspiration, or ambition, instead they have wants, should’s, and those don’t have enough energy to actually help anyone sustain effort for a long enough time to succeed.

I wish desire, aspiration, ambition were something you can teach: I’d love to do that!

After all, desire is important, desire, not want holds the key for prosperity.

But, desire cannot be taught. Desire cannot be caused from the outside. Desire cannot be caused by your conscious mind. Desire won’t respond to you really really really wanting to desire…

Desire is an inside job. It is Life-Force expressing itself. As aspiration or ambition.

The only way I know it can be increased by directly connecting to the beyond… beyond this puny worldview we live in. Not through an intermediary. No. Directly.

My video will do the job https://www.yourvibration.com/connect-source-speed-activation/

PS: It is important to distinguish between desire and want.

In my Starting Point Measurements I measure want, that nagging yearning that is like a nudnic, never letting up. The more you get the more it wants. The it’s never enough. Like the alcoholic drinking… the gambler betting higher and higher… solves nothing because it comes from some outside source, not from you.

And then there is the desire the Kabbalists talk about, that is desire to receive for the sake of sharing, that is like a future, a possibility that calls for you, that you are willing to work for. Ambition, aspiration, a self-expression.

I call that, in the Starting Point Measurements ambition.

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