How to get out of the cave of your mind and start living in reality?

I just had an email conversation with a client. She wanted my review on a marketed healing program, and I reviewed it for her. The person doing it: personal vibration 100, truth value of that program: 3%

The things you are attracted to cater to where you are in your evolution as a human… They talk to your “identity”, to your world-view, to who you are.

If you are attracted to a 3% truth value program it is because your world-views truth value is about 3%, 97% not reality, not truth, 97% b.s. These programs sell like hotcakes… Because this is the level that most humans live on.

When you need a healing program, in essence, you are in fixing mode.

Most popular articles talk to that low level you too, in business, in relationships, in productivity, in happiness.

And even if you read a higher truth value article: you only hear the 3% that matches your world-view.

Fixing mode means: you say that there is something wrong.

When you say that there is something wrong, then you cannot look at cause and effect: in cause and effect view there is nothing ever wrong. When you say “there is something wrong” you are in victim mode, when there is nothing YOU did, and therefore nothing YOU can do that will straighten out what seems to be the problem.

Your vibration drops, even if it was high before. Your “about-me” score goes sky high, even if it was normal or low before.

Because you are looking through the frame: this is happening to me, and there is nothing I can do to cause it or anything else. You are looking and living inside the frame: I am an effect.

And almost anyone who offers you healing, transformation, energies will be attractive to you: you have your umbilical cord in your hand and you want to plug it in so you can get something without working for it… because, after all, nothing that YOU can do will make a difference.

If you come to me, you perpetuate this state by not doing the work, by not ever doing the work… because after all you are brilliant and I must be stupid, or the instructions not clear, or something wrong with them, because you are not getting the results.

You do this, stuck at a hapless needy child level, in everything, in getting the products you bought: you can’t log in. ugh.

The two emails I dealt with this morning, the woman who needs healing, and the man who didn’t, doesn’t do the work, are both Memories soul correction. This may be an accident, maybe not.

The essence of Memories is that you never come out to the light… you live your life in Plato’s cave, the cave of the mind, where reality is reduced to shadows casted on the cave’s wall: two dimensional. And just like in the funny memes, there are connections that only exist in the cave… so you have now clarity whatsoever of what causes what, what interacts with what, because it is not visible looking at the shadows.

Occasionally a “Memories” student comes out to the light, and it is glorious… but more often than not, they go back to the cave again.

The cave is miserable and comfortable. You already know everything, and your questions are all to confirm, or from Tree of Knowledge. You are not alive, you don’t experience life, you experience the shadows life casts.

Three Questions Only from Roy H Williams

Here is today’s Monday Morning Memo, with my annotations.

  • Have you found your identity Self?
  • Do you know your purpose?
  • Are you ready for your adventure?

  • Identity: Who am I?
  • Purpose: Why am I here?
  • Adventure: What must I overcome?

Identity is your self-image; a composite of your beliefs, your preferences, and your relationships. Bits and pieces of your identity will evolve with your experiences, but other bits are carved into your bones, unseeable (invisible to you) and unchangeable (you can’t catch what you can’t see… and, of course you can’t change it either).

Advertising moves you when it connects with your identity.

Purpose is like a strobe light, revealing an ever-changing series of tableaus that demand your attention. But that intermittent, guiding light comes from a single place. And that place is your identity.

Who are the people inside your circle of light?

In one instance, your purpose is to lend a listening ear, to make sure a person knows they have been heard. In another instance, your purpose is to defend someone who is unable to defend themselves. In a third instance, your purpose is to give guidance to someone who needs it.

If you don’t know why you are here – or if you have no clue what to do – it’s because you don’t know who you are.

  • “Finding your passion” is you focused on you. (increasing your about-me score)
  • “Finding your purpose” is you focused on others. (decreasing your about-me score)

Quit looking for your passion. Step up to your purpose and let your passion find you. All it takes is commitment.

When we’re having an adventure, we wish we were safe at home. But when we’re safe at home, we wish we were having an adventure.

Adventure is just a fancy word for trouble.

Dewey Jenkins (one of Roy Williams advertising clients) told me that trouble presents itself as a problem to be solved and our adventure lies in finding a way to overcome it. If you ignore the problem, hide from it, rage against it, or cower in fear before it, it will just return again and again until you have finally learned how to defeat it.

Mr. Jenkins told me that’s when it’s time to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Now that you’ve learned how to defeat it, you’ll never have that problem again. But don’t worry, a new and different problem is coming up the trail to meet you and it’s wearing an evil grin.

The defeated person sees life as a series of difficulties, disappointments, and dilemmas. The victorious person sees life as an adventure consisting of puzzles to be solved, battles to be fought, and problems to be overcome.

Do you think this is all just a mind game; that all we’re really doing is giving our problems a new name and looking at them from a new perspective?

How very perceptive of you! That’s exactly what we’re doing.

But which of those two people do you think is happiest?

Roy H. Williams

Roy H Williams is doing some of my work for me… or could, if you could hear what he is saying.

Not what your interpretation is, but actually hearing what he says, like a high fidelity echo… which you probably aren’t.

Are you unique at that? No. 99.9999999% of humanity can’t hear what someone else says, they only hear their interpretation of what they said. Meaning: they drag it into the cave and put it against the wall, where it is now interacting with other shadows…

In the Playground we take everything apart.

We take the whole “occurrence” that is like Cinderella’s job, to separate lentils and ashes… your job is separate reality from what you have added: the meanings, the interpretations, the stories, the drama, and the emotions.

We take everything apart, including your self-image… your childhood incidents… your relationships… your whole world view.

Why? Because as long as you have the reality and what you have added together, nothing can be changed. What you remain is a machine that is animated by your interpretations, and not a person who has the power to influence what is happening.

It’s work. It’s the only work you need to do if you want a life you can love and you live it powerfully.

Everything you find selling in the marketplace talks to the meaning-laden you: 90% unreal, not reality, interpretation.

And it is designed to keep you there… take you deeper into the cave, where you will not find what you need, what you want, only more dark… only more wretched.

Because the only thing brings you closer to the light, outside of the cave where things are happening and are influenceable, the only thing that does that is separating reality (the lentils) out of the shadows…

And to the degree you do that, to the same degree you become a person who can. A person who does. A person who knows themselves, who have a purpose, and who considers life an adventure.

One of the most telling measure in your Starting Point Measurements is to what degree you have access to your adult capacities.

The question says: you have adult capacities that are out of reach to you. Why? Because the adult capacities are out side of the cave. They are real. They are available… but only if you come out of the cave.

It is high? You are a person. It is low? You are a hapless victim, a child, a cave dweller.

To the degree that you get that you have been living in the unreality, to the degree that you can separate the lentils from the ashes in everything that happens, and everything that has happened in your life, to the same degree you have access to your adult capacities.

In the year long Playground we do this separation work.

We look through different perspectives, different invisible dynamics, asking different questions about the same things: as it says in the Monday Morning Memo “all we’re really doing is giving our problems a new name and looking at them from a new perspective?”

The more we do it, the more light we have in our lives.

Some people get as far as eight months into the program, and never get out of the cave, not even for a moment.

Those people are back at the starting point now. If you sign up to Module 1 of the Playground, you already have eight people there… so you won’t be alone.

Get into the Playground
Module 1 teaches the method of separating reality from unreality and makes you practice it. If you do it right, this is all you need to live in the light.
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