Your water energizing system

I am republishing this article… because so many of you never found it… and you are asking questions that are answered on the site.

Water Filter System

I found parts of the setup on the Chinese site, Aliexpress, for those of you outside of the United States. The actual filters from China are not good… you’ll have to find Dupont whole house debris and charcoal filters… or ask me to get them for you and reship them to your location.

Here are the parts:

Filter housing
at this address:

energizable water

Replacement filters:

I also found a suitable unit on the UK Amazon site… the filters it includes are not good, but the housing looks good. Only 30 pounds… about 37 dollars.

I have bought about 50 filters, so if you are in the USA, you can get them from me at my cost faster

And water containers:


For people with a US address, these are your container solutions:

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How to energize your water:

play the audio through regular size headphones. Attach the headphones tightly to the bottle of water you want to energize. Play the audio at least six hours, to purified water, longer if the water in not purified enough, or if the contact between the bottle and the headphones is not perfectly smooth, the audio not full blast, and if the headphones are not big enough.

How to energize yourself by increasing your coherence? Listen to the audio through the headset. Minimum personal vibration for the audio to work on you: 170

How long should you energizer your water?

If you started with healthy water, filtered, then 72 hours+ will get it to 653 vibration, which is where the water becomes coherent.

If you want to give your water a double whammy, fill a few smaller bottles with the same water, and drop them into the larger container. Never take them out.

Those small containers will get energized, and when you refill your large container, they energize it from the inside, the audio from the outside, and the vibration will rise faster.

Even almost coherent water won’t raise your cell hydration.

How to add the chip to your headphones if they came from two different places: If you are not in the United States, I order your headphones on Aliexpress, and ship the “chip” with the audio separately.

Click on the picture to order an extra set of headphones from And then order a chip with the audio from me, or make your own.

1. the chip has two sides. The one with the metal thingies goes
towards the screen side of the left head phone. Push it in, and then,
with the nail of your thumb push it all the way in, until it clicks.

2. turn on the headphone. if the screen doesn’t become blue, then
there is another step… I’ll show below. If it shows a blue screen
with 0001 on it, then you are good to go

3. plug in the usb into current, or the headphones will lose power in
a few hours: you need it to be plugged in continuously to charge the
water. you probably need an adapter on the wall-socket side

4. if the blue screen didn’t come up, then the battery is blocked. You
can use the headphones plugged in without the battery activated, or
you need to take out the battery and remove the blocking piece of

let me know if you need that… I explain in another email if you need

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