The reason humans, you, don’t amount to as much as talents would suggest you could?

I dream guidance dreams once a week on average. I test the solution it suggests and it is always spot on. And so have other people before me…

If you’d dreamed the double helix… it wouldn’t have made the discoverer of the DNA’s shape… or was it the chromosomes? It would have made ME that either.

You dream a lot, and some of it is messages from the beyond, but you are not there to get it, because it takes a lot of work, a lot of engagement, a lot of puzzling, pondering, brain wrecking to know what the heck you just got.

And it is not just the dreams that you miss. It is books, articles, courses, that do NOT give you the answer you seek, because you are really not there to get an answer… you haven’t done your work… in hardly any field, hardly any person.

When I look at my students, one thing is certain about them: they hardly do any effort in life.

By effort I mean what I said about that kind of engagement I mentioned above… the pondering, brain wrecking… or if it is physical, the kind that threatens to break your bones.

It seems that this has not gotten worse: humanity has never thought, humans have never thought they should put effort in the direction they wanted to move.

Not that humans can’t: the few hundred names we still know in spite of the many many generations that could have forgotten the names… So if somebody could, so can you… but consistently you choose not to put effort… as if it were below your dignity.

The effort most people put into endeavors, projects, dreams, is mostly forced by some outside force. Hey, even your dreams are an outside force!

Why don’t human do, why aren’t humans willing to put effort into what they want?

Effort is not force. Force comes in pushes… not a good word, but will work if I can’t find a better one.

When you look at a car traveling, let’s say ad 60 miles an hour, you don’t see force. The car isn’t forcing. It is the natural state of a car to put out a directional energy…

When you floor the accelerator, you can force a car to do what humans do… force that they cannot keep up, because it will burn them out.

But the steady 60 miles an hour is what life wants you to do… and you are unwilling.

The reason for this behavior is in the worldview. Again? you groan… Yes. again.

Everything you do that is counter to what would work best with life, what would work best in reality, is a worldview issue.

I have been working with a handful of students who have been learning words, distinction words, who have been learning to more and more accurately pinpoint the emotional state they experience in certain situations.

And now, more and more often, they accurately call the state that is the source of both their forceful behavior AND their inactive, limp dick behavior as the state of feeling powerless.

Powerless in every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically…

Humans have the most advantages in all of “creation” to master living on this small planet. The big brain, the bipedal way of moving, the opposable thumb.

The only thing they haven’t mastered is seeing widely and deeply… in space and in time. The capacities I call “The Big Picture” capacity, and “The Sight” capacity: seeing the consequences of actions… seeing cause and effect accurately.

You don’t.

The interesting dichotomy I find in humans (don’t forget, I am an empath, so I feel directly their feelings! it is not just my meaning making machine, although occasionally it may interfere) is that they cannot extrapolate from their moments of competence, or their moments of brilliance, to the idea, to the sense that they can… that they can make things happen by keeping up what they are doing.

Instead they act alternatively as if they can’t… or as if they don’t need to…

A gross misunderstanding of life… and a gross misunderstanding of themselves.

The student who ran with all his might at a 50 meter dash to win that race only to run into the wall and break his wrist.

This incident was not the first and not the last where he “ran” his racket that said: no matter what I do I can’t win.

A very convenient lie. The way to win races is to only need about 20% more push than the rest of life.

Marathon runners run surprisingly short distances in their preparation.

The primary elements of marathon training are:

  • 1 Base mileage. Build your weekly mileage over time, running three-to-five times per week.
  • 2 The long run. Do a long run every 7–10 days so your body can adjust gradually to long distances.
  • 3 Speed work. … increase your speed
  • 4 Rest and recovery.

They build up to the race.

Here is another example of this exact same misunderstanding:

A guy wants a part time job from the government. He needs to pass an exam to prove he can do the job.

He is putting a lot of effort into learning a big book with all he needs to learn to pass the exam.

Except that since high school this is the first time he was doing any studying. He is over 70 years old now.

He spent 50 plus years never learning anything. He is attempting to run a marathon without building up to it.

In my Playground program, I have a requirement that the participants continuously learn something in 20-day bursts in the 20-day learning challenge.

A grand total of one of my students is still following my instructions. The rest… they are coasting through life like that dude with the 50 plus years between learning anything.

A very accurate picture of humanity.

A genius species living like slugs. Hoping that little forceful efforts will take them to the good life.

The few producers we know because they are billionaires are not necessarily smarter than most.

They have one thing they have that makes them stand out: persistence and consistence as a unit. Warren Buffet read five books a week as a child, reads five books a week now, and the past 80 years.

Musicians of any accomplishments practice all the time. Sportsmen practice all the time. Businessmen of some accomplishments work on getting better at it. And so on and so forth.

But you expect the same results from reading articles… talk about politics and sports… watching mindless dreck… playing games to experience some winning…

The misguiding feeling of powerlessness combined with the “I can’t and I shouldn’t have to” creates a species of coasters, and losers.

No one really gets that you are not born a loser, you make yourself one. Minute by minute…

A racket is an invisible dynamic we learn about in every course I lead. It is the fundamental dynamic of a human: justifying why they can’t win in life. Why they are a loser. Why they are justified to be angry, forceful, of lazy and sluggish… A limp dick.

You run it, I run it… even Warren Buffet runs it in some way… because it seems that it is part and parcel with this bipedal, big-brained species.

Instead of learning to rein in the racket… humans try to rein in nature… reality… a big big big mistake.

I say: the DNA of humans is a blueprint of what they are supposed to evolve into. Through their own work.

About 160 capacities encoded and inactive in the human DNA… among them the crucial two: persistence and consistency.

My work is to experiment with willing individuals, what opens up their willingness to activate persistence and consistency, so they can become winners, in spite of the racket.

I have seen that before those capacities can open up (that is what inactive capacities do: they become active when they are needed by the individual. NOT desired, but needed… like a second wind. If you have never gone beyond your ability to stay awake, keep at anything, you have never needed a second wind… Only if you have been attempting to go beyond, frequently enough so it’s not an event, that you need a second wind, and the body decides to release the capacity, and then it becomes an active capacity.)

I have found that until you can SEE the racket, SEE your alternately limp-dick/forceful nature and OWN IT, you are not even in the process of being trained to become a human being. We call this capacity RESPONSIBILITY: the ability and the willingness to be cause.

Until then you are part of the 99.99% of humanity.

And once you master responsibility, then you need to master INTEGRITY: where what you say, what you do, who you are all go in the same direction.

I am a lot like Edison in that this is a lot like inventing the light bulb. Ten thousand failures may lead to finding the strait and narrow path to human being… Or not.

I will get there or die trying.

And THAT gives me a great life. And it could give you a great life too… if you didn’t choose instant gratification, winning at every step instead.

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