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Is it worth it? Will the effort pay off doing it?

Whether you are conscious of it of not, you ask this question every time you consider buying something, or doing something. Something that has some effort component… and most things do. Even if they don’t quite seem so.

I bought an equipment to massage my aching, rock hard calves about a year ago… I asked that question. I would have to sit tied to the electric current, while the massage thingie was working away on my calves.

When you do something, there is something else you aren’t doing. And the price of most things is giving up that thing that you are not doing.

Giving up, for humans, is the hardest thing of all. Even if what you are giving up is what has kept you an underachiever, a less than whole person…

It is the Dark Wolf, the Opponent, the EGO that wants to hold on to everything: smoking, eating, wasting your life, judging, pontificating, overpromising, being angry, being right, wanting to be significant without investing any work.

EGO, the Dark Wolf is the result of humans’ relationship to words, the same as our science. Our words were intended to describe reality… same as our science. But eventually, gradually, faster and faster, the words, instead of describing reality, now are replacing reality with unreality… and that is where you live. In unreality. You may call it: MY REALITY… to distinguish it from others’ reality… but the accurate vocabulary would be: MY UNREALITY.

All marketing talks to that unreality. The emotions. The territory, the dominion of the Dark Wolf, the EGO.

All emotions. Even the pleasant ones. But the stronger the emotion, the better for the Dark Wolf.

All the things you are for, all the things you are against are from the Dark Wolf. All. The Dark Side.

The only thing that could free you from that world you live in if you could embrace, and allow yourself to see that where you live is the world of mirage, the world of unreality.

The seed level of that world, of the world of unreality is what we would call the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

That is the “moment” in history where the language of human deviated from its original purpose of closely approximate, closely describe reality. The moment humans took it on themselves to judge reality, that was the moment where the Dark Wolf was born, and the White Wolf began to be starved by humans.

You see, in reality nothing is good and nothing is bad. It is all good… it is all the way it is.

The Bible was written by humans who were already occupied by the Dark Wolf.

I there had been a G-d who created the world, he, she, it, would not have said It is good… In fact even the Bible says what us, humans said: “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good” not G-d. G-d of the Bible wasn’t inhabited by the Dark Wolf. The Dark Wolf is the creation of humans.

And humans insist on feeding it. You are feeding it every second of every day.

The Dark Wolf is the part of language that opinionates, comments on, interprets, judges every single thing… and then says: It is what it is… that is reality…

But reality is independent what any wolf, good or bad says about it. Reality is reality. Nothing personal about it.

Humans, I say, invented G-d, so they can personalize everything. “G-d is doing it to me… not reality.”

Or the other aspect: “I must be good, so G-d is giving me all this” or “I must be bad that G-d is punishing me”

There is no god, and the only “things” that punish you are humans like you: judgmental, living in their personal unreality… lashing out on you, seemingly the cause of their discomfort.

The DNA of humans tells the story of what direction humans were supposed to evolve into magnificent, godlike beings.

It didn’t go that way. The deviation from the Original Design, coded in human DNA, happened a long time ago. When the idea that language can be used by one human to judge another, and thus enslave them.

Unreality lives only in words. Meaningful words. Simple words like reed, or sun, or rock are part of reality. But every meaningful word isn’t.

The words seem to live in the mind… The more you live in the mind, the more you consider the mind your self… the more you are living in the miserable world of the words… the world created by the words, unreality.

Right and wrong are those judging words, and therefore they belong to unreality. Good and bad are those judging words, and therefore they belong to unreality.

Unreality where you or others can be blamed, where you are hopelessly powerless to cause anything: it is already caused by others… and all you can do is make the best of it.

In my programs, I attempt to guide you out of unreality, so you personally can return to the age of innocence, the time where you didn’t use good or bad or right or wrong… you were innocent.

If you look at pictures of the personal evolution of a human, first in the womb where most of the visible parts happen, and then the visible, you can track evolution itself. There is a moment where the baby is still innocent, and the next moment it isn’t.

In the Jungle book, Kipling shows that if it is not a human brings you up, you don’t deviate from the Original Design, where language is not the tool of one human to enslave the other, instead it is a tool to grow, it is a tool for growing, for conquering oneself… not others and the world.

So before anything, in my programs you learn to see reality as it is: uncolored by the words, the judging words, so it is neither good, nor bad, it is what it is.

This is the hardest part of the program. It is the hardest because the Dark Wolf fights for its life… And to the degree you justify your life, YOU feel you need to justify your life… or you’ll die.

Most people, in fact, all people are underachievers if you look through reality. In reality you can see potential, you can see what is done, and you can see that what is done is much less that what was predicted by the potential.

In my muscle testing (in the Starting Point Measurements) every single measure shows that discrepancy. That is reality. That discrepancy.

And the desire to justify only exists in the world of words where you can be judged. In fact you are judging yourself…

I have students who have a large brain but live like zombies. I have student who are talented in some arts… but as if they could not express any of that.

And of course all of them use language to judge. Everyone and everything.

They feel powerless, so they hope that I, or the energies, or the courses, or some magic, miracle, potion, incantation, sorcery will lift them out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

The only person who can lift you out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, another name for Unreality, is YOU.

By working diligently to see that in fact there is nothing good and nothing wrong in reality.

Even a glimpse of that can be significant: it is a crack on the wall of the paradigm you live in, giving you a preview of what’s beyond. The world of “nothing wrong” where you can cause. The godlike thing you say you crave.

But talk is cheap… and you don’t push enough, don’t push consistently and persistently for truth, to cause the crack and to widen it.

For some reason you prefer to fall back into the world of unreality where you don’t have to cause… where you can be conveniently an effect, even if it means unfulfilled, miserable, dreaming only of having a choice. Where things happen to you, you don’t happen to them…

Conveniently powerless.

This is where we are at.

Maybe there is no way out of this dead end of evolution for humans.

Interestingly, if I am willing to live in reality, this is the most fun a human being can have: attempting the impossible, again and again, trying different approaches. Because in reality there is nowhere to go, nothing to get. In reality life is easy and nothing is right and nothing is wrong.

PS: while I was looking for picture for this post, I saw something that I didn’t expect: every wise sounding writing goes for the surface of maybe a meter below the surface of our hypocritical, inauthentic world… not deeper.

In anything, unless you get to the seed level, the bottom of the iceberg, your effort will not bring any change in anything.

If the seed level stays the same, you are still trying to pin cherries on an apple tree, or authenticity on a tree of lying and unreality.

I go to the seed level. And even though it has taken me to examine many tens of “beliefs” to get there, what actually got me there that I didn’t try to fix the wrong beliefs: it was enough to see that they are “beliefs”, and not reality.

In our session yesterday, I saw that in addition to the Playground’s “let me see what is in reality” method, you need to develop some basic capacities, in fact force your DNA to unlock those capacities, or you will remain this person who can only see the 5 degrees of anything, the size of visual field you, a normal person, nowadays has. The same size I had back in 1996. Where everything outside of that visual field felt like a threat to me.

And given that I had been walking around that narrow beam of seeing, AND awareness, I had a very disjointed world of wrong and more wrong… thinking of suicide as a sideways move every single day.

Hopelessness. Today I measure, subjectively, the level I live by how many thoughts I have where hopelessness comes up. It is a more reliable measure than even muscle test, when it comes to me.

The question I would ask myself, if I were you, is this: if I could really see that there is nothing wrong in reality: would it be worth to grow myself, labor diligently on activating capacities, or would I choose to live the small caged life I now live?

I don’t know about you, but for me freedom is the most precious of all things that a human can value.

I stopped smoking when I realized that I was a slave to having my nicotine fix.

I stopped everything I have ever stopped when I could see that slavery… slave to feeling smart, a slave to winning, a slave to being right, a slave to feeling good, a slave to having to, needing to, having to, and should. In fact, a slave to any feeling I deemed good, and a slave to fight any feeling that I didn’t.

A slave to having to have no neighbor, a slave to having to have no noise, no children, no machines, no dogs… that narrow 5 degrees world I deemed acceptable to me to be well.

I have expanded that 5 degrees to 40 degrees. Could I expand it more? Will I? We shall see. I am not working on it… but every time I notice that something is bothering me, I bring that inside my freedom cone… people, behaviors, presidents, everything. I increase my “nothing wrong” reality by degrees every day. And I am happy with myself. I fall asleep hugging myself, smiling.

PPS: I am sitting here and I am feeling others feelings. I don’t like it. Is it wrong because I don’t like it? Is it that I don’t like it because it’s wrong?

This is where the capacity of responsibility comes to play a crucial role: when I can see that it is I that doesn’t, don’t like it, and not that it is bad, wrong, unpleasant, or anything judgmental like that… I can own that I don’t like it… and can let it be. The moment I can let the feeling be, it lets me be.

And that is a principle to live by: allow things to be the way they are, and they will let you be. They won’t change… and you won’t feel like they should. You just got your freedom back. You are no longer a slave. Now, that is a life you can love.

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