Why don’t the low carb diets, low carb power bar, low carb shakes get you off carbs?

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One of the problems with the low carb diets is that they don’t address the real issue.

The real issue is that you have sold your soul to the “devil,” you have become a slave to a pattern of tastes that is not natural, that was created artificially by the Powers that Be.

If you watched me eat, you would see that I don’t crave sweets. I have no sweet tasting food in my diet.

I have tested Atkins some 30 years ago, and my favorite his cheese cake. But returning to eating that is suitable for an intelligent person isn’t a faking your taste buds thing.

You, authentically, need to return to normal eating. You need to re-train your taste buds.

I had a defining moment 30 years ago (I have shared this before…) when a Brazilian colleague of mine was eating her salad: no salad dressing, just the salad ingredients. She had two teenage kids and she had a figure that any 18-year old would envy.

She said these words: when you slather your salad with salad dressings, it trains your taste buds to only taste strong and artificial tastes… but my salad is very flavorful: each piece of vegetable has its characteristic taste and it’s lovely.

I started to train myself and my taste buds to experience what she experienced. I am still not quite there, but I am much closer.

I don’t use artificial sweeteners (other than for testing) and now I have accomplished the seemingly impossible: I don’t think of sweets, and even when I taste something sweet, like a chocolate chip, I find it nothing desirable.

It tastes actually disappointing, just like bread was disappointing after nine months of no bread. (I am writing this nine years later! Tasting milk or half and half after four years of not tasting it was disappointing… hollow. Artificial too.)

Once you are weaned off the stuff, you will be able to eat just a little bit, here and there… I hope. But if it works like alcohol or smoking (I don’t think so, but we shall see… so far I was able to say no to any of the bread, potatoes, etc. even though I got a taste of it again…) then you may have to call yourself a recovering carb addict till you die… but even that is better than being dull, dumb, delusional, and a loser, if you ask me.

Because the brain is able to change itself at any age because of its plasticity, you can teach, even an old dog, new tricks.

But you need to say good bye to the taste as well… sorry. The brain regulates the taste preferences, and if you keep up the sweet taste, it will get it wherever it can… and then you are back, addicted, sluggish, craving, dumb, and delusional.



low carbthere are carbs and there are carbs. the issues are the carbs your body isn’t built to consume. whether because of your ancestry, or because it is too much.
blood sugarwhat makes you fat and sick, and prone to diseases is the blood sugar spikes that invite the pesky insulin… the chemical that tells the body to store the food for later… this same insulin also tells your body to feel hungry. Why? I am not clear on that… yet
addicted to carbsMost humans gets addicted to carbs because of their upbringing. In my case, on the other hand, it was because I heard or read somewhere, at around age 14, that whole wheat was good for you. So I bought some whole wheat buns… and promptly got really fat. Turns out that my DNA doesn’t like wheat, and especially doesn’t like the parts of wheat that are supposedly best for you, for example the wheat germ. Bummer for me. It took me 50 years to completely rid myself of carb addiction. 50 painful years.
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Why don’t the low carb diets, low carb power bar, low carb shakes get you off carbs?”

  1. Sophie, I’m not sure I agree with some of your points on this matter. First of all you don’t seem to make much of a distinction between good carbs like fruits and vegetables and bad carbs like chips and bread. There is a huge difference. Fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber which slow down the digestive process and do not cause the spike in insulin level like processed carbs like sweets and bread. It’s the spike and then crash of insulin that lead to craving more of the same.

    Eating a high protein high fat diet leads to acidity, which lead to all sorts of health problems including cancer. Raw fruits and vegetables are very alkalizing. Cancer can only survive in an acid environment. Just use the eye test. Go to YouTube and type in Atkins or Protein Diet. What you’ll see is a bunch of pale skinned, bloated sickly looking people.

    Then type in Fruitarian or Raw Food Diet and you will see the most healthy, thin people with the most beautiful glowing skin you’ve ever seen.

    You also talked about the poor diet versus the rich people diet. I think if you go back throughout history you’ll find that poor people were healthier than rich people. Take Rome for example. The members of the government sat up in the stands all fat and pasty, eating their high protein diets, while in the arena were the gladiators, the fittest healthiest members of the society, and they lived off of beans and barley.

    The oldest, healthiest people in the world today are Asian, and they eat mostly fresh vegetables and rice, with a little fish thrown in. The problem we have is all the processed foods with the good fiber taken out. I think a high protein diet leads to high acid levels and health problems. I think there is plenty of evidence to support that.

    Junk food, not good carbs from fruits and vegetables leads to depression, in my opinion. And remember, you asked for it.

  2. Hey Mickey, what makes you an expert? The knowledge you get from other people?

    Repeating all the stuff other people say is not knowledge, it is information.

    I prefer that people share from their experience on this board, and argue from there… But repeating all the stuff from the Internet is not really the kind of stuff I want to have on my blog, sorry.

    What is YOUR diet like? That I would like to know.

  3. Sophie, I am not an expert on this subject, and neither are you. You ask readers for their comments and then you bash them over the head when they don’t agree with you. No wonder so few people ever leave comments.

    I have lots of personal experience with weight issues. Like most people, I have tried and failed at most diets. Still struggle today. But of all the diets I have ever tried, the only one that ever worked for me was a raw fruit and vegetable diet. I once weighed 340 lbs and like so many others, every new diet always lead to me gaining all the pounds back with a few extra to boot. I lost 70 pounds eating as much fruits and veggies as I wanted to eat. Then I went to a family reunion where there was nothing but fried foods and lots of sweets and within that weekend I was back to being hooked on the typical American diet of too much meat, fats and refined carbs. I haven’t gotten back on the diet since, even though I keep saying I’m going to. But the big difference is that I have not gained all the weight back and that have been a couple of years ago. Unlike other diets that deplete your body so that you are starving once you finally give up, this diet had positive effects on my body that are still with me to this day. I put back on a few pounds and then remained at that level and feel much better than when I was 340.

    Yes, I’m still overweight. Yes I’m still addicted to the fast food. Yes, I still make excuses for not going back on the diet. But, at least I now know what does actually work. I just have to do the work.

  4. Great Mickey, this is exactly what I wanted, that you speak from your experience.

    Experts that spout book knowledge are not experts, because it is Tree of Knowledge.

    Now, this share, is not Tree of Knowledge: it is your personal experience and therefore it is Tree of Life.

    Thank you very much… you see, the reason so few people are willing to comment, is because very few people are as courageous as you, and hang in for correction and then do the right thing.

    I want to be coaching people how to share, and you allowed me to do that, and I am grateful.

    This is a valuable share. xoxoxo

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