How to make coherent water in four simple steps?

Preamble: When your cells have no energy… your body is weak, or gets sick, or dies.

Aging is largely a symptom of your cells drying out. Why? Because the water you drink cannot, will not get into the cells beyond what the cells allow it to… And in essence, the cell only allows coherent water into it.

Coherent water comes from live cells from another live thing… or you need to make it. Most of us don’t eat enough live things to provide enough coherent water for our cells.

Want your drinking water to raise your cell hydration, rejuvenate you and heal you? Here is how to make it.

Cells, largely, refuse to allow water inside unless the water is compatible with Life… unless the water is neutral, AND coherent.

No NATURAL water is coherent on Planet Earth… how could it be with incoherent environment… And nowadays with the Climate Change it is even worse.

You can track incoherence on yourself and people you observe… their emotions, their thinking… jumbled… jumpy… reactive.

So how can you, in spite of the environment, offer coherent water to your cells?

It is both easy and tricky… but possible.

  • 1. You need to start with water that can be energized. Live water… not dead like distilled water.

Some natural waters, few, can be energized. Tap water cannot: it’s been treated, by law, in the water plants… but can be purified.

I have found that a simple whole house debris and carbon filter can do the trick: the less the better.

DuPont has whole house filters that have tested suitable.

So we have the starting water. Energizable. I can test remotely if the water can be energized.

2. The second step is a large container.

The container needs to be large enough to provide you with days worth of energized water. It needs to have a large opening… I’ll tell you later why. And IMPORTANT: needs to have thin walls that can take on and transfer the vibration from the audio… it is the audio that carries the energizer energy. Metal is unsuitable. Glass is unsuitable. Thick plastic is unsuitable. The best are those blue containers that claim that they are BPA free. You can get them in a camping store, on Amazon, on

3. You need to play the Energizer audio: me recorded while I download the Energizer from Source.

You need to connect your full size speakers to an audio source that can play the audio loud enough 24/7. I like the headphones that have a chip for the audio and can be plugged into the current through a USB cable.

4. You need to fill small water bottles with the same water you use for energizing…

…or buy FIJI water bottles that fit through the opening of the large container. They will, once they are fully energized energize the water in the container from the inside.

Put it together

Now that you have all four parts, the water, the container, the audio setup and the small bottles… inside the container… you can start the process

Place the powered headphones on the container that is now filled with the small bottles and the energizable water.

It takes 48-72 hours, according to my clients, to make the water fully coherent. Full coherence happens when the water’s vibration reaches 653 vibration.

The taste of the water becomes sweet and lovely earlier, but full coherence doesn’t happen at lower vibration.

How do you know if it is working?

You will have to test it… it is location specific. In my house it takes less than 48 hours, probably because of my presence. People walk around with an energy field… mine is higher vibration that the coherence point of the water, so I energize the water with my presence.

I can test it remotely for you.

You need to take a picture of your whole setup, so I can investigate if it is correct, and if it isn’t working, where is the error.

We’ll together can define how long it takes to energize your water in your environment.

Some people can’t, or won’t install the recommended filter… and they have to work with bottled water that was filtered the right way.

To find the bottled water that is available in your area, send me pictures from the store… and I’ll muscle test them for you.

Recommended filter: countertop under the sink debris filter carbon filter

Recommended container EXAMPLEs:,uk

Recommendation: once your system works, get two WHOLE systems to work staggered in time,  so you’ll never have to wait for your water to get coherent…

I bundle the audio with 30-day support: you’ll need it.

Get your cells hydrated
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