Astute, accurate diagnosis is 90% of success in any area of life

bach flower remedy bottlesI am working on the overwhelmingly too many foodlist orders I received in the last two days of June.

This triggered a feeling I don’t often feel any more: feeling imposed upon.

Doing things I don’t want to do. It is the energy of the Elm… a Bach energy®. “Don’t tell me what to do” reluctance, maybe even belligerence. A very forceful, suffocating, brittle energy. In fact, it’s worse than actually doing the darn thing…

What is underneath is a desire to win every time. Damn the torpedoes… lol.

Not very good for business. And no matter how hard on my hands to do so many food lists… More than a thousand muscle test each… I said I would do it… so now go do it, dammit. lol.

I didn’t know that about me. I don’t like the energy when I feel it from others, it is very selfish: desire to receive for the self alone. Suffocates me.

But it has given me the idea to muscle test every student of mine, for their pivoting point Bach Energy… and use it to understand them a whole lot better than through any other method I know.

I have managed to develop the language to ask for muscle testing not for the moment, not only for long term, but for crucial elements, like what is the essence of the person.

So far the commonalities of people of the same soul correction seem obvious… I may need to test more people to be sure.

What am I really doing?

I am using the Bach Energies as a diagnostic tool.

Why is diagnosing so important?

If you are diagnosed with a wrong tool… or by feel… you are mis-diagnosed.

According to my tools, 50% of cancer diagnosis is false positive… both for the presence of cancer and the advancement of cancer, the stage, how advanced the cancer is.

The tool, the diagnostic criteria is too loose… I think. Or plain wrong? I don’t know.

The same is true about any disease, or any condition. I was treated. for decades, for diseases I didn’t have, and none of the treatments helped… obviously.

I continued to be in pain, in discomfort, suffering and being miserable.

Often the case is that your knowledge (Tree of Knowledge) limits what you can diagnose… if you are, for example, a medical intuitive.

So, you see, accurate diagnosis is mandatory if you want to make a difference with the diagnosis.

This is true in health, in relationships, in business… everywhere.

I used to think that a solution to anything needs to be spot on… and if it wasn’t it was wrong.

I remember seeing an ad for dandruff shampoo… and the label said: improved… And to the square, rigid “Vervain” me, that meant: it is bad now, and it was bad before. Wrong, wrong, wrong. lol.

I have gotten rid of the “Vervain” tendencies for the most part… it made me very tense… and not very likeable…

Here is a list of the 41 Bach Energies… –> so you know what I am talking about…

It takes a very precise way of questioning to see which of these Bach Energies is/are your pivoting point, soul-correction energy… so you can start performing your soul correction, be at work on it… so you can jumpstart your ascension to the vertical plane.

Will I just give it to you if you are my student? No. I want you to value it… and free is never valued.

Do I recommend that you take the remedy for it? No, the job is to start correcting it yourself… not to leave it to some energy to do it. It’s your job!

I don’t mind if you use a cane to get around, but I don’t want you to leave it to the remedy to “fix it” for you.

Learn to recognize it in yourself, and learn that it is your enemy: preventing you from getting what you want from life… so learn to let it go in peace.

Want to know what is your Achilles Heel? What is keeping you stuck? according to my muscle testing the Bach Energy for you?

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