More Bach Energies discovered…

Oy… I didn’t intend this…

As I was muscle testing the Bach Profiles for my students, I ran into a snag: the “no matter what I do” attitude/feeling doesn’t have a matching Bach energy… yet.

Source “says”, no such flower. So I’ll break tradition, and I’ll call it what it is, “no matter what I do”

Now, that statement is, of course, a lie.

Why would anyone lie about that? It is because they don’t want to do what they claim they are doing… Do the work. In that regard it is similar to the “being imposed on” feeling, but it is really a strategy to avoid giving… giving anything. So what is underneath is stingy. And a big “f… you”

I can download it individually, and it is now part of the Heaven on Earth, the energy bundle I infuse in your remedy.

It is not part of the HOE audio… I would have to re-record it… and I don’t have time for it now.

Here is another feeling: it is a searing, very strong pain in the chest bone and radiates outwardly, but not much: What if I get what I wanted and nothing is going to change? the ultimate let-down… all you ever wanted, and it won’t change a darn thing…

If you wanted money… and nothing… no happiness, no nothing.
If you wanted love… and it doesn’t change it.
If you wanted to be thin and pretty… and no one cares.

What shall we call this one? The Ultimate letdown? I am going to call it that… Do I have a counter energy for it? yes, thank you very much…

It will be the 42nd Bach Energy.

I am not sure how many more I’ll discover as I am doing this work for my students and clients.

Who would have thought? Surely not Edward Bach… 90 years ago.

Would you like to get me to name your pivoting point Bach energy… so you can know what to do to correct what is your soul correction?

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