If you just stopped doing what you know is bad for you…

If you just stopped doing what you know is bad for you…

I am not a scientist, not a doctor, but…

I pay attention. I experiment. And I muscle test while I am connected to Source.

It’s cherry time in the United States, and Aldi had a special price on cherries. I could not resist.

I bought a big bag… two and a half pounds… and as predictable, I ate it all in one sitting.

The insights I’ll share in this article are very important knowledge that I have suspected, but haven’t seen it this clearly before.


Heart problem, including high blood pressure.

It can all be taken back to insulin…

I said I am not a scientist… but I know a few things from experience.

I used to have hypoglycemia. A sudden drop of my blood sugar with devastating symptoms.

It always happened after I ate something that created a spike in my blood sugar… and a rush of insulin to remove it.

Fruits, bread, candy, a big meal of anything…

It took me a long time to identify the causes… and to remove them. Why? Because almost everything can raise your blood sugar level, causing spikes. Even innocent sounding foods.

If you are overweight or have ever been overweight, my hunch is that it was the insulin that made you fat.

The other day I listened to an Israeli scientist, Eran Segal, and the experiments they ran in his institute in Israel.

“New research led by Prof. Eran Segals and Dr. Elinavs research unit indicates a drastic change in blood sugar levels between two individuals on identical diets – this may explain why some struggle to lose weight while others, on the same diet, stay lean and fit. The scientists even developed an algorithm that can calculate ones blood level based on his or her biology and lifestyle. ”

Everything he said coincided and agreed with my own experience… Every single person has different foods that trigger the pesky insulin… by having a blood sugar spike. And eating too much will trigger that with anybody.

I don’t want to, not willing to write a scientific article… it is a poor use of my time. If you want to know more, listen to the TED talk, read up on their site… the link is in the video description on youtube.

What I want to elaborate on is my experience what sudden nutritional deficiencies I experience when I cause intentionally or through carelessness sugar spike in my blood… like I did with the cherries. By the way, when I eat green grapes, just as sweet as cherries, I don’t experience the same thing. so it is possible that it is the fructose in the cherries: green grapes only have no fructose in them.

Supposedly fructose doesn’t raise the blood sugar level… but it does something, because I almost instantly need copper, potassium and magnesium… I start to experience cramps in both legs, and in my right hand.

I have asked my body to talk to me, and it has been. Right leg cramp: Potassium. Left leg cramp: Magnesium. Right hand cramp: Copper…

I take the supplement, and within ten minutes the corresponding cramp goes away.

Let me change the topic for a second:

I just finished a bunch of nutritional assessment and food list recommendations.

I am getting emails asking: how come nothing is marked as highly beneficial to most of the clients.

The food list contains highly beneficial, neutral, and no-no foods… muscle tested to your exact body.

In my educated opinion, when you have a low health number, your first assignment is to remove the no no foods. Consider them toxic… because they are.

The secret of my 70% health number is: I do NOT eat anything that is not on my list, other than some Wednesdays… like the cherry. Really. Not even a bite.

If you just stopped doing what you know is bad for you, in earnest… maybe “sinning” once in a while, a little bit… your life, your mood, your career, your relationships, your health, your everything would go through the roof…

Instead of trying to compensate for the bad stuff that is poisoning you and your life with some magic foods, or activities…

Please don’t be stupid. Stupid as the stupid does… Leave it to other people.


PS: One of the things in The Playground people discover is what they have been doing that their lives wasn’t up to their liking… what they have been unconsciously doing that have made them not love themselves, not love their lives.

Often what you are doing is like water for the fish, like air for the bird… you don’t even know you are doing it.

Until you learn what you are doing that is bad for you, whether it is eating the wrong foods, eating the wrong way, saying or not saying things, etc. you can’t stop doing that…

It took me long decades to discover what made me sick: it wasn’t easy. Then I started to learn what made me fat, what made me have acid reflux, stomach ache, what made me nervous, what made me not able to sleep, or fall asleep. What made my legs hurt.

I am not a scientist, but I can see a lot, I can feel a lot, and I can muscle test what I can’t know.

I recommend that you take advantage of knowing me… After all I am going to die soon… I am getting up in age.

PPS: If you cannot seem to stop doing what is bad for you… then you have a payoff… a hidden way you benefit from being sick, angry, unhappy, depressed, fat, resentful, poor, wretched and miserable…

We deal with these in The Playground

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