The chip on your shoulder — sloughing it off and keeping it off

I have been trying to dig deeper and deeper into the morass of human misery so that I can dig you out of there. I have tools, but I want more. And more. And more.

It is not about getting myself out of misery: I am already 70% “clear” of misery… and that is a blissful place, but it took me 34 years, so far, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work on themselves that long… I did it because I was soooo miserable.

So I have been looking at modalities, methods, systems, that look hopeful. Methods that their truth value is decent.

Human Design clocks at 30%: very decent. But when I listen to the founder’s talks, he says it takes seven years to even learn to function in the world with the strategy they say is your by-design strategy.

Hm… how can I reduce that seven years, inside my immersion program, The Playground?

So with that I have been pondering, listening, pondering some more.

As usual, Source comes to the “rescue”…

Yesterday I went shopping with the community van. Between being driven from one grocery store to the other, balancing a shopping bag, a soaking wet raincoat, and my purse… I forgot my purse in the van.

So I found myself with no money, no phone in the grocery store. Luckily my kindle was in the shopping bag, so I read for two hours: that is how long it takes the van to come back and take people home.

I had no idea how to solve my shopping issue: the things I wanted to buy weren’t much, but were necessary to live the way I claim to live: eat well… live well… lol.

So, as an emergency solution, I asked the driver to join the people who are going to the Farmers Market, and promised to be at the Community Center by 9:10 am. As I was walking towards the Center, I saw the van leave… It was 9 am.

The driver forgot about me. Drove off without me. I was stuck, again, no groceries, no ride home.

I was frustrated, I even got angry for a minute. Hurt. Then I got that “inner weep”.

I was paying close attention: the inner weep said: here I go again. No matter what I do, I don’t matter.

Obviously I looked at the incident as something that happened TO me… PERSONALLY. I felt resentment against the driver: this had happened before that he forgot about me.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because I was meticulously lead to this situation by Source, so I can see what happens if and when I don’t make decisions from my innate strategy: disaster, one size or another, but disaster nevertheless.

I am a Generator, according to Human Design. My strategy for a smooth life, my strategy for results, my strategy for decision making is to respond.

Responding means: do not initiate. Wait for the opportunity and then respond…

I could have brainstormed loudly in the van and wait for the driver to suggest the Farmers Market… Then he would have remembered: it would have been HIS idea.

In business I have already known that every single time I initiate, I create a flop, or a disaster.

All my successful actions have been due to responding, all my unsuccessful actions were due to initiating: I had a good idea.

There are four types of people, according to Human Design. My type is about 50% of humanity. The type is called Generator and Manifesting Generator.

I have two students in the Playground who have a different type called Manifestor.

The Manifestors’ strategy to make decisions for a smooth life, and for success is as puzzling, as counter-intuitive as mine. It is to inform.

Inform whom it may concern about what they are going to do. Not ask for permission, not ask for approval, none of that. Inform.

Every single mishap they have shared, thus far, were the result of them acting without informing… and the resistance, the blocking actions of the people they would have informed, made their actions not successful, in fact the results made them angry. Whether it was with their six year old son, or with their good for nothing husband, or their boss.

Anger is the Manifestors’ reaction to life not going their way.
The Generators react with frustration.

In my humble opinion, three things you can learn fast and then practice, in the Human Design, and you can increase your life satisfaction by 70%.

  • 1. eating according to your type (there are 6 types from this aspect.)
  • 2. making decisions according to your type…
  • 3. evaluating situations by your inner authority. Mine is sacral, meaning the sacrum, other inner authority center that some people have in my class is the solar plexus… the pit of your stomach.

And making these adjustments to your behavior can raise your life satisfaction, your success, by 70%.

Now, why don’t I just teach that? Because of the chip on your shoulder.

I revealed mine: the chip on my shoulder says: I don’t matter. Personally.

And no matter what else you learn, what other classes you take, what energy treatments you put yourself through, until the chip leaves your shoulder, it seems that life is all about that chip…

You won’t be able to learn and perform the simple changes the Human Design asks you to make… because the chip, we call it racket here, takes control, and takes away all your power. Nasty, isn’t it?

When I look at students to see why they are not successful, I ultimately see that

  • 1. they didn’t clear the chip off their shoulder
  • 2. they are making all their decisions from the wrong strategy.

And the combination of these two mistakes makes them, as long as they continue making them, useless, worthless, inane, second class citizen, stupid, because unless you can disengage the racket, it will take you to the same place it always has… to the chip on your shoulder.

I have been successfully avoided triggering my racket for quite some time… in fact it has made an appearance maybe three time in the past ten years. But the machine is there… undaunted by waiting… lying in wait, and jumping into action the moment the trigger is “pulled”… in my case, initiating instead of waiting for someone else to have the idea.

You can guess that it is against my inclination (and ego) to wait, to let others suggest, instead of being the brilliant idea generator. But I manage to avoid my inclination like the plague… and I have been well, thank you very much.

One of my students is a lot like me in his inclination… but completely unaware what kind of being would make him happy. He can come up with a good idea all the time, and he thinks that the ideas have value… But if you are a Generator, your ideas are a dime a dozen, and have no value in the world.

You produce value when you are asked to do something, when you are invited to do something.

My unhappy Manifestors are either waiting for invitation… and do nothing, or act without informing… and that is their pathway to unhappiness.

At least one unhappy Generator in my program is acting as if he were a manifestor… and of course it doesn’t work well for him.

Anyway, I will teach my Playground students this Saturday about their Human Design. I am excited. By the way: the idea came from someone else… so I was responding.

I didn’t say much about your eating style in this article, because I’ve talked about that a lot.

But in my personal experience, how you eat, how you decide where to eat, what to eat, when to eat, has more influence on your mental and physical well-being that all the things you know or could learn about eating.

Some need to eat by appetite… meaning: unless you have an appetite you won’t digest your food. Some need to eat by taste. Others by circumstances. Yet others by the mouthfeel of the food: chewy, crisp, or comforting…

I muscle test that. My muscle testing about your eating style tends to be as accurate as what the human design people come up with.

I offer this service.

Get your Eating Style Measurement

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