Generators, Manifesting Generators… what is the difference in Human Design?

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MY Precious “I” doesn’t like it… I am sure yours doesn’t either…

I remember when I considered being a Generator a slight. Like someone didn’t recognize my creativity, declared me a working bee… I hated it. But…

Years earlier I had the same reaction to finding out that I was a finisher… in the “system” starters vs. finishers, I learned from Alex Mandossian, who was my mentor for a little while… I healed him and he mentored me… Here is a link to an interview that explains


Some insanely creative people are Generators in the Human Design System.

A Generator does best when he responds to something… a request, a suggestion, an invitation.

Generators, when they respond and choose what to work on this way, and also feel into their power center (inner authority), mine is sacrum, most of my Generator students have their power center/authority in the solar plexus… which is, in essence the pit of the stomach, they can succeed in what they decided to work on.

The sacrum has three phases… like a three way switch. Neutral, go, don’t go.

You can experiment with that while sitting somewhat on the edge of your chair, back straight. That is the neutral position. Tilt your pelvis forward, as if you wanted to initiate getting up… that is the go position. And tilt backwards… i.e. hunch,slouch… whatever you want to call it… and it’s the no-go position.

No emotions, just the sacrum “talking”.

The solar plexus people have feeling in the pit of their stomach. Go is fear-like. Not what you thought it would be, is it? No-go is reticent… withdrawing. Maybe even pretending to not hear the invitation. A “meh” feeling.

I think this is why many sales pitches say that if you feel anything, that means you should do it… buy, sign up, whatever.

Not what you thought it was, is it?

I don’t know what we, ignorant homogenized, bastardized humans think, but based on this homogenization, we all think that all yes is like happiness, or excitement, or smile, or whatever, while our body has a different language. It is like in some cultures nodding means “no”… ugh… easy to misunderstand.

My authority is sacral… but because I am an empath, I can feel your authority speaking to you when it is speaking.

When you make decisions from another part of the body, your decision is taking you down the path of futility… Sacral people go down that path by listening to excitement… solar plexus people go down that path by listening to excitement, or inertia…  Very unsatisfying outcomes, leading to frustration or anger, self-hate, the not-self.

If and when you don’t have anything to work on, as a generator, you experience emptiness.

Your job is to wait. Consider yourself gathering energy for the big job.

I remember learning to rest consciously some 20 years ago, in the Beyond Fitness seminar in Landmark. As a Generator, the ability to rest was unknown to me: Generators, Manifesting Generators need to learn to rest. Consciously. I admit, I am still not good at it, but at least I am conscious of it.

Here is a little tidbit, OK, more than a tidbit…

I am a Manifesting Generator. I just listened to a youtube video, and now I am all up in arms… this is new information that needs to be checked against reality… Muscle test says its truth value is 70%… Wow, that is very high.

OK, the video says that

  • a Generator needs to check in with their authority continually if they are on the right path. If what they are doing is still what they should be doing.
  • While a Manifesting Generator does this constant looking BEFORE they make the final decision to do the darn thing they are invited to do… and even though they are preparing for it, take the initial steps to do it, can and will make the final decision when they are sure.

here is the video… 70% truth value

OK… Now it makes a lot more sense why it takes me sooo darn looong to make a decision. I take steps towards yes, but watch my inner response for encouragement or discouragement. I am not committed yet.

It is so in making new decisions in my diet, it is so in developing a theory or a methodology, it is so in buying stuff… When I don’t take my sweet time, I make a mistake.

I used to be a firing queen… threw people out of my programs at the drop of a hat. All were mistakes. Now I take my sweet time.

I used to jump into things blindly, only to lose my shirt… literally or figuratively. lol.

This need to evaluate, re-evaluate is a really important step that is missing for my Manifesting Generators: they think that they should stick with their first instinct, and when they don’t, they think there is something wrong with them.

This leads me to look at rules…

No one, no human design type does well in life if they are rule driven.

Rules are imposed over a perfect design, and make it not work. Rules make you look outside of your personal authority and lead you astray.

Rules are made up arbitrarily, by calling things right and wrong… But because there are no right things and there are no wrong things in reality, rules make you blind, inattentive, and stupid.

  • One of my rule based student says: “it should work”… and of course it doesn’t.
  • When you live by rules, then, naturally, you are also a rule-breaker.
  • You go both ways without looking… stupid as the stupid does… stupid coming and going.

Life works best when you are present. Aware of what your inner authority is telling you. And if you are not understanding the language yet… ask me… and start journaling it. It may take a while, but eventually it will click.

Here is how to journal: I want to do this. I feel this. I think it means this (yes/no) Sophie’s muscle test says: yes/no hm. Next test…

Row after row, until you get clear.

I remember doing this when I first heard on a youtube video that I am supposed to feel bad in the stomach when something was a yes.

Of course my power center, my inner authority center is the sacrum, not the stomach… arrrgh… but the test was conclusive: my stomach is unreliable: I feel other people’s stomachs, not mine.

Waiting is a virtue.

Active waiting. When you, instead of jumping, you remain in the wait-and-see state, which is flexibility.

It is NOT procrastination, although to some rule based individual it may seem so. It is the decision making process of a Manifesting Generator…

Manifesting Generators will seem slow to other types… and if they jump… it is not a good sign. They land in the empty pool… head or legs broken.

How do you start a process but stay alert… if you are not used to it?

It requires either the wider cone of vision and larger awareness, or taking frequent breaks to check in with yourself.

And the courage to say: I am sorry. I changed my mind… instead of trudging along, because you are now committed, because you “said so”…

Relationships, professions, projects…

My friend who was the Russian translator was trapped in a marriage that she no longer wanted… but she lacked the inner authority to say so.

The long road to hoe

In the year 2000 I lived with a guy who was accepted in a residency program where I live now. He didn’t want me to come here with him, by my sacral authority said: yes.

To the life of me I didn’t understand, but I trusted it.

We spent three miserable years together. I lost my livelihood. But eventually that seemingly wrong move took me to where I am today: at the right place, doing the right thing.

Doing what I do that I doubt I could have done, could be doing anywhere else. Don’t think I haven’t asked Source about that about a hundred times over the years.

OK, last part: Manifesting Generators and Generators need to respond, instead of making up their own path.

So how do you do that?

One important part of it: you need to be on the lookout for invitations… not like the dude who drowned during a flood, because god didn’t save him. He was sent boats, a helicopter, but he had a “rule based” idea what an invitation, god saving him, would look like.

Like me moving to where I live now, it doesn’t necessarily look like a good idea. your eyes are not your inner authority. Your sacrum or your solar plexus are…

My sacrum said yes, and it kept on saying yes.

I kept my old apartment. I kept my customer base at the old place… I kept my option to back out, but my sacrum kept on saying yes. And it is still saying yes.

Another example

I have a ton of indications that selling sleep products would give me a good income. My sacrum says no. When I ask a clarifying question, Source says: it takes me off my path.

You have a path… whether you know it or not.

Most things are not on that path… that is why your inner authority say no to them. Not because they are not moneymakers, or something very fun… but because staying on the path is more important for your human design that having lots of money, or having fun.

OK, what if you don’t know what is your Human Design?

Then just go over and get it. to get your free profile done.

I am not an affiliate… but I can definitely coach you better with that information. Now, I CAN muscle test the same things about you… but it is going to cost you… lol.

There are many many many videos on youtube on the topic. Search for Jovian archive or Ra Uru Hu… Ra was the dude who originated the Human Design System. He died in 2011, but managed to make tons of videos before he died.

Average truth value: 30%. Types: truth value: 50%. Eating types: truth value: 30%. Strategy: truth value: 60%. Inner authority: truth value: 70%.

I never went any deeper than these… especially after I paid $97 for my eating style “reading”… I found out that it was somewhat inaccurate. Close but not accurate. Close is as bad as not even close. In certain things only exactly accurate will do.

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