On a personal note… Is Sophie dying?


I have been a mad scientist. More mad than scientist... 🙁

My style of science is experimentation... taking things to extreme, and for a long time to boot. So doing this in the past 60 or so years has done a lot of damage to my body.

I would test diets, I would test theories, I would test methodologies, healing methods, you name it, I have tested it or something similar.

I am in the middle of several experiments, some you have heard of, like the predatory genes experiment, and some you haven't...

A few weeks ago I got really clear that my days were numbered. I could barely walk, no energy, pain in my heart, left arm... bad.

So I buckled down and started to "diagnose" the problem.

If you have seen the TV series on Netflix, House MD, the diagnostic specialist, you know that diagnostics is like a puzzle, like picking a lock, like being a Sherlock Holmes.

In addition to being an empath, I have an overdeveloped sense of sensory perception ability: I can see what I feel... and then I can ask Source... my secret weapon.

My "diagnosis" showed that I have an 80% clogged blood vessel system (Atherosclerosis) and unless I reduce that number, there is a 70% probability that I won't live. I wasn't even allowed to do my constitutional walking.

The first remedy I was shown is Sesame seed oil... a potent dissolver of plaque. All the stuff I found on the internet had a maximum truth value of 10%, except a site that talks about Oxalate: the truth value of that information is 20%... I consulted Source... and have been doing the following to reverse the condition...

I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice... and it has a chance to save MY life, for now.

As is my method, I started to use sesame seed oil on everything, in everything...

And two days ago I remembered that I am an energy practitioner (hey, stupid as the stupid does! lol) and I tested the many healing energies I can wield, and Source settled on the Big Bundle, three powerful energies bundled. One of the energies in the Big Bundle is a lot like a roto-rooter... While the sesame seed oil loosens the plaque, the roto-rooter energy can slowly clear it out.

I am also starting to take cayenne pepper, really hot, in almost everything I eat... to accelerate the blood's movement.

The danger is that a big piece of plaque breaks off and causes a heart attack, or embolism... You'll know: if I stop answering my email I am probably dead. I will not see a doctor, I will not go to the hospital.

Today my chances to live are 40%... I'd like to take it to 70% if that is even possible.

So what else have I been doing to reverse this process of dying?

According to my muscle testing, the cause of plaque formation is acidity. The body tries to protect the blood vessels from the corrosive acidic blood.

You get acidic from food that digests acidic, especially food combination. Combination diet is to prevent that...

In my case: one of my experiments made me very acidic... in addition to eating dishes that don't conform to my eating style... more about that later.

For now, I am staying away from animal products, except some fish. Surprisingly, I am not protein deprived, not deprived at all. We'll see if my Vitamin B12 can keep up too.

So I am eating now an almost exclusively vegan diet... some fish that is on my "allowed to eat" food list.

Eating vegetables, especially because my eating style is "alternating" which means: I need to be eating by appetite, and only one-ingredient meals. Fat, salt, and some other spices can be added, but I am limited in that too. Vinegar, saccharine, salt, sesame oil, , black pepper, and cayenne pepper and from surprisingly from today ghee.

So I make the vegetables really tasty so I don't experience deprivation. I have started to "rice" my vegetables. Ricing is a food processor method of cutting up the vegetable to rice size bits.

You can rice any vegetable that is firm fleshed... cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, squash, red beets, sweet potatoes, zucchini and carrots.

Ricing is a new trend, and I am glad I fell for it: making the vegetable taste good, have a pleasing texture is not easy, but when it is riced, it takes minutes to whip up something I lick the pan after I eat it.

A little oil, a little, salt, a little pepper, garlic if it is brussel sprouts, stirring or just letting it steam... some vegetables like to be browned... they get tastier.

So I am living now on vegetables, lentils and hot red beans... hemp milk, pumpkin seed milk, and lots of water... and some fish. It's working, and I am not deprived.

OK... it is next day now, and obviously this article wasn't ready for publication yesterday...

Today I recorded the "Big Bundle" in an 18 second recording, and I listened to it, while I was doing something with my hands, for about five minutes... and it cleared out some more gook from my arteries.

I now clock in at 50% chance to live, 50% chance to fall over and die.

Not enough yet to go out and exercise in public, or walk the hill. But enough to feel better about life.

Yet another day passed... so it is Saturday now.

The plaque has started to move. My arteries are "only" 70% clogged and my chances to survive are 60%. I don't have energy as I had before... but I move now like a person not like death warmed over.

Yet it is a good idea to start a project, one of my students called "Sophie Foundation"... where some of my students would gather and be trained to maintain the blog site, so my work doesn't die with me.

Having adjusted my predatory genes by Source has made more difference than anything, in my humble opinion.

Being that kind of mad scientist I have been can only come from a disregard for my life. So now with three predatory genes I find that I am a lot less willing to do things to my body that are risky. And interestingly it is easier to eat less now, eat less to soothe myself, so the seven pounds I packed on in the last month is starting to melt.

Not because I want to be the best looking corpse in the morgue, but carrying less weight, I am told, is life extending...

It is my brother's birthday today, and he is not answering skype and his phone. Source says he is not quite well.

Circulatory illness is the illness that killed both my parents. My younger brother had a triple heart bypass surgery a few years ago. He was partial to sweets, milk and bread: all known to cause acidity and heart troubles.

I know you don't like to think about your mortality. But given the amount of misdirection, and given the quantity of food, fancy food available, maybe you could start protecting your body from early death.

Find out your eating style.

Learn what makes your body acidic... surprise: drinking alkaline water doesn't make a difference. It is b.s. Only eating changes will make your body more alkaline, or less acidic.

And have your predatory genes adjusted by Source... From Sunday evening I'll charge for it. When is Sunday? Tomorrow...

I will have a webinar for paying customers and students tomorrow, Sunday at 4 pm EDT... that is New York time.

If you are a paying customer, it's free. If you aren't... become one.

Here is the link to register


Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “On a personal note… Is Sophie dying?”

  1. So good you have found a way to reduce your risk and I hope you find a solution for passing on your work. All of this can’t leave with you. Wish I could help, but I’m fairly useless to you..lol.
    I was wondering, is source able to give you instant healing if you asked or only information for you to heal yourself?
    Thanks Sophie, hope you continue to feel better x

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