Behaviors that hold you back from success

behavior icebergThere is a behavior that I used to have, and have successfully beaten.

The behavior  is the “out of sight/out of mind”, “now that I am doing something else, I don’t remember the things I have been doing, promised, supposed to do…”

The behavior of a person who cannot keep 2-3-4-5 habits going concurrently.

If they are busy looking at something, they are so busy, that their water is not energized, their food list is not honored, they don’t practice their guitar, they don’t read, nothing. Just do that one thing.

With social media, smart phones, this is getting even worse… and I didn’t think it could get any worse than it was before.

What is the cause?

  • You may have an overly narrow cone of vision.
  • You may spend most of your time in Plato’s Cave, the bull’s ear, the mind, in pondering, self-talk, daydreaming, arguing, resisting, and drop everything else.
  • You don’t even attempt to put all power in all action… so you are slow, bumbling, meandering, nobody home. You are not present
  • You cannot keep your intention alive because it completely disappears

This makes you perform at the level of a person with much less smarts than you really have.

This is mostly behavioral.

learn a musical instrument for self-growthOne thing that can start to enable to see more than one thing at a time is learning to play a musical instrument, where the two hands do two different things.

Piano is the best instrument for this, because with piano, the two hands play two different tunes.

Juggling is also useful…

I already played two instruments… so I already had the neuro-physiological foundation in 1988.

That is when I did a course, that changed my life. It was called More Time Workshop.

The most important part of the workshop was a 3-ring binder, where you listed AND scheduled all the things you were going to do the next day… and carried your binder with you at all times, and checked off what was done, and checked for the next thing.

My results from following this method were staggering.

I had a full time job as an architect for hire. Left home at 6:30 am, took the 5:45 train home or to Landmark… Commuted 3-4 hours a day. I participated in Landmark Education, both as a student and a volunteer. I coached.

And yet, in as little as a few short months, I learned enough desktop publishing, that I could publish a weekly magazine. I apprenticed at a printer’s. I apprenticed at a typesetting/layout company. I started my own magazine. I sold advertising to pay me and the production of the magazine…

Most people need 100-hour days to accomplish this much in such a short time, if ever.

The secret was the binder.

I never dropped any balls. I knew, every minute of every day what I was doing, what I was going to do next. I put all effort in every action. I was intentional.

I didn’t resist anything… It was enjoyable like a dance. The bestest time of my life.

And my vibration at the time was 150… quite low, if you ask me.

I am not saying you’ll be able to duplicate my results… but at least you’ll learn not to drop balls…

Nothing is worse regarding to your quality of life, your integrity, your health, your results in life than dropping balls, left and right. Nothing.

Now, if you drop the ball, if you never get anything done because of social media, watching videos, or playing computer games… I have nothing to offer you.

Stupid as the stupid does…

If you are addicted to anything

If you are addicted to anything, you need to find an addiction counselor… I am not one. If it is anything else but genetic: they can help. If you are genetically addicted: the only thing you can do is trade one addiction to a more useful one.

You can be addicted to excitement, you can be addicted to wanting praise, you can be addicted to seeking love, being right, winning, being a drama queen… blah blah blah…

addiction geneIf you don’t have the addictive gene, you can kick the habit.

Can I with Source’s help de-activate the addiction gene? I think so.

I’ll start with myself… and see what it looks like, what it feels like.

Addiction gene is very similar to the predatory genes: violent, forceful, jerky, insistent. Unforgiving.

Another weird and very low vibration behavior… delusion… is magical thinking.

If you believe that there can be instant change in the physical reality, that you can have instant healing, instant riches, instant anything… then I want you to stop reading my website, my articles, I don’t want you to come to my webinars.

Bug off.

There is nothing I can tell you that will be useful, because you are screwed up.

And very few people, if any, ever get unscrewed up… there is nothing I, or Source can do to get you out of the delusional world view.

In Tai Lopez 67 steps there is an exercise asking you to go back to your high school class and look who would you have betted on to be financially successful. The student with the good grades? The football star? Yourself?

slef-control is a learnable skillAccording to Tai, the capacity that singles you out to be a winner is “overall awareness”. I have found that it is self-control.

And, unfortunately, self-control is tied strongly to genes: your predatory genes and your addiction gene…

Nevertheless, if you have good, strong self-control, your chances to win in life a amazing.

Now, if you could just tame, adjust your predatory and addiction genes… Right?

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