The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

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the measure of intelligence is the ability to changeSpecies-wide, the ability to change is called adaptability. Species that can adapt survive. Species that don’t… don’t.

Adaptability as a skill refers to the ability of a person to change his actions, course or approach to doing things in order to suit a new situation. We constantly change our lifestyles because our world is changing always. … That is an example of adaptability.

But what happens if you don’t recognize that it is a new situation… when you look at everything exactly the same way as before? Then you are stuck.

What the sideways view can teach you…

Homo Sapiens look through their own eyes… and are stuck with the view.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. ~EinsteinStuck view means: stuck reaction, stuck attitude, the inability to learn the lesson from both successful and unsuccessful actions, from the results.

And this is the current state of humanity: homo sapiens. Hasn’t moved higher in tens of thousands of years…

One would think that this is what nature meant for you to be… but it is not so.

Nature, Life has been trying to teach you lessons, but you are not willing to learn. Or not able…

  • Like the little kid who misbehaves, gets punished, maybe gets a beating, but his relationship to the beating is: why don’t you let me do what I want to do? complaint. Take the teaching as a victim… and not learn from it.

Almost all my students are stuck there… stuck with the complaint and the resulting behavior: they have been unwilling to learn the lesson.

As long as you recall the incident always the same way, always looking through your victim eyes, nothing will every change… This is just how it is…

So in the Playground the next step is to retell the incidents in your life through another parson’s vantage point… so you can change what you see, so you can actually change what you do, how you react.

As long as you don’t change what you see… you remain that little kid who was offended, felt like a victim, and remained a victim.

  • Like the kid who didn’t get that the country he lives in wants to eliminate his kind… the language, the culture, the whole people, without being called out for genocide. (there are many countries like this, his is just one example)… and he has been unwilling to learn that governments pretty much decides the code of conduct, the rules of a country, and if you don’t obey these rules, you are chopped liver. And he pretty much is.
  • Or like the same kid, who, consequently isn’t willing to learn the rules of transactions, the rules in business, etc.

Once you are stuck with one self-righteous view, you’ll build on it more of the same, to justify your victim stance…

I did. You did. This is the culture of homo sapiens. Not learning from the plentiful lessons Life, society, offers.

The Playground, a program I have been developing for 32 years, is designed to take homo sapiens to human being level of evolution.

Why? Because it interests me. Because it is in line with “you are either growing, both as an individual and as a species, or you are dying.” And because Life wants more life… neither stagnation, nor less life… MORE LIFE.

And I am on the side of Life… I call it Source…

Almost everything Life wants of you is counter intuitive… What we, homo sapiens, call intuition is not intuition at all, it is what our thinking gives us… the mind.

Homo sapiens means, translated to English: wise man… and according to my own view of the species: it really means: thinking man: a species that lives through the mind… not in the present moment. Through some wisdom from the past… which is, is proven not very wise indeed.

Yesterday’s brilliance is today’s arrogance…

When Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said: You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice. or verbatim, he said: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” he meant to say: if you think it is the same river… you are not intelligent

And yet, homo sapiens does this all the time… never learning, foregoing looking, foregoing critical thinking altogether.

I am talking to you and I am talking about you.

I call that knowledge, I call that “wisdom” Tree of Knowledge

Even if it was true when the first person who said that said that, truth repeated is a lie.

Some principles, like “truth repeated is a lie” can stay truth in someone’s mouth who has no idea what they are saying, because it is a principle. But 99% of what you repeat, what you read, what you learn is not a principle… and is already a lie…

This is why the average truth value of books is 7%, the average truth value of articles: 3%.

No intent to lie is needed to be a liar… it comes part and parcel with being a homo sapiens… a repeating meaning machine.

And truth telling is part of integrity: if you keep repeating lies, you are a liar yourself.

Yesterday a “Starting Point Measurement” client argued about their integrity… while everything she does for a living is talk lies… Untruth. Tree of Knowledge b.s. just like almost all self-improvement, spirituality teacher.

The average integrity, currently, on the planet is 1%. Meaning: 99% of what people do is not in integrity.

Now, as I said the Playground is designed to take participants past this barrier, by changing how they look at life.

  • It is a long course… minimum one year long.
  • It is involved: you are asked to have weekly partner calls, and one “huddle” call a month with me.
  • It is wicked hard… your environment, your genes argue against moving higher on the evolutionary scale
  • I don’t mince my words in my feedback, and I often yell… No marshmallows can take it.

In the Playground you are asked to overhaul your whole existence, including your diet, your relationships, your attitude, your whole life.

So, obviously, it is not for everyone, it is not even for 10% of everyone, it is not even for 1% of everyone.

And most likely, it is not for you.

A new group is starting today… so this is not really a sales letter… Unless you have been sitting on the fence about the playground for a long time, I am not even willing to talk to you about joining the group.

If you are, on the other hand, have been sitting on that uncomfortable fence…

Please accept me into the Playground
You need your Starting Point Measurements for me to decide if I take you or not.

PS: When you want to know how intelligent is someone: look at their behavior when they get feedback, coaching, or some other hint that they didn’t do as well as possible… because the measure of intelligence is the ability and the willingness to change.

Some soulcorrections focus on avoiding domination, and therefore they never act on a feedback: they are utterly and miserably un-intelligent.


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