Why we you not as smart as we could be? Can it be reversed?

Your eating style is more important than you would think.

After all, in sounds innocuous (not harmful or offensive). Everyone knows that what you eat is important but how you eat? Hogwash, say most people, scientists included, but most people are always wrong.

I am fighting the fight of my life now… Attempting to get an extra year or two past my expiration date.

“They” say that your telomeres are responsible for your life expectancy, the length of your telomeres, but they are lying. Why they say that? Because it is a source of much money, that’s why. You, the payer, don’t have to be responsible for anything, they will do whatever magick they do, and you pay. And that is that.

And people pay through their noses… Because they don’t know any better.https://protomag.com/articles/why-plaque-attacks

I am at the end of a year long period where I have been demonstrating impending death. For the most part it was all right with me: it was my time.

But with the adjustment of the predatory genes life force awakened, and told me: you have a lot to give, a lot more to live, make sure you do what you need to do to deliver.

Ultimately, I think, you need a reason to live… But most people don’t. They are alive because they didn’t die the night before.

So about a week ago I gave in and said “What the heck” and started the work on extending my life. In earnest.

What does it take to extend life?

Lots of repair, not surprisingly. And less ongoing damage than what can be repaired, preferably none.

So the “repairman” got to my brain. It did work on my heart, the muscles, repaired some hole, repaired some stuff… I had nothing to do with it, I am just providing the willing body…

Intestines, large blood vessels, liver, kidney, pancreas.

Today the “repairman” got to the brain… oh, I have already said that? lol.

I am going through bouts of confusion, a lot like what Charlie in the Flowers for Algernon goes through as his brain enhancement dies.

I was looking at my products, and could not remember what they were for. Frightening.

So I feverishly started to ask questions from Source: Am I losing my brain? No… you have work done, and the pipes are closed… Of course Source doesn’t talk, it is limited to yes/no answers, but that is what it would have said, if it could talk.

I asked if I can regain my sharpness with this treatment, and I could hear the chuckle… What sharpness?

So I asked the next question: did I ever have my full brain capacity available to me? And the answer really stunned me: no. I had, the maximum ever, 50% of my capacity available to me.

So what is it now? 40%. Oy.

And with this treatment, what can I expect? If I don’t kill myself in other ways, 70% brain power. Yay… I guess.

So, if you are still with me, what causes such dismal numbers?

Before we can answer that you need to know some things about brain and how it works.

The brain, it seems, is an electrical instrument, works through impulses. The strength and the clarity of impulses depends on how clean the transmitting and receiving nerve endings are.

The most offending enemy is plaque. A layer of gook, insulating the nerve endings, distorting or preventing signal to go through cleanly.

Your eating style has everything to do with preventing plaque from forming. Plague on your nerves, plague in your blood vessel, plaque in your eyes, plaque in your brain.

Humans treat eating without understanding. Food: eat it. It will be good for you.

But it turns out that it is not so. Eating whatever is put in front of you in whatever environment is most likely not good for you.

Families are the “great” homogenizers… You eat when you are fed, you eat what you are fed, and if you don’t: expect a beating.

Result: a humanity with much dimmed intelligence.

Without having any earned right to say so, without having any paper that says I am a doctor, I say that dementia of any form, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. are all a result of eating however humanity eats.

Balanced meals…

But 40% of humanity gets slowly killed by balanced meals.

Vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, caveman diet, keto… all eat the same way: create dishes.

30% of humanity gets dimmer with every meal that can be called a dish.

Carnivores, animals, that eat other animals also get dimmer, not because of what they eat, but because of how they eat.

Herbivores don’t get dimmer.

Omnivores get the most dim. Monkeys, apes, humans.

This is not the first time I was fighting for my life, by the way.

Back in 2003 I was on the Fritz… barely hanging in there. Or in 1998. Or in 1979…

Was it all from eating the wrong way for me?

Muscle test says yes.

My brain is performing at 40% of its ability right now. Even though I have been eating approximately according to my type for about 11 years. Approximately.


My eating style, according to the Human Design Institute, is to be a “separator”. They have renamed it to “alternating” since. My hunch is: they wanted to say something attractive, so they actually lied. They treated the truth approximately.

My type, 10% of the population, is to eat one thing per meal. Not very likely anyone can follow eating that way, not in this day and age.

Not even just one category of things, like vegetables, or fruits, or meat… No, one thing.

This is, probably, why I can never bring up my brain power to 100%… it is nearly impossible to eat this way. So I do the next best thing: I use spices, I use fats, to make my food more appetizing. And even that little deviation prevents my brain to climb to 100%, not my advanced age.

By the time I was born, my brain power was dimmed to 30% by how my mother ate.

My mother was supposed to eat by taste, a “closed” diet… But she was politically correct, and ate what was available. I was an unfortunate beneficiary of her plaque producing way of eating.

If you want to have more life in your life, and not just vegetate, you may want to find out what is your eating style, and start eating that way.

You may want to start the treatment I am doing… the Big Bundle of roto rooter/healing energies

And thirdly, you may want to avoid foods that your body doesn’t know how to deal with, and therefore get poisoned, or dumps into fat… a favorite way of the body to isolate toxins.

In my Starting Point Measurements I measure your overall health measure, and I measure your cell hydration.

The overall health measure of all the people I have ever measured, when they come to me for the first time, is 7%. Athletes, health gurus, normal people… 7%.

When some become a client and get their water energized, start eating by their food list, and according to their type… their numbers go as high as 30%.

The damage has been done. The plaque has formed. But, between you and me, 30% is a hell of a lot better, than 7%, don’t you agree?

And if in addition they start to use the Big Bundle religiously, regularly, for long stretches of time, on headphones, they could go higher, like I have.

There is a lot more West to go, but thanks to the technology of wireless headphones with the audio on a chip in the headphones, I am confident that I will be able to bring my numbers higher.

God knows, for this work I need all the brain power I can get.

If you are a customer… meaning you have paid me good money, I’ll send you what I have been doing to extend my life expectancy… But you have to ask for it.

I was debating if I should buy Dr. Schulze’s Incurables program, but Source said: no.

I needed something different… albeit parts of what I have been doing are straight from Dr. Schulze.

But it is both more and less. It seems to be working. Unless I do something stupid, like step off the curb in front of an oncoming car, I’ll probably live some more time, but more importantly, will be able to do the work I have spent a lifetime preparing: Source’s work.

For most people having the level of health and cell hydration is a perfect match for the low level of life they are living. They are not up to anything worth investing in, neither money nor effort.

Before I’ll send out what I am doing, I’ll make an educated decision if you can or even want to use the information you are asking for.

With every person who doesn’t need it, the value of the information gets dimmed…

My estimate is that a grand total of 10 of my readers can and will use the information…

OK, so how can you buy some of the things I am talking about in this article?

1. The Big Bundle… a bundle of three energies, all healing a different way. This is what I am using now.

Get your Big Bundle of healing energiess
2. Find out your eating style

Get your Eating Style Measurements
3. Find out your health number… it is approximately the size of how dimmed your intellect is. I throw in all your starting point measurements.

Get your Starting Point Measurements
4. Your food list and supplement list… a pretty comprehensive picture of your health and a roadmap to get better. It includes your eating style as well

Get your ideal food and nutrition list… for where you are now.

This is the Human Design Institute’s version of eating style. I have tested it, and I have found it slightly inaccurate. But it all started there…

I paid for my report $97 years ago. They your your birth day and time… I use muscle testing. In my humble opinion my results are more accurate…

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