History repeats itself because we paid no attention the first time… or how to learn from your mistakes

bad ideaSidenote: If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, an appropriate action is to respond. The initiator of an response can be an article, an email, that gives you something to respond to. The operative word is “it gives you something to answer to, respond to”… It is not your idea, that was born in the recesses of your mind, or in some inclination, passion, addiction, or desire. It was given to you. If you pay attention, all the stupid things you do are your own fabulous ideas… 🙁

This idea was given to me to respond to by today’s Monday Morning Memo.

It gave me the topic. The context. The framework…

The response is mine. It is coming from MY life, my experience, and it is relevant to you.

So let’s see:

Here is what Roy Williams said in today’s Monday Morning Memo:

“We study successful businesses because we believe we can become successful by doing what they did. We ignore failures in the foolish belief that they have nothing to teach us.

When failures become invisible, the seductive mistakes that caused those failures become invisible, too. This is why everyone tends to make the same mistakes in advertising.

Important lessons are learned from failure, not from success.”

He, Roy Williams, is an advertising man, so he will talk about advertising. You can replace that word “advertising” with the operative word of your endeavor… for example health… intelligence… success, learning anything, etc…

mistakes learningBeing able to see, being able to hear the timeless, the principle, is, of course, an art, and most people cannot grok it. You need wide cone of vision for that. And, of course, most people don’t have that capacity open. They try to live a full life in the pencil light width beam of vision they have. You cannot see the forest for the trees… meaning: you see trees… but you cannot see that they form a forest.

So this article is for those of you who want to see both the trees and the forest at the same time… so you can start having what you want.

I wrote an article three days ago, telling you about all the work I have been doing on myself to extend my expiration date. The article generated no echo. I should have titled it: how I am making myself twice as intelligent than I was before… lol.

Echo is the sound that comes back… there was none. Nothing came back.

When there is no echo we get disoriented. We scramble. We lean towards devastation.

I am lucky, I have a “sounding board” buddy… so I could talk it out. In a 90 minute conversation. Yesterday. It’s quite personal… so the call may not be appropriate to share… But you can always ask… the worst thing is I’ll say “no”…

But if you noticed, I sat with that “no echo” for three days… but it’s time to send out a new message… let’s see if Labor Day is a good time to send a message into space… let’s see if it will bring me back an echo.

What I am seeing, given that Monday Morning Memo, is the reaction to mistakes…

It seems that you, and everyone you know, wants strokes, wants to be told: you are such a clever boy/girl, you are doing so well. Expect the best, whether you earned it or not.

I don’t oblige… I tell you what you do wrong, what you miss, where you are stupid, blind, arrogant, mistaken, and I also tell you what is the price you pay.

I am politically incorrect, and I may be the only friend you have.

Friends tell you, in your face, when you are doing something stupid… But you prefer friends who don’t… And you ARE STUPID.

I am not saying that your brain’s innate capacity is small. No. I am saying that your inability to relate to reality, your inability to deal with what is, your tendency to go into fantasy world makes you really really really stupid.

And, of course, it makes you not able, not willing to deal with reality… which is… drumroll… your intelligence, your light is dimmed… and dimmed by a lot.

  1. You live your life with intelligence that by the time you come to my site your intelligence is about 3-10 percent of what your brain can produce…
  2. You live your life as if the “smart drugs” didn’t tell you that you have a lot more brain power there, brain power that, for some reason, you don’t have access to
  3. You live your life as if you needed to protect yourself from ME telling you that your habits dim your intelligence, dim your light.

We have already agreed that you have stupid-making habits… whether they came from you, or you learned them, absorbed them as good habits, is immaterial.

You can only be as smart as your habits allow you to be.

  • The guy who plays six hours of computer games a day, hiding it from his parents who provide him with food and shelter… while his school work doesn’t get done…
  • The girl who wants me to stroke her for doing only one thing wrong… instead of really learning to pay attention to what she is doing that doesn’t work, that makes her attack, argue, create discord
  • The dude who still wants to be approved by his father… as if that would mean that he is OK… Doing the same thing expecting a different result

You only learn anything useful from mistakes. Your mistakes, other people’s mistakes… from mistakes.

Fall in love with mistakes: they are your best friends.

Pay attention to them, make love to them, keep them in the forefront of your attention.

They CAN teach you, they CAN show you the way to living a life in a way that makes your life matter, that makes the fact that you were born matter.

And chuck friends, teachers, who don’t tell you straight when what you do doesn’t work. Teachers who are selling you something that can only be learned through learning from the mistakes.

The path to anything worth having, worth doing, worth writing home about leads through the strait and narrow method: where you eliminate what doesn’t work to end up with what works.

You cannot stumble your way to the strait and narrow. The road that leads there is marked with mistakes.

All the lists on the inane-net you call internet, that tell you things that work are mind-candy: make you fat, self-satisfied, and utterly unsuccessful, unhealthy, unworthy, and conceited.

The famous Helen Keller saying is also damaging: “hold your face to the light, the shadows will fall away” or some inane b.s. like that. A version of positive thinking… ugh.

In that article three days ago I talk about my discovery of how I have been killing myself and my intelligence for the past 72 years. You are younger? So you have been killing yours less time.

It starts in the womb. And it continues on, mostly uninterrupted… It reduces your intelligence. It reduces your quality of life. It robs you of your vitality. And then it kills you.

Your tendency to ADD stuff, instead of removing is the sign of moronity. 1

Life is best lived with less.

Less food, less everything. Less of what doesn’t take you to the Promised Land. Definitely less stuff… definitely less talking… definitely less excitement, less stimulation…

  • My favorite energies are the ones that snuff out what you generate in your imminent addictive nature to excitement and drama.
  • My favorite course is where you learn nothing but eliminating that same addiction to excitement and drama.
  • And my new favorite energy, I am getting it through the headphones as I am writing this, is the Big Bundle… pure elimination.

How does an energy know what you don’t need? I don’t know. It is the strait and narrow personified… and it is working like gangbusters.

It’s been, so far, working on whatever needs to be eliminated, through the headphones, for the past 60 hours… maybe more.

Wowzie… I had a lot to eliminate! I am surprised too…It is what it is. And it is only 30% done. My overall intelligence has gone up 20%… my blood vessels are clean, my colon is clean, my liver is clean, my pancreas is clean, my lungs are clean, my brain is 40% clean.

So I am setting myself up for the long haul: I have three headsets charging. A fourth is on my pc… all are set to play one dinky audio, 29 seconds, innocuous, me sighing… looped, of course. The sighing carries the energy.

It is in the middle of doing all the elimination of all the plaque, all the damage it can remove, all the damage I have done to my body with my undisciplined lifestyle… Yeah, I am pretty undisciplined… 🙁

The request to do all I can to prolong my life came from my students.

I am willing and able to respond… After all, as a Manifesting Generator, that is my effective strategy for life.

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  1. moron: 1. A person who is considered foolish or stupid. 2. A person with mild intellectual disability having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education.

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