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get unstuck so you can move againThis article may be short, maybe long… but I am intending it to be an ever growing piece.

I may be different from you, but I don’t think so.

I think every person, you, behave like you know everything there is to know to do what you want to do. And what you don’t know is ignored as if it didn’t exist… until, of course, what you want to do isn’t getting done with what you already know.

Or if you do manage to do it, it doesn’t produce the result you hoped it would, you were told it would… OR the result DOESN’T LAST… The flash in the pan phenomenon I have seen in Landmark Education, or with the stuck students of mine, maybe you.

Lots of examples can be listed from all areas of life, not just success.

  • Cooking… some students took some cooking classes, yet still go out and eat crap every day
  • Diet… some clients paid me to muscle-test the ideal diet for them… only to ignore it after giving it a weak try
  • Healing… some clients paid me good money to help them, only to stop doing what would get them well, returning doing nothing or the opposite
  • Energizing your water… some clients do well for a while, but then stop doing what works, and get dehydrated and STUPID… crying “I can’t figure it out!”
  • Marketing… after you try my way, and it isn’t comfortable, it isn’t how you like to do things, you go back to the way you like to do things… and of course you don’t make money
  • Teaching… some initial results… some good “strokes”… then it stops, and everybody sees what you don’t see: you stopped doing what worked, and went back to your old way… that didn’t work
  • Money… enough said… right? You have no idea how to open the faucet and keep it open…

etc. etc.

Why would it be so? Why would you not produce results, or would produce temporary, flash in the pan results? Were the “instructors” lying? Were the instructions wrong?

Maybe. But maybe not.

One of my Playground classes, the one that is now in the advanced phase… (it is a year-long, minimum, course) has two distinct tiers of participants.

same old thinking same old resultsOne tier of the participants is stuck… stuck on page one… High about-me score, no detachment, no movement… The other tier is moving… towards the “Promised Land”, Canaan, if you wish, where their work starts to pay off, where they can achieve what they are willing to work for. What would make their life worth living…

Stuck means: spinning your wheels, marching in place… no movement. No satisfaction. Lots of frustration, anger, fear, disappointments.

No one has done this work well before. The best courses have flash in the pan results. No lasting results… something you could call “thermostat”, maybe “success thermostat” keeps you returning to your starting point.

Mind boggling on one hand, irritating on another.

Enter DNA adjustments: activating some dormant genes, deactivating others… adjustment.

That gets some people unstuck… not everybody.

WTF… right?

My not-self emotion is frustration… I am a Manifesting Generator.

Frustration, anger, fear make you keep your eyes on the obstacle, and not look for the “escape route” around it… like in my often used example of the narrow mountain road with the car crash, or fallen rock…

Your choices on that mountain road are

1. crash into the mountain
2. crash into the boulder
3. fall into the abyss
4. drive around the obstacle.

And just like when the tiger stares deeply into your eyes, you cannot move, just like the deer cannot move out of the headlight… you, people, crash into what you are staring at… what you fixate on.

I am interested in looking for the(?) escape route for you… so I am allowing my other than conscious mind to look for it.

This is what I use playing Freecell for, to find the escape route, while walking, taking a shower, reading fiction, sleeping, preparing my meals, doing my constitutional, doing my Sunday call… all these activities divert my conscious brain to something other than the puzzle I need to solve… that cannot be solved while I keep on staring at the obstacle.

Did that make sense?

There is no solution that I can see inside the conscious brain…

When I do this activity of “looking for an escape route” for a seemingly unsolvable conundrum, which is actually quite frequent for me, given the kind of work I do in the area of energy, human evolution, healing, I create, consciously, opportunities for my other than conscious brain to do the work for you. Other places I call this my “reticular activator”… they are one and the same.

left field calvin and hobbsAll of the answers come from this kind of mindless activity: from “left field”. That is a baseball analogy, I think… but quite visual, so I can see it. Not from what I am looking at, which is straight ahead, but from outside of my field of vision…

One article today, the Monday Morning Memo, suggests that what blocks people from accepting change is their beliefs.


My hunch is that there is no such thing as belief. That all efforts to change beliefs are misdirected. Whether the tools to change the beliefs is meditation, affirmations, energy… beliefs are not the blockages… it is what you are looking at.

In the analogy of the narrow mountain road and the obstacle, (or the deer caught in the headlight analogy) the issue is that you are fixated on something.

Fixated, I say. Your eyes, your attention is glued to it… so it feels, and you cannot seem to be able to move it.

I don’t have an answer to the question: what are your eyes glued to? yet. But it is clear to me, that they must be… or you would move.

It could be a self-image you created to survive. It could be some other concern as well with you in the center of it.

So far my vote goes to self-image you consider your rock, your foundation, your cornerstone, your Self… while it isn’t. It is the boulder you keep crashing into instead of safely continuing your journey on that narrow mountain road.

It seems to me that your operative word must be: I need to keep that self-image or I’ll die… I’ll suffer… I’ll look ridiculous… or maybe “or I will have to put out or get off the potty”… lol

My job is to help you build an alternative reality, an alternative “self”.

In Robert Fritz’s book, Corporate Tides, (unfortunately it is not available in online formats) he talks about change. He says in that book about change, paraphrased: you need to build the reality and attractiveness of the new, so it is as or more real and attractive than to remain the same.

Build it slowly, and allow it to take roots. Then when it is the new reality, build it a little more…

It’s painstaking, time consuming, it is work… and it is hard to know how to do, given that it is not taught anyplace I have access to.

Keep the two, the old and the new, side by side, so the two can be seen in the same glance… the self-image and the new reality slowly gaining shape.

I personally do this, on a much smaller scale, for myself, every day. this is the secret of my growth.

My self-image needs to grow with the jobs I take on. I volunteer to solve bigger and bigger problems. Technical, spiritual, intellectual, dietary, etc.

My self-image, believe it or not, gets stuck every single day. It says: “You did that and it is nice and good… but you can’t do this!” Whatever the “this” is would be the next problem I want to solve.

Keeping my attention on the problem would definitely keep me stuck. So I don’t. I play Freecell, I walk, I read fiction, I watch TED talks, I do things, while my other than conscious mind is allowed to do what I can’t do while staring at the problem: go around it.

That you can do it, that my students can do it, is a hypothesis…

As usual, I may have to activate something, deactivate something else, use an energy… I am getting used to it. The adjusting your Predatory Genes got a few people unstuck… Yaay.

Remaining some hard cases to solve… And this method maybe the solution to them… Suggesting

  • That one student could do it while practicing juggling
  • Another one while repairing trucks instead of forcefully thinking about something
  • Yet another while playing his exciting games on his computer… instead of fearing to be found out, use the other than conscious to do work.
  • The fourth… I have no idea what she does, she is too stingy to share her life with me.

You cannot get unstuck with the conscious mind… the conscious mind is stuck on “no change, thank you”.

And once the other than conscious mind finds an escape route… you need to start gently, slowly, inching towards it and through it. Tread lightly is the instruction.

The Mind Parasites is a great novel to teach you this dynamic. It’s a novel, fiction, but in the right hand, it is an instruction manual. It has been for me… it can be for you.

The truth value of this article is 70%. Why not 100%? I ask Source…

The answer is, of course, is because I can’t see everything…

Is 70% a high truth value? Hell yeah…. The best articles on the internet have a truth value of 10%. The average truth value or articles is 3%… The best read articles with the most digital “claps”, the ones that resonate with the most people, have a truth value of 3%.

This article will only resonate with people who are already on the path, the privileged 1%.

Will it resonate enough to move my stuck students? Muscle test says “no”… I will have to instruct them, individually. Will it work? We shall see…

Here is another piece of the puzzle…

…from Mary Morissey… one day at a time… in Alcoholic Anonymous it is “normal” to say, but it is a good idea to learn from a successful organization… especially if you have the addictive gene open…

Just for today… and if needed, break the day down to smaller parts: just for the next 15-20 minutes… I’ll be X… whatever X is for you.

Here is the video

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