You never stop needing to heal…

is healing for real? can you heal yourself?What does it mean “Healing”?

It is transcending suffering, physical, emotional, intellectual… any suffering.

Why do you need healing? you ask. If you don’t… then you are lucky. Most people do. In fact I don’t know a single person who doesn’t… but, of course, you may be the exception.

No matter how you grew up, how good people your parents were, or other people, or your peers, you got banged up. Hurt.

Being hurt is an experience.

Did you get hurt in reality? Not necessarily. But as long as you live in an unreality where your emotions tell you what is happening, you will remain miserable… and hurt… and suffering.

You see, one interpretation of reality is the space where there is never anything wrong, because wrong is a human construct. And yet, in the human experience, lots and lots of things land as abuse, injustice, hurt, slight, etc. And to recover from them so you can live in reality where there is nothing wrong, you need to go through healing.

Healing is difficult, but essentially, healing is returning you to reality where there is nothing wrong. Where you are whole and complete.

Where there is nothing wrong with you, nothing wrong with others, nothing wrong with “it”… whatever “it” is that is happening in life.

Why would you want to do that? Because…

…to the degree that there is wrong in your life, to the same degree you are not intelligent, you are low vibration, dumb, clumsy, ineffective…

…in addition to the fact that anything that remains wrong gets always bumped into… just like a sore elbow always finds the door jamb… no matter how wide the doorway is.


Living a life with one or more ouch’s renders you as if what’s possible for you were reduced… each ouch makes the space available to “dance” smaller and more restricted.

By the way, this is the work we start in the Playground. Some wrongs are very sticky… and don’t want to disappear… The person, you, built your life on it as your identity.

I just watched a youtube video of this Australian woman who was sexually abused by her father and she developed an army of personalities to help her cope with that life and to remain sane.

I started to watch it because I was sure she was faking it… but she wasn’t.

It was a healing experience for me… how? Healing is not a conscious process… something in me wept and is now lighter.

In life there is no big abuse or small abuse… Comparing comes from the ego. You being abused, mistreated, poo-pooed, hurt, etc. is what you want to deal with… without comparing it with others’.

What you need to do to be free and innocent again depends on your soul correction… a lot, maybe entirely. I can see what happens to people when they realize that what is important to them needs to be honored, yet not be a slave to.

For me, with my soul correction, (Forget Thyself), being compassionate and generous has released most of what was ever wrong, so I don’t have to blame, I don’t have to wait for someone else to change so that i can feel good about myself. I have that power.

When I looked at others, just now, I found that what is true for me isn’t true for everyone. I have never considered looking through this filter before, my hunch was that, maybe, this was not my personal path only, maybe it was “the path”…

But in the Australian 60-minute video, for the woman with the army of personalities, there is no life until her father is in jail.

Is that desire, that condition she set valid? If it sets her free, hell yeah…

Looking and muscle testing the current Playground participants (my flagship program) what you need to do, what you need to have seems to depend on the soul correction of the participant.

There are stingy soul corrections.

Soul corrections where the attention is on what they are getting, what they can take, that another pays for…

Very interesting, have not looked at soul corrections like this before.

The quote: “do what is healing to your spirit and without effort you will bring the world healing in return” is an excellent diagnostic tool.

Does it excite you? Does it make you want to do your healing… fast?

Or does it leave you cold… who cares…?

What are the stingy soul corrections represented in my Playground? Building Bridges, Circuitry, Sharing the Flame, Memories, Silent Partner, and Revealing the Dark Side… so far. There are probably a bunch more.

There is a strong correlation between how far someone has come in the course, and how stingy their soul correction is.

Maybe it is time for me to get out of my own way, and see how I can help the stingy, the black hole, the perpetually dissatisfied, the slighted… if I can.

These “stingy” soul correction people can also be called “self-important”… They actually don’t do well in life. When you are self-important that immediately tells the other person that they are not important, that the only importance they have is to make you more important… lol.

How to become less self-important is a crucial question…

It seems that the way to hurt a “STINGY” soul correction person is to not give them what they feel they are entitled to…

So it would be even more accurate to call these soul corrections “entitled” soul corrections.

The problem with feeling entitled is that it flies in the face of life.

When you are entitled, the whole idea that you have to earn something you think you are entitled to, feels ludicrous to you… so you won’t even consider earning what you want.

What you have to give up to be able to grow is this sense of entitlement.

But who would you be if you did? You would be like everyone else… and that, for an entitled person, sounds like death… or worth: a slight… lol.

In order to feel entitled, you need to feel superior… watching the worker bees with contempt… after all you don’t have to… you are entitled to a life without really producing results.

If life has a purpose that can be identified, it is probably to perform your soul correction as much as you can.

That is where the best life is for a human… If you really look, for example, entitlement makes you miserable, even though it seduces you with a sense of superiority…

But instead of being superior in any sense of the word, you are simply someone who cannot belong, cannot fit in, cannot enjoy life…

Every single soul correction has a bait similar to entitlement, that is actually the cause of your misery.

Start learning more about your soul correction and start brainstorming on how to beat the machine

Soul correction is a machine of sort… the kind of machine that keeps you miserable.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. This article hits so hard that I am rendered…something. I hope more of your readers sit with this one.

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