Jacob’s Ladder: Learning is humbling. Why do you need humility to learn anything new?

learning and humilityLearning is humbling. Especially humbling is learning about yourself, and learning about your need to change

Your Precious “I”, (whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not, the precious “I” is in every single person,) and it wants to have and retain the self-image unchanged, the self-image that says you know everything. It wants to keep the self-image where it is superior. Where you are OK.

It is easier to see it on others than on yourself.

Every learning means that you, by necessity, that you didn’t know something.

  • You didn’t know your vibration.
  • You didn’t know your health number.
  • You didn’t know how many predatory genes you had.
  • You didn’t know you had narrow cone of vision.
  • You didn’t know that you were all about yourself…

And I am just talking here just about some of the measures I provide in my Starting Point Measurements report… not everything that can be known about you.

Not knowing, when someone else says it, is bruising, offensive, and insulting to your Precious “I”.

Depending on the personality of the individual, depending your your personality, your soul correction, your reaction will be highly predictable.

My personality, before and after the predatory gene adjustment, is to retreat, and lick my wounds, examine what happened, write about it, and get over it… as fast as I possibly can, gleaning as many insights as I can get. That is my Jewish personality.

I am not hear to fight.

Don’t want, don’t like animosity. I am more on the sheep-side… My before adjustment predatory genes count shows: I had none of those active.

Another person with a high predatory genes count may bite, mock, and want to reduce you to nothing… Whether they do it publicly or not will be also part of their nature.

There are probably countless variations. I like to look through filters and I was just looking at the bite/withdraw filter… not the many possible filters.

Learning is humbling, learning says: you didn’t know. And for many people the idea that they don’t know something is highly offensive.

The Precious “I” prides itself in knowing everything it needs to know, even if it sees lots of things that you could learn.

In the pie chart of all knowledge, when people are asked, they tell you they know only a little bit. Some say a dot size on the chart, others say only about a slice size in a pizza-size pie.

Manufactured humility, either way. “You may not know everything, but you definitely know more than the next person,” says the Precious “I”.

When we, in the slicing up the pie, get to the 99%, the yellow in the illustration, people look at me funny… That is the part of all knowledge that you don’t know that you don’t know. Some of it is also the things you think you know, but you don’t… And also the things you know that are just aren’t true.

So, if you look carefully, I am in the Offending-Your-Precious-“I” business.

Your soul correction exerts itself strongest when it comes to knowledge.

My soul correction is Forget Thyself… and its relationship to knowledge, any knowledge, is doubt. I am going to test it, anything and everything, before I accept it as a fact. And then I’ll retest it every time it comes up. I have no willingness to think that because it was true the last time, it is still true.

  • Silent Partner, It is near impossible to influence/teach soul corrections will pretend to take the new knowledge, but will not change, will not bend, it is too invested in only taking its own counsel.
  • Revealing the Dark Side will humor you, will compliment you, but will not take the new learning.
  • Circuitry will not be willing to learn and change… They prefer assigning blame… instead.

Two previously impossible for me to influence soul corrections respond well to threat… not over threat, but the threat of loss.

They don’t want to have to change. They want to be accepted exactly the way they are… (I had a period in my life exactly like this, so this is not reserved for these soul corrections!) But success and fulfillment eludes them… so they are willing to look at changing.

They honestly want to live a better life… as opposed to the members of the near impossible to teach soul corrections above. So eventually they will come around, and will allow some learning, just enough so they can get a little more of what they want, and a little less of what they don’t want in their lives.

Change, changing, is the hardest for the Memories soul correction.

Memories live most of their lives in the mind… in Plato’s Cave, and their relationship with reality is largely non-existent.

But you can only change in reality. An imaginary change is not a change… but you can only get imaginary changes if you change in the Cave…

To the degree the Memories person can come out of the cave, to the same degree they can change.

One of the issues with the Memories person is their tendency to listen from the cave… and to immediately evaluate what they hear.

I happen to be jumpy… thinking I know what the other person is saying before they fully say it. It has caused me a lot of grief over the years… it is hard to rein in.

Memories people are jumpy but about 1000 times more than me, a Forget Thyself person.

And they stop hearing what you say once they jumped… and they don’t know they did that. They are left what they heard… and their judgment of it…

I am glad I am not a Memories person…

What can i do for a Memories person? Not much, says Source through muscle testing. Only they can… If they are willing.

Will they? Hell knows…

One other thing that is going on right now, not exactly a fit for this topic, but I’ll put it here… rewarding the few people who actually read an article to the end:

One of the “incurable” soul corrections, for me, has been “Finish What you Start”.

The name of the soul correction is misleading… because the essence of the soul correction is something that I just learned from an active Playground participant.

It is an unwillingness to accept that the rules of reality are different from the rules of the individual. That the whole is superior to the part… meaning: humanity is bigger and has more “right” to dictate how things are, how things should be, than the individual.

That individual reality, your personal reality had better match overall reality, or else…

….Or else the individual, you, will be banged up, the individual, you,  will suffer, the individual, you, will have a life of pain and irrelevance, or maybe ignominy, which means great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment.

The Finish What you Start person, so it seems, wants the world to go the way they think the world should go. And they have zero tolerance, zero room for the world to go any different.

And, of course, the world goes the way the world goes, and in a world like that, a person with their own rules is ridiculous, always out of step, always putting their foot in their mouth.

And if the Finish What you Start person is your teacher, you are sh*t out of luck: they will teach you something that doesn’t work in real life, but they are sure it should… Should is the operative word of the Finish What You Start. In that they are in sync with the Circuitry people…

I learned this from two people in my current Playground, they may become the first two people on the planet even attempting to perform their soul correction.

Soul correction is a certain distortion of the view of self and reality that makes the person not fit it, not fall in step with it, not be able to be their best, not be able to enjoy life the way life can be enjoyed.

Of course soul, and self, and reincarnation, and karma were all invented by people to help them make sense of life, and the invisible 99% reality.

The history of humanity is the history of discovering reality… a probably endless process.

And that, that it is endless, makes most people quit before they start.

You can only go, you are only willing to go for a “height” you can see. But chances are you can’t see anything above the height of your eyebrows… and that tiny distance, about an inch, or three centimeters above your eye level, is not inspiring enough. So you spend your whole life at the same level… or in fact, going lower and lower, and never ever exploring your large brain: totally built for the task of living, growing, a life worth living, not the trudging, pedestrian life you live… that you try to make more interesting by buying stuff, by being interested in esoteric stuff, or fun fun fun.

OK, I could make this article a whole book… I feel.

I just had a conversation with my Sunday call partner, Mike. It is a call some of you would benefit from listening to… even though I curse in it like a sailor.

You will see yourself in Mike… and you will see what is blocking you, what is preventing you from becoming all you can become.

And also hear about some students of mine who are an exception… that you can learn from…

Now, is it useful for you to be confronted by the unconfrontable reality?

Here is the most important thing I learned about the human brain: it won’t let you hear what you are not ready to hear. Why?

The brain is organized as a system that will not allow itself to fall apart. If you take it to the edge, it can reorganize itself on a higher level.

This is what has  happened to my brain several times. The incident I write about happened in 2003… and it was just the first.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Jacob’s Ladder: Learning is humbling. Why do you need humility to learn anything new?”

  1. I don’t know if this a sexual energy (my soul correction) thing or a Virgo (my Zodiac sign) thing. Probably a mix.

    You are my mentor and I look up to you a lot. For example, on a call I can hear you say “hitting your child for misbehaving is not wrong”. Of course, in reality there is no wrong or right, there is choice and consequences to your choice.

    But my machine, the meaning it has been giving to hitting your child says: “Oh, it is RIGHT to hit your child if they don’t behave, it is WRONG if you don’t”.

    Or once I heard you talk about you “eating something that was not on your foodlist”, I was like, “oh it is RIGHT to cheat sometimes with your food”.

    Actually it’s not right or wrong.

    Going from dutifully following the list to dutifully cheating. (I am laughing here as I write this).

    That’s what “the meaning making machine” does, making its own meaning out of what is being said. And the social agreement of things says: things are either right or wrong. Seems like we Virgos have that a lot.

  2. First off, Kawa, this is a brilliant insight. And NO, I don’t think it is the Virgo: I am a Virgo and I don’t have that. Virgos are actually always in the “I don’t know about that…” on the fence so it must be your soul correction.

    There are two views to a Virgo: the appearance: they are square, they are sure, they are orderly… makes me laugh. It is a facade… because Virgos are actually quite messy… exactly because of this tendency of “I don’t know about that…”

    Because of that Virgos actually grow faster and better than other Zodiac signs… they are not a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Fixed as in near-impossible to move. Both my parents were Aquarius: they never changed their minds about me… no matter how much I changed.

    Now, about hitting your child: In my humble and absolutely unqualified opinion (I don’t have children) anyone you want to get on the strait and narrow has a different way they get the message, learn their lesson… or not.

    Learning from the lesson is a spiritual capacity, and most people don’t have it. It is strongly correlated with the soul correction… Your resistant older child would best be allowed to come to his own conclusion, that what he is doing doesn’t work. While your other son… he is a whole different ball of wax… I don’t know his date of birth, but he needs a different method to “teach him”…

    Your observations on right and wrong, fixed, are really the soul correction, I think… quite forceful, if you look. I even guess you have an upper arm pain when you assert what is right and what is wrong… ugh… hurts.

    Thank you for your comment. Good work.

  3. Yes, we Virgos are quite messy. I know a few Virgos and they all are messy. Interesting I didn’t think that it was because of that tendency.

    It happened just this one time and it didn’t work. And it seems to be like you say about my older child. The best is allowing him to come to his own conclusion. My younger son is born July 28, 2015. He has the “speak your mind” soul correction.

    Yes, I can see that it’s forceful and it hurts like hell in the upper arm.

    Thank you for clarifying it being the soul correction. I didn’t know which it was.

  4. great, Kawa. With regards to your younger child: I have NEVER been able to move them, not even an inch. For a while I attracted people with that soul correction to myself, to disastrous results: they did everything to push me down, to put themselves above me… I have no idea how to make them move to a place where they can surrender… and be less forceful.

  5. Well, he is very stubborn and it seems being aggressive or treating him doesn’t work. It just gets him to cry like hell and no moving and as you say putting himself above you. What I’ve seen working is explaining with him. My wife is good with that. Explaining gently seems to work with him. Although after adjusting the predatory genes I’ve started seeing that being assertive and determined without raising the voice seems to get him to move too. I’ll keep experimenting..

  6. yes, some people with a slightly different personality from mine can do it… so far, I haven’t been able to do it… I don’t tolerate well being put down… wow, I have never seen this before.

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