What are the 13 new capacities that were included in the DNA Upgrade of September 4?

dna capacities turned on make your dna look like a christmas tree lit up

I wrote this article two years ago, in 2013. Today I use different words to express what I did then. I say, today, that capacities inherent in human DNA were activated… instead of added.

But other than that… this article is as good as new… With, or course the major difference, of publicly activating capacities and seeing if they are taken or not, if they are resisted and how.

In the two years or so before the DNA upgrade of September 4, 2013, my job was to coach people in activating their human being capacities, raise their vibration, access their soul’s guidance, and connect to Source.

In hindsight, I’d signed up to do failed experiments so Source can learn humans and the human condition intimately.

In the first phase, it became clear that you cannot activate capacities in people that are unconscious and are driven by dark desires, greed, and lust.

In the second phase it became clear that even with individual activation something was amiss: humans are not even able to see that they are a result of co-creation, and they cannot just hold out their hands and get what they think they need and want.

In the third phase I worked out methods that could work if humans had some missing capacities added to their DNA.

And on September 4, close to midnight, that work was done, the missing 13 capacities were added to human DNA, by proxy. 1

Since the DNA upgrade the methods I’ve been using in the past 20 years are starting to show some results with people that are immersing themselves into this historic work, that have a bigger desire than most.

Now, don’t be mistaken. I was not told what the 13 capacities were, and I did not tell Source what they were. I just did my work, largely unconscious of the purpose of it, until one day I was informed that my third level, or third phase work was complete.

Since then, I’ve intentionally not used muscle testing to guess what the capacities were, I prefer the capacities showing themselves. In this article I am reporting on what I have experienced in the past almost two months since the DNA upgrade.

  • Capacity #1: expanding your cone of vision, aka big picture
  • Capacity #2: distinction… the ability to discern, distinguish, see the difference
  • Capacity #3: responsibility
  • Capacity #4: caring (no one accepted it)
  • Capacity #5: being able to see the context
  • Capacity #6: self-trust
  • Capacity #7: existential courage
  • Capacity #8: making your own decisions based on critical judgment
  • Capacity #9: commitment
  • Capacity #10: Being Deserving
  • Capacity #11: Appreciation
  • Capacity #12: The Hierarchy of things
  • Capacity #13: ownership… seeing what belongs to you.

Most of humans think that we had these capacities, but what we’ve had is a pretense, or surface interpretation.

I am going to write some more articles aimed at these capacities: when you know you have a capacity you listen differently, you expect it to express itself, and then it does.

When you are unaware that you have some new understanding, you never discover it unless you poke the box, which is not the way of current humanity. Coaching calls are a great way to poke the box, by the way.

What is possible for you is great… and the enemy of that is good enough… or almost good.

When I poke around a person, a student who isn’t moving, ultimately I find that what is holding them back: although they don’t like how it is (their life, their money situation, their health, etc.) they can survive if nothing changes.

Unless you have a big enough desire, unless what you desire is not a little improvement here and there, you’ll never discover your new capacities: you won’t need them.

The reason I haven’t been writing much about health and healing, because sick people 2 are the most complacent of all: they can’t see past their complaints, they are into fixing, and I am not in the business of improving or fixing anything: I am in the business of transformation, of breakthrough.

What is the difference between want and desire? A desire comes committed. A desire is willing to do the work.

Wanting is that crying-for-the-bottle behavior of the baby…

Before you can have breakthrough results, you need to grow yourself up from wanting to desire: will you do that? You have the capacity…

PS: I just saw that commitment brings with itself the capacity of certainty. Major!

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  1. by proxy means that a move is done through another person. I can put pain cream on my hand and mean it for you, and your hand-pain will lessen, if the cream is good.

    This is exactly how DNA activation, DNA upgrade, etc. works. Even the energy products I sell work that way: I download the energies into myself, record them, and by proxy you get the exact energies I originally meant for myself.

    That is a largely different method from the method sorcerer type energy practitioners use: they do not mean the energies for themselves, because they are harmful, painful, or useless.

    This is why I cannot attack another human being energetically: I am not willing to transmit energy that way any more. The Omega Shakti System was 100% the sorcerer type of transmission method, for example in level 4 there is an energy that you can hurt another person from any distance… I refuse to use those energies because of this.

    If Reiki were any stronger – Omega is 100 times stronger than Reiki, then it would be suitable to hurt people.

  2. people who came to my site from the Healing Codes, from Theta Healing, etc. healing programs

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What are the 13 new capacities that were included in the DNA Upgrade of September 4?”

  1. Sophie, okay, I am getting pissed off at myself for having lived most of my life half asleep. And I accept myself just as I am, but with a desire to move forward, in the direction real life is unfolding. I need a method and a discipline. I have neither. Working with you is the best thing I am doing.

    I have a question that I can barely form: How can I get over the feeling that my life is on the downhill slide? I can see that having some of the capacities above would be a big help. I am almost 50, a late bloomer, with every possibility in the present moment, and yet…a feeling of anxiety and resignation. I’m resisting something…

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