Are you a user of the Big Bundle of energies… my audio product?

OK, a new challenge is presenting itself: a bunch of people have bought the Big Bundle… and as usual, they don’t pay attention, they think that however they will use it will be OK.

Surprise: how you do anything is how you do everything, and if it had worked, you wouldn’t be here now… Would you? You would be out there enjoying your life.

So it is time to learn something new, you have NEVER considered doing before: do things the way they are supposed to be done.

One of the main and fundamental issues with Homo Sapiens is their immense arrogance.

Don’t be stupid… Please.

OK, the Big Bundle is an intelligent energy, and it supposes that you are intelligent too…

It could not be more mistaken. You are NOT intelligent.

But you can start to become intelligent.

Here is what I wrote to one of my long time students who, in spite of my warning, became diabetic and is now thirsty all the time, dehydrated, in spite of drinking coherent water:

“I am not sure what it will start working first, muscle test says it will start working on your pancreas, given that you have now full blown diabetes, in spite of my warning. It can actually heal it… but not if you continue eating stuff that triggers large amounts of insulin to be secreted.

magic lampDon’t be stupid… you have been! you have been behaving as if your shit didn’t stink. Time to change that.

Surprise! Your shit stinks… lol.

Another thing: you can use the audio daily like I do, 10-14 hours, but be somewhat impaired for a while, mentally. Especially your memory. Or use it daily, but in smaller doses, an hour or two, and the whole cleansing process will take months.

And once it is done, I’ll test it for you, you can just do monthly maintenance, something like a few hours every Sunday.

Also, don’t use it while you sleep. I cannot go into restorative deep sleep while the audio is on my ears… The energy won’t allow me… You, presently, have only 20% of your brain power available, so the audio, predictably, will have to work a lot on your brain.”

What other issues do I see?

Some people live life as if magic bullets existed. They don’t.

The Big Bundle is NOT a magic bullet. It is a lot like washing dishes, or sweeping the floor. It needs to be done regularly, and consistently.

If you are looking for a magic bullet: this site is not for you.

You are like my student who has the Big Bundle… and yet he buys every gadget I put out, as long as it cost under $30. And, of course, most people you buy, you can’t benefit from.


  • Reason 1: poor habits. You try to do the same things the exact same way, the way you created the problem. And then expect the new energy, a course to work on you without changing how you do things.It doesn’t, it won’t work. You need to change yourself, how you do things, the energy can only support you in that. And that it does… but it won’t do your work for you.
  • Reason 2: poor mental habits: If you have been a law of attraction fan, a positive thinker, a believer in god, or another unproductive, unscientific dude or dudette… you either will change your way of thinking or you’ll remain the same hapless, wishful thinker who you are today. There is no way I can help you, or the audio can help you. You are a lost cause. I mean it.Stupid as the stupid does.As long as you do life the way the stupid does, you remain stupid.
  • Reason 3: You think that buying the energy audio is enough…
  • Reason 4: You are ignoring the instructions and use the Big Bundle in the background, or you listen through tiny earbuds… both give you a little bit… it is like washing the dishes with one finger… takes forever, and the crusted on, baked on stuff will never move…

Why don’t you ask for some guidance?

If you want to use the Big Bundle to its full potential, like I do, returning myself to a state I have, it seems, I have never been: 100% availability of my brain, and all organs (of course depending on my age, probably) then your best bet is to book a session with me, so I can spend some time with you to strategize…

If you want me to also look into what else you may need so the Big Bundle can do all the work it is capable of doing, then book a longer session.

For example: I am using herbal tinctures… I am keeping a special diet… I am doing a light activity, mostly walking, and a little bit of dancing. I am having a whole new food list for the time I am using the energy so intensely: and I don’t know if I will need a new list when i am done… in another six weeks…

Here is the way to buy some time with me.

I want consulting time with Sophie
I’ll contact you in email to set up the time and the communication mode: phone, skype, webinar… are my current choices.

PS: Warning: this is strong medicine! Don’t overuse, or if you do, just please be clear of the effects.

I feel incredibly stupid now, and this has been lasting for a week now. What is happening: the energy is working on my brain, and it is effecting: not my thinking, but my short term memory… Why? I guess it is how it works.

I also have clients where the energy didn’t start with the brain… they WILL experience memory issues… or periods of feeling like a moron… like I feel like today.

And to boot, I am scheduled to lead a class this afternoon, and I can’t remember what I want to teach… lol… not funny.

So please don’t be stupid… or if you are, don’t blame it on the energy. The energy does what the energy does…

Expecting to live a normal life while your house is being remodeled is… is stupid. For a while it will be topsy turvy…

If this is not a good time for that, please either take tiny doses, or postpone your use of the Big Bundle.

You’ve been warned.

Oh, and if this article didn’t discourage you, and you want to get the energy, here is the button to do that.

I want to clean my house, and make some repair, if I can
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