Energy healing: how does the Big Bundle energy know what to do?

energy-healingIf you have been reading my articles… daily, for at least a month, you know that I have been working on extending my life by repairing in my body what has gone wrong. In the case of my body: everything has gone wrong.

For the past two years or so I had been declining to the inevitable conclusion about six weeks ago, that I was dying.

I still feel twinges of self-pity and sadness as I am writing this, even though in the past 32 days my health has dramatically turned around.

The main cause of the turnaround is an energy. The secondary cause is a very stringent diet decided moment to moment…

The energy is a knockoff of an energy healer’s “product” plus two other energies. Why three energies packaged in one audio? So it cannot be attacked by the Dark Side. What is the Dark Side? It’s people. Do I know who? It’s about three billion people… so no, I don’t know them.

This energy has been doing repair and cleansing in my body and my brain for a month now, and until just now I just allowed it to do its work, have gone through healing crisis after healing crisis, without questioning, doubting, inquiring…

But by today I got really curious. How does it know what to do? I mean the energy… How does it know. How does it decide? What is it doing?

The sudden curiosity came from another question I asked Source this morning.

A few years ago I befriended a woman, who lost her sight and lost her hearing before she was ten years old. I met her at a seminar, I published a website for her, listened to her, and accompanied her to a Landmark Forum to be her companion. She died a month after the Landmark Forum: fell down some steps, and broke her already broken brain.

I have my headphones on my ears now almost every waking hour… allowing the energy to reach me(?) through an audio recording I made downloading the energy. I was pondering if I could use a different set of headphones, cochlear headphones, that transmit the audio and the embedded energies to the bones of my skull…

Turns out there are headphones like that… but that is not what I wanted to talk about… although… I am getting excited, lol.

What I really want to share is that when I asked Source, whatever that is, if the audio could have repaired my friend’s deafness and blindness, Source, through muscle testing, answered an emphatic yes.


I didn’t know what to expect, but from my reaction I know I didn’t expect a clear yes.

A clear yes makes me look what the heck this energy really is. I feel fear, my stomach is churning, my whole body is telling me not to continue this conversation…

I react to everything new this way… it is just my way.

I, obviously, have no idea what I am talking about, or not really. So this part of this article is speculation… but speculation while I am out of my own mind and am connected to All-mind… aka Source.

The all-mind Wallace D. Wattles talks about. Was he connected to it? Without a doubt: yes. Did he act on the knowledge he got? Without a doubt: not really.

How do I know? He died shortly after he got the knowledge: he starved to death.

My hunch is that the knowledge he got didn’t agree with what he already know, the cultural knowledge. He died sitting on the fence.

There is a saying that being undecided, sitting in the middle of the road will get you run over… I have students like that.

My technique is to decide one way and test it out… And find out for sure. Undecided is deadly.

OK, back to the energy: what does it do that it can repair issues like my deaf and blind friend? (Kathy Urschel was her name, by the way)

OK, here comes the channeled part: It seems that our brain is overwhelmed by our everyday issues and doesn’t have a lot of attention or energy to spare to repair what is going wrong… so far this tests true…

So when things start deteriorating (I am looking at MY health journey, given that my deterioration began in the womb and I was born with a whopping 10% chance to survive, and then neglect, no breast feeding, abuse didn’t allow my body to heal, I have been limping through life on that 10%, or more precisely, my own activity had reduced that 10% to 8%.

No wonder I never had a good day in my life… Maybe, occasionally, a good hour. Rarely.

OK, now, that I have the Big Bundle audio “sighing” into my ears, this number has changed. It has risen to 30%. Muscle test says it can go up to 60%.


How does this compare to other people’s life force? My Playground students’ average life force is 12%. The range is 30% down to 2%, and of course the numbers in between. The amount of growth you can produce in my Playground depends on this number, your life force, more than anything.

But how does the audio do it?

The audio is talking to the brain. The brain responds by scanning the body, and attending to what it finds. In the order IT decides… I have found that you cannot direct this. A person with my soul correction, of course, would want to.

The hardest thing for me is to surrender… My soul correction is “Forget Thyself”… lol. Of course.

Now, what does this tell me?

It tells me that you have overwhelmed your body and your brain, and you haven’t given it any downtime to scan itself and do some repair. You haven’t slept enough, or not deeply enough.

Normally the repair time is the two hours of deep sleep… some of you don’t even get 50 minutes… so you lose some of your Life Force daily.

What does your Life Force depend on?

I have no idea… but I can make some informed guesses:

1. The number of your predatory genes… You can have too few and too many for living a decent life. 3 seems to be the ideal.

If you have too many, you are rattled, pulled, pushed by the predatory genes, and you give no chance to your brain to settle down and do the repair and maintenance your body and brain need.

If you have too few, you are to needy, you are too dependent on others for emotional support, to make you feel valuable.

Here is an example: You pretend to be generous, giving, helpful, etc. to others, so they reflect back to you that you have the right to live. So you are a beggar… begging for alms.

2. Your about-me score: the higher your about-me score the lower your life-force… Why? Because you are forcing something… and forcing is always unnatural. Your life force thrives in a no-force environment, which you are not.

3. Your eating habits. Two things about that:

You eat, constantly, to feed some anxiety, some craving, some emptiness. Your body doesn’t have a chance to do repairs.
You eat foods that use your life force for their own purposes… I watched a video yesterday that talks about leptins (current science… muscle test says not true, truth value only 10%. Muscle test says that what we are looking at here are fragments of cells, like viruses, that can enter the body and then propagate using your life force. Are leptins in foods? Yes. There are NO foods that have no leptins… but there are foods that are full of leptins. The list of leptins published by “science” is somewhat accurate. Leptins, interestingly, make you fat… hm… I need to do some more looking about the why of that)… or you could be feeding yeast… or you could be forcing your body to filter out toxins… all food additives are toxic, more or less.

4. Your relationship to emotions. Emotions all come from some words. Words you LEARNED to interpret in a particular way. They don’t automatically make you feel in a certain way.

How does this work? You go about your life, and then something happens. We call this an incident. An incident is an event or occurrence. Occurrence, unfortunately, is what you say happened… what actually happened (reality) and what you said about it (meaning).

In the Playground we pretty much do only one thing for a whole year: we separate the “what happened (reality)” and what you said about it “meaning”.

We uncouple the two. The result is miracles.

It doesn’t mean it…

The kind of meaning we focus on is what we call “wrong”. We say: there is nothing wrong in reality, so if it seems wrong, if it feels wrong, it belongs to the meaning circle.

We attempt to sever the connection between the two, thus pulling the venom from your life… one incident at a time.

What does it mean about you? What does it mean about life?

In reality: nothing means anything other than itself… But in your mind, everything means something. So you live a delusional life… and thus you alternate between feeling superior and feeling inferior.

That… totally zaps your life force.

I have room in the current beginners’ Playground for a few more students: more students allow us to see more… and make for more interesting sessions.

The Playground is a year long (minimum) program. It has monthly “hub” sessions with me, and weekly partner calls between participants, calls that are recorded and sent to me. I listen to them and send recorded feedback. You can also ask me stuff in email any time…

If you join the Playground now, you’ll have access to what has happened, and to get you up to speed, a shorter session with me.

Our monthly call is tonight at 7 pm New York time. That is too late for Europeans: I won’t accept you, sorry.

Here is the button to get your interview… so I can see if you are a good fit…

I’d like to do the Playground…

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