Human blindness, near sightedness, immediate gratification… and their relationship to your misery.

exponential growthThe famous story that teaches geometric vs. linear growth creates insights that disappear about as fast as your dreams after you wake up. 1

Homo Sapiens, even the ones who understood mathematics in school, are famous for near-sightedness.

In the story between the ant and the grasshopper, humans are the grasshopper, and even the ants of humanity are more hoarders, than intelligent beings…

What are you talking about Sophie… what is this b.s. again? You ask… because you think I am putting you and all of humanity down.

But what I am doing is bringing some distinctions, shades of gray, into your black and white world that has been leaving you miserable… utterly miserable.


Even the “famous” Dan Millman book, ‘The Life you were meant to live’ doesn’t mention it as a law… although it is one of the most important laws of reality.

No wonder, Dan Millman’s vibration is 200, his ghostwriter’s vibration is 130…

your horizonYou can only see what you can see… and what you can see depends on your vibration.

There is nothing wrong in reality… you see what you see, and don’t see what you don’t see.

The sense of “wrong” comes from the gaps…

  • the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.
  • The gap between what you desire and what you are willing to work towards
  • The gap between who you are and who you need to become to have what you want

These are just a few of the gaps.

Some others, just as difficult to bridge are straight from your Starting Point Measurements

  • Your delusion: the gap between who you are and who you think you are
  • and hundreds more, just get your Starting Point Measurements: it is a map of where you are compared to where you think you are.

When you look for what’s missing, you find stuff… and you do spot-cleaning… too little too late.

Some students, mainly because of their relationship with me for which I don’t have a word… some students do more consistent work than others.

I have a few students whose significance, to me, is that they show me the different ways humans avoid growing, humans avoid becoming all they can become.

I remember back in the Advanced Communication Course, back in 1986, I intuited that the most important and most missing capacity anyone can have is consistency…

I can just observe these students who don’t move or don’t much move from where they have always been…

To tell you the truth, I used to be like that. I used to call it: hovering just above the water level, so close that when there is a breeze, some waves lick my butt… threatening me with drowning.

Depending on your behavior…

But your behavior can only change, really, when what you see changes. The horizon.

But the horizon can only get wider if your behavior changes.

Catch 22.

What bridges that huge gap is faith.

  • Faith that if you do something consistently, something fundamental will become visible.
  • Faith that there is something that you don’t see, that is as real as all the things you do see.

Faith is not belief.

From Quora: What comes first faith or belief?
Beliefs comes before faith. All abstract knowledge is based on belief. Faith is related to belief because it supplies the conviction that the a belief is true. Knowledge is a belief that possesses adequate evidence.


I think that the real difference between belief and faith is where the two come from.

faith is taking the first stepBelief is a mind thing… while faith is a consciousness thing.

Consciousness is connected to all of it… To the degree it is connected to all of it, to the same degree you have intuition, or guidance for example.

I am connecting the Source with consciousness, while my mind is fully doubtful… I need to step out of the mind to be able to follow the guidance of consciousness. I have to step out of everything earthbound…

Question 31 in the Starting Point Measurements looks at that connection: 31. How lucid are you? i.e. how present, how conscious are you? How much of your intelligence is used in life?

I didn’t mean this article to be so scholarly… but I felt I had to explain some of the words I use…

The average accurate vocabulary (question 10 in my Starting Point Measurements) of my readers is 300 words. They have 300 words that they use correctly, that they understand correctly. You may know 5000 words, but use 4700 of them incorrectly or approximately… NOT correctly.

OK, what’s the point, Sophie? Get to the point, will you?

consistencyTo the degree that you are consistent, to the same degree you can grow. To the degree that you are inconsistent, have campaigns, you have no growth.

I don’t actually care what makes you consistent… be consistent because you want me to praise you, if that floats your boat. Or be consistent because you get more sex if you are… or be consistent because it feels good… I don’t care.

But start becoming consistent.

After I adjust your predatory genes, it is actually easier to be consistent, because the pull of wants, and likes, and desires, and needing to and should will have less power over you and over your behavior. Less, I said. It won’t go away.

In the story at the top of this article, the secret sauce is consistency.

Both linear and geometric growth requires consistency.

If you don’t have consistency, you can’t grow.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

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  1. in the famous story a king wants to reward a dude with a prize. The dude asks for some rice… placed on a chess board, each square on the chessboard double quantity of rice. This tale is told to demonstrate geometric growth. But even linear growth eludes most people…
    If I managed to get better by 1% a day for a year… which seems puny, by the end of the year I’ll be  37 times better.

    1% improvement in a day makes you 37 times better in a year

    The same is true for the reverse: if you get worse by only 1% a day, eventually you’ll have no energy… and if you look: you have already done it.

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