What is consciousness? And vibration? Connection?

what is consciousness... fragmented viewWhat is consciousness?

Is it the mind?

Here is from the Wikipedia entry: Consciousness is the state or quality of sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.

Again from Wikipedia:

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.[1] Eighteenth-century philosophers used the concept to distinguish the ability to think (reason) from the ability to feel (sentience). In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations (known in philosophy of mind as “qualia”). In Eastern philosophy, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that require respect and care. The concept is central to the philosophy of animal rights because sentience is necessary for the ability to suffer, and thus is held to confer certain rights.

If you are able to tell apples from oranges, you can see that WE HAVE NO IDEA what it is that we call consciousness! We say words, a kind of code, but they don’t mean what they are intended to mean: consciousness, or sentience, or pretty much anything…

Our language is sloppy, approximate, and a really poor tool to allow us to live an intelligent life… And yet, we think that there is intelligent life on this planet… lol.

OK, I am mocking the current state of knowledge… and the current state of humanity… but this is what we have… Nothing wrong here…

So what do I say that consciousness is?

I am going to share what consciousness seems to be, according to my experiments and according to the answers I get from Source… and I’ll share what we can do about raising it, seeing what I see thus far. By raising consciousness, I mean You raising YOUR OWN consciousness.

I am reading a very interesting book, The art of hunting humans. What is interesting about it is the different framing of things…

It is from the vantage point of a higher consciousness species. And from that vantage point, humans can be hunted as any other animal.

The book is teaching about humans and how to hunt them.

For most of you it would take a huge shift in consciousness to be able to stand in the shoes of the hunter while you are also behind the eyeballs of the hunted… so it is not for everybody. But if you can perform that bilocation, the book is fascinating.

the art of hunting humans back coverIt is not different, in what it teaches, from what I teach…

…and yet… it adds quite a few different ways so you can see more, I can see more about humanity.

It starts with setting up the whole scenario.

It says, humans are like a battle ship: they have the lookout, the messenger, and the captain.

The lookout can only recognize things it already knows. The messenger is going to translate what the lookout tells him… and takes the message to the captain who is locked into his cabin.

It’s a pretty good analogy.

The lookout is the youngest and least knowledgeable member of the ship’s crew.

It cannot often tell what he is seeing… he is like the natives of America: can’t recognize a ship, because they don’t know ship. they see the ripples on water, but can only guess what makes the ripples… And by the time they know, it is too late for them: they are enslaved, and killed by the crew of the Santa Maria, the conquerors…

The messenger, the go-between the sensory organs and the conscious mind, the thinking mind, the reasoning mind, will add the meanings to the lookout’s observation. If they smile that means this, if they frown that means that. If they agree… etc.

And he takes his meaning to the captain who will be unaware that the facts have been “translated” and enriched with meaning, according to the messenger’s consciousness, and that he will make decisions based on insufficient and distorted information.

What that book doesn’t say, what that author doesn’t know, is this:

If you are disconnected from the mind, and you are disconnected from the meanings, you can actually see and know a whole lot more than those now disconnected parts of you try to limit you.

In fact you don’t have to consciously know stuff to make good decisions… like I do. In fact, I am living most of my life, nowadays disconnecting from everything I know, so I can hear what is beyond that.

Can YOU do that? I say you can… but the amount of gook-like stuff you carry is blocking your ability.

  • The gook can be physical, and I have proven recently that the gook can be removed, once consciousness made aware it is there. Then consciousness instructs the brain to send the cleanup crew, the repair crew, and clean up, repair the damage, so the organism, the human, can be returned as close to perfect as it can be returned.
  • And the gook can be decisions, skewed view, meanings, desire for undeserved stuff… and we deal with those in the Playground.

Of course, when and after your body and your brain have been cleaned to any degree, the Playground will be a whole lot easier to advance in. You’ll be more readily able to see. The lookout will see more. The messenger will translate less. And your captain will be able to make more sound decisions about how to respond…

This second type of gook we work for a whole year to remove… in the Playground.

It’s baked on, set, hard to remove. In addition to that, every person has different baked on gook…

It is my “divine” assignment to develop a technology to reliably remove any and all baked on gook.

I have been at it for 31 years now…

The obstacles I have so far overcome are more in the dominion of the physical, interestingly, than in the cognitive, or spiritual dimension.

I am listing here, from memory, what “moves” have made a difference:

  • 1. Taking the “captain out of his cabin and forcing it to look around is the purpose of the Playground partner calls, the partner calls done the way they are designed.The most resistant participants try to do the process as a “by-the-way” and consider “telling their story”, the messenger’s role, as primary. This is why the most resistant participant don’t move, or don’t move fast up on the consciousness ladder.
  • 2. Adjusting the predatory genesPredatory genes are not interested in you, they are only interested in what they are interested. In the Selfish Gene book Richard Dawkins got close to reality, but not close enough to see the predatory genes. The predatory genes adjusted allow you to have high ambition and only matching desire, to see that if it is to be, it is up to you… your actions, your attitude, your consciousness.I am seeing this manifesting quite clearly.
  • 3. Waking up consciousness and the brain that you are ready to live a full life…

and abandon your set ways, your limited perspective of the human mind, and surrender to your higher self interests.The instrument for this is the puny sounding but incredibly potent audio recording of an energy bundle, the Big Bundle

  • 4. Adjusting people’s decision making to what their innate and most effective way is: The Human Design
  • 5. The skill building challenges will be invaluable, if and when the participants are on a certain consciousness level where they can see that living in their puny lives, doing the same things day in and day out will not be able to show them all the dysfunctional meanings and habits they have in their lives.When and while you attempt to learn to do something new, these “hidden” habits, patterns, distortions of reality can surface and be brought to the Partner calls in the Playground, so the participant can take a closer look at them.So far none of the participants have seen this… Or if anyone did, I haven’t heard about it. One student, who has taken on to develop his authentic voice by working with a voice coach is the closest… The rest is still “blissfully” ignorant about the significance of this part of the Playground program.

Anything else we can do to get ourselves out of the rut every human finds themselves in?

Yes. Probably many things, but one I am reminded of as I am writing this.

Your facial expression, maybe just a micro expression, will clue you in to your internal state.

I caught my lips curling down in a frown just a second ago. It was my consciousness that made me pay attention, given this article I am writing.

  • I call that emotion: personally offended. Its age 1 year old…

I have seen it on babies faces… and I can feel it on some of my participants’ faces… When the world doesn’t give you want you expect it to give you: mostly attention. Or praise. Or the gift, the food, the validation that you wanted.

  • Or the eager beaver who wants attention but doesn’t get it… sounds the same, but it isn’t…
  • Or the perpetually angry who NEVER gets what she wants and hates life…

You need a mirror, or alternatively you need to get present to your facial muscles.

You need to learn to recognize emotions. Emotions are NOT feelings. They are best expressed with words that say what the mind says. Example: I am not getting the attention I want. I am right and your job is to learn from me. I am not guilty! It’s your fault. I am good and you ignore me? Not fair”!

All emotions are created by words. So when one of my client says: I am always angry, you can hear that she has no handle on her anger… she doesn’t look at the words SHE SAID, that feel like anger.

I have been contemplating the say that emotional intelligence is being 100% responsible for what you said that translated to the emotional state you are in. And having the intelligence to say something different and mean it.

  • 6. Increasing your cell hydration and your overall health number by making your drinking water coherent, and eat according to your eating style, the foods that agree with your body, so you are fully nourished with the least amount of new plaque to steal your brain.


PS: I almost forgot:

Margoczi’s two books, Feelings and Words have been invaluable at redirecting my faulty picture of what is consciousness.

I could even say that until I read and re-read these two books, I was ineffective at teaching people… Doesn’t make me look good, does it? lol… baaah! lol again.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is consciousness? And vibration? Connection?”

  1. Dear Sophie: in the short time (around 3 months) your writings have become some kind of black hole; I have to read them willy-neally; I am attending several activities, which I have to pay attention .
    but my attention is really in your writings , I am not a spring chicken in this business of consciousness, and really appreciate your products and writings, I want to thanks you for being there, I appreciate the fresh air coming from your side.

    Thanks again.

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