As a man is, so he sees

as a man is, so he seesThe idea that you can get smarter needs to get clarified.

Why? Because people cannot see smart, cannot see how smart shows up, cannot see… anything other than themselves, how THEY are.

I talk to a few people every week. And I can tell that the way they see me is in comparison to themselves. Not as a person on my own right… no, they see me in the same picture as themselves… and they measure… hell, they measure, relentlessly, and guess what? I always come up short… or at best the same as them.

And we are talking about all kinds of aspects, levels of education, smarts, good/bad, etc… and yet in every aspect that is the case. This is how the homo sapiens machine works.

Einstein? maybe he was lucky, but surely he was not smarter than me!” They say in their heads.

…and that phenomenon, that as you are, so you see, is what I want to talk about in this article.

What does this phenomenon mean? What does it mean “as you are, so you see?

It means that you put yourself in front and center in any and all pictures you see… whenever you look, or not look… It is all about you, and you are always the main character… Everywhere, all the time, no exceptions past maybe a millisecond where you see the other…

But reality is independent of you or you looking.

Really… I can hear the collective gasp… dismay… protestations.

As long as you are tethered to your self-image, as long as you drag yourself into every picture, your life will remain the same… or get worse. Because life is not about you, life is not an appendage of you, life is life, the world is the world, other people are other people… and that is that.

I know, it feels insulting. You want to matter, and maybe you do, and maybe you don’t… but it has nothing to do with other people, or what they do, or what they have, or what they say.

You matter when you matter, and don’t when you don’t.

If this is offensive, or not clear to you: you need to get smarter.

But you don’t want to get smarter… you are already smart enough… or as smart as you can get… right? Wrong.

Why? Because as long as you think you are smart enough, you are stuck… Humanity is stuck, at least where you are sitting… that’s why. And because my job is to wake up, if not humanity, but at least the people who were lead to my articles. Wake YOU up.

I think that people, YOU think you are as smart as you need to be. You can do your job, you can read, watch TV, operate your vehicle, find your a*s in the dark… lol.

So why would you want to get smarter? Right?


One of the ways I see, on my participants, getting smarter is seeing deeper and more accurately. They are also less fully in the picture they see.

I know, you see everything the way it is… you think, but you could not be more wrong.

You don’t see what you think you see, and you only see a tiny fragment of what is visible, what is there… the seeing of which would make a difference.

What do I mean?

If you could see

  • when you are self-serving,
  • when you are arrogant,
  • when you keep on doing what never worked…

If you could see that

  • you are not willing to own that reality what reality is, and being pissed at reality won’t change anything, instead it will make everything worse…

If you could really see that

  • 90% of what you do doesn’t give you anything, instead it takes away your ambition, your power to be all you can be, to have peace of mind, instead of being in the hamster wheel going nowhere.

If you could really see

  • how and with WHAT you are causing your life to be less than enjoyable…

Do you think you MAY need to get smarter to see all that?

The current state of humanity is homo sapiens… the word “sapiens” means wise, but homo sapiens is anything but wise. Homo sapiens is pretty stupid, DUMB relative to the size of their brain…

Looking at just one thing and one thing only, human DNA has 160 spiritual capacities NOT ACTIVE for 99% of humans… Spiritual capacities are half of cognitive intelligence, the other half of emotional intelligence.

So when I say humanity is stupid, I mean stupid compared to the equipment, compared to the potential. Stupid cognitively and emotionally.

Humanity is stupid.

Given that my JOB is to test out what it would take for ordinary humans to elevate themselves to human being level, where at least 30 of those spiritual capacities are active. Human being level where there could be peace and prosperity, instead of scarcity, and fighting. I find that the current state of humans is that they don’t even consider that they could get smarter… because

they cannot see that there is more available to them… genetically…

YOU cannot see that there is more available to you… if you got smarter.

I find that really disturbing.

What is the reason people, YOU, think that getting smarter is not in your best interest?

My hunch is: you don’t think that you are not smart. You don’t SEE that you are not smart.

Or if we look through the racket dynamic: the payoffs,

  • Wanting to be right so you can avoid being wrong by making another person or the world wrong
  • Wanting to look good so you can avoid looking bad… at all cost
  • Win… arguments, preferably every single step… so you can avoid losing… even if it makes you never win anything in life
  • Justify self, behavior, feelings, and invalidate another… maybe one of the strongest drives there is
  • Dominate the other, dominate the conversation, so you can avoid the domination of another, of the world… of anything.
  • And the last one is to avoid being responsible, even seeing yourself responsible for anything

This, the racket dynamic, is entirely invisible for humans, even though on average about 30% of your waking hours are engaged in this.

Individually, the time you spend going for the payoff, can be as much as 100% or your waking hours.

booby-prizeThe more weight the payoffs have (they are the booby prize!) the less results you have in life. And, not surprisingly, your actions, even if you are in the Playground, will be more about getting validation that about clearing your brain of faulty assumptions, of the racket, of the self-imposed limitations in hopes of the payoffs.

What am I talking about?

Let’s just look first at the people who are not moving, or not really, up on the evolutionary “ladder” inside the Playground.

What is the essence of the racket dynamic?

It has four parts:

  • the complaint,
  • the fixed emotional response to the complaint,
  • the payoff and
  • the cost.

The complaint can be about life, about another/others including society, and about oneself.

It is the easiest to catch… and the hardest to remove. Why? Because if you are a complainer, you automatically set yourself on a pedestal, which is one of the nasty payoffs: you are good and they are bad. And you are the victim and they are the perpetrators.

Consider that looking at the world through this filter won’t allow you to take full responsibility for anything in life, including learning anything, doing anything well, or how you spend your energies. And more important from this article’s vantage point: if you don’t take responsibility for yourself… you cannot, you are not allowed to get better… in any way, including becoming more intelligent, becoming more knowledgeable, becoming more healthy…

They actually live, for you, like a threat against your identity as you consider yourself being.

Smart, stupid, helpless, magnificent, victim, superior… whatever your self-image is.

Until you can own your self-image as a construct you created to punish others, or prove that you can’t… your vibration will steadily get lower, in sync with the rest of humanity, and your life will be less, a lot less it could be.

The secret sauce is responsibility: seeing yourself cause in the matter… in an incident, in your life, in your successes or failures… in your desires, in your ambition, everywhere.

When you see yourself as cause… you can change your attitude, your actions, your methods, your whole existence…

One of the things that can clue you in is how you do things, how you do life, that is recognizable to you. It is like a fingerprint: individual. Not two people do life the exact same way.

And consider that your life is a result of the “how”… How you do anything is how you do everything. Because even when you change the “what” i.e. what you are doing, you’ll do it the same way as you have always done everything.

You can find the same “how” in everything you do.

  • Meticulous or sloppy
  • Thoughtful or thoughtless
  • Hasty or deliberate
  • etc.

It is easy for me to see from everything: the emails you send me, the way you fill out the form on the payment page, the way you receive the feedback, the way you use or not use the products you spend good money on, the comments you place…

If you actually looked, if you actually got smarter, you would be able to see it too.

I listened to two partner calls today. I answered about 10 emails today. I have seen, in all those interactions, one person seeing deeper than last time… being able to see wider and deeper and find what THEY are repeating, so their life looks the way it does.

Seeing is the first step.

I am not saying it’s easy… but it is mandatory.

I have changed the way I give feedback in the partner calls. I now rarely if ever tell them what they need to see themselves.

The emperor cutting the butterfly’s cocoon open comes to mind. It is in the struggle that the worm becomes a butterfly…

Cutting the cocoon over comes from my soul correction… “Forget Thyself” look how generous and helpful I am… and robs a participant of the struggle that later would allow them to fly.

You see, it is co-creation… I need to grow, so I can allow you to grow.

The capacity, the spiritual capacity that I need to start to make automatic is the spiritual capacity of “allowing”. It is barely open… maybe 10%. My job, while I am working with you is to allow… allow you to struggle, allow you to figure it out… because you can. Yeah… especially if you are using the Big Bundle, my secret weapon.

By the way, I am going to rename the Big Bundle to “MY Secret Weapon” because it is a sexier name… and because I want people to want to have my secret weapon… because that is how I make a living, by selling stuff.

Like you.

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