Yesterday’s enlightenment is today’s pretense

You may not be able to see it on gurus… but I can. Gurus are liars… because they share an incident in their past that doesn’t go beyond that moment…

But repeating that incident is hard… and most of the time we don’t know how it happened… like a past life memory, or any other insight. The mechanism is hidden from our view.

And then this gurus go around doing what gurus do: extrapolate from that one experience, and teach the unsuspecting millions the only way… ugh… They teach how to live, how to think, how to this and that…

And because you want what they are talking about, you fall for it… Make a decision to do it, buy it, follow it, and then it doesn’t work.


How one is to make decisions in life? Decisions that work… It’s not a stupid question…

If you only rely on your feelings, your feelings will mislead you. If you only rely on logic… logic will mislead you… Now what… right?

Your feelings are measures on a display… they need to be translated… Translation, essentially, is a meaning.

So you have feelings and something needs to interpret them, translate them, so you, your consciousness, knows what to do with them.

For example, two nights ago, after sleeping for an hour, I woke up to nausea, and massive need to blow my nose. I alternately blew my nose, or pooped, or vomited mucus all night. Then I was fairly functional during the next day, tired, somewhat unmotivated, but no harsh symptoms.

Then I slept really well the next night, but woke up to nausea, and dizziness.

Chapped lips, churning stomach, no energy.

What does this mean? Am I dying? Or is it that the body is repairing an organ that needs to be repaired, and the meantime I am slightly dysfunctional? Out of order? Like a toilet…

I muscle tested. I asked the question I have been starting every muscle testing session for the past sis weeks, maybe seven… “Is this good news?” lol

Because no matter what it looks like in the surface, no matter what it feels like, it is either good news or bad news.

Just because something doesn’t feel good, it is not necessarily bad. Actually, it can be a good sign… the energy working, if you are doing the Big Bundle big housekeeping, like I do.

Now, if this. throwing up, nausea, etc. happened to you, you would panic. You would go to the emergency room, or pop some pills, stay at home from work… because not knowing is worse than anything.

You don’t know what is going on in your body.

And according to your temperament, you spend all your time worrying… and… not allowing your brain to continue the repairs it had planned… and eventually, with the repairs stopped, the symptoms will disappear too.

Or alternatively, you would spend your mental energies to ignore the symptoms…

How you do anything is how you do everything… in this situation, just look how you behave with your computer… it will clue you in what is the “how” in that sentence.

By the way, your how will eat your lunch… Oh, and your how comes from your who… but that is a story for another day…

A group of people, some 50 people, are using the Big Bundle, My Secret Weapon.

That is the energy that I re-discovered a little time ago, when I realized that I was at death’s door. The energy works differently from how I thought it worked: it actually does one thing and one thing only: it alerts consciousness, the “boss”, or the captain of your ship, that there is something going on.

Normally the captain gets filtered information from the brain… and therefore consciousness is cut out of the loop this way. But with the Big Bundle energy consciousness is forced to leave its position where it only gets secondary clues, and it successfully resumes its position in the hierarchy of “you, inc.”, the boss.

What spiritual teachers call enlightenment is just this thing: consciousness having at least a brief glimpse at the state of things, without the filters the brain normally puts up.

So enlightenment is not some woo woo… it is real, but it is rare… because the brain keeps consciousness busy with b.s.

It is, for the consciousness, like the blinders came off, or the blue blocker sunglasses came off, and it sees blue for the first time.

I hear gurus say enligtenment is a giddy experience… this is not how I got there… no sudden awakening, no great story to share, like two gurus, Osho and Eckhart Tolle share…

But, and this is important, something they don’t share: that window, that glimpse doesn’t stay open. It is a glimpse. And then it goes back to normal: consciousness gets filtered information.

It is like a fish jumps out of water… looks down and say “Holy sh*t, water!” and then plops back into the water.

The significance of the Big Bundle is that it forces that window open… and as long as that window is open, Consciousness will get unfiltered information, and will instruct the body/brain to repair, or do whatever it needs to do, accurately.

I have noticed that the effect may last a little longer, even beyond turning off the audio… but not by much.

So even though the energy file is tiny and needs to be looped, it is very powerful, and dramatically effective in keeping consciousness awake and aware.

We, dumb humans, hope that a flash of insight will change us for a lifetime. That a 3-minute energy transmission will heal us. That enlightenment stays, and those gurus are enlightened.

Bah humbug, that is not how reality works. Unfortunately…

I have looked at Osho’s life, and he experimented with a lot of mind-altering drugs, and things like that. Why? because his enlightenment disappeared, just like the smarts Charlie didn’t earn in “Flowers for Algernon” or the movie version: Charly.

In reality you have to earn everything… or it’s taken away. Yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance.

OK… this article is getting too long…

If you are interested in getting on the band wagon, and awakening your consciousness, so you can heal your body and heal your life, I am running a special on two tools, the Health measurements and the Big Bundle at an introductory price

I will increase the price on Sunday (October 13) and in the future as I get more clarity on what it is I need to measure… I’ll add the new measures to the list as I see them needed.

For now these are the measures I’ll provide for a puny $20

overall health
cell hydration
digestive system
lymph system

Here is an example… mine, how the measurements will look:

My overall health: 30%
cell hydration: 30%
brain: 70%
Circulation: 10%
heart: 60%
arteries: 20%
lungs: 60%
digestive system: 30%
stomach: 30%
intestines: 40%
pancreas: 10%
liver: 20%
lymph system: 30%
eyes: 20%
ears: 10%
smell: 10%
balance: 10%
taste: 10%

as you can see there is a whole lot of West to go…

You may be better or worse off… you’ll see from your results.

This is a lot of work… so this is an introductory price. I will increase the price on Sunday at 8 pm EDT… that is New York time.

Get your HEALTH Measurements. Price expires on Sunday
If you already know you want the Big Bundle… I will raise the price on that too on Sunday.

Not everyone wants to get well. If that is you… I am not sure I want to hear from you.

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