Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child

One of the most interesting things to track is how much of the interpretation of an original incident depends on the person’s soul correction.

OK, let me explain: we come into the world with a supposedly blank slate… We don’t know anything, and we need to learn everything.

And yet, we seem to have a certain bend… as if humanity had sub-species…

Why? I don’t know. This is pretty much the only reason I think there is an Original Design… from where it comes, I have no idea. Maybe we ARE in a created world… a whole lot more sophisticated than what the Bible sets up…

Anyway, every person is born with a soul correction. It is not the soul that needs correction… it is the person. The soul is perfect… I think.

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself” and it is an attitude where I place myself above everyone… For me to ask for anything, anyone, anything, including Life, Source, etc. is DOING MY SOUL CORRECTION.

I don’t think the soul correction can be ever completed… it is like a slope in reality… it needs to be compensated for, no matter where you are on the evolutionary scale.

There are all kinds of other aspects to a human… the Zodiac, the Human Design… all come from the time and date of birth…

Why? I don’t know.

Now… to my topic for this article: similar incidents happen to many children: they find themselves abandoned.

It is their interpretation… or the truth… for a child 15 minutes that they didn’t know was going to happen feels like forever.

And not surprisingly, given what I just said before, a child interprets what happened differently, and reacts to it differently.

And then live their life out of that interpretation and the fix they invented… as if that were the only way to be.

I get daily emails from and some of my inspiration for the article come from there…

There was a photo article about dogs alone in cars… And the accompanying text by and about the photographer, saying:

“I don’t know when or where or for how long, possibly at the age of four, perhaps outside a supermarket, probably fifteen minutes only,” recounts Usborne. “The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back. The fear I felt was strong: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever.”

While he went on to live a happy childhood despite this isolated experience, Usborne decided to revisit his fear of being alone and unheard in an evocative photo series titled The Silence of Dogs in Cars. Having a deep affinity for animals, he recreates the sentiment of abandonment that affects everyone, people and animals alike.

Now, I have students, relatives, myself, who had similar experiences.

1. Mine: I was abandoned, like everyone, in my imagination. My decision to “failing to be loved, failing to be wanted” was to be a “I’ll do it myself” person who will not even ask others to do thing, even if it is their job.

For example, my toilet is leaking. I am looking to fix it myself, or hire a plumber or a handyman… instead of emailing the landlord: it is his responsibility.

2. One of my students: he accidentally locked himself into the car: his fault. He passed out in the summer heat… before he was rescued. He failed to be successful at doing what he wanted to do, playing safely with the car… so he has been teetering between being a success and being a failure. Repeating that original incident where he is in his own trap, makes noise, but no one cares, until he is all the way down…

3. This student was taken to day care by her mother and left there… She decided that the best way to live is to abandon her mother… so she now lives in another country… paying her mother back…

4. A fourth student initially failed to force his parents to choose him instead of where they wanted to go… His mother, eventually, ran back for him… and took him home. He is now repeating that magical scenario where he needs rescuing, does nothing, and the rescuer arrives… What a life.

There are probably more abandonment stories… the essence I am looking for is the “failure to be” loved, cherished, taken care of, wanted, paid attention to… the most important things for the child.

Now, why am I sharing this? Two reasons: 1. this is going to be the topic of the next Playground class, advanced or beginner… because the Universe has been sending me messages that this is missing.
2. Students that are using the Big Bundle are successfully getting to the root issue: that original incident… while before the Big Bundle, they didn’t even manage to get near it…

The Big Bundle is a bundle of energies.

Most energies do the work they are designed to do, heal, rearrange, open a spiritual capacity, etc.

This one, the Big Bundle is alerting consciousness to pay attention to what is going on, to do its job, to talk to the body to do its repair, to tell the brain to do its work, tell the attention, the memory, intelligence… etc. to wake up and smell the coffee… realize that they haven’t been doing their work… That the body is running fat and sluggish, the brain is busy treading water, while all the fat and sluggishness causing good settles in the arteries, in the lungs, in the intestines, and on the brain itself.

As a result of playing the Big Bundle directly into the ears, Consciousness orders the repairs… the repairs the body can perform.

People get smarter, less defensive, and a whole lot healthier.

It’s been my secret weapon, no you can own it and benefit from it yourself.

The energy is embedded in an audio where you can hear me breathing.

The energy is stronger if the audio is louder, and reaches Consciousness proportionate to the size of the membrane in the speaker.

You are using ear buds?

An earphones driver is usually in the range of 8mm – 15mm in diameter while a headphones driver ranges from 20mm – 50mm in diameter. Generally, a driver’s size determines the loudness of the earphone, so headphones convey 14 times more energy than earbuds… normal size headphones, normal size ear buds…

The other night I slept with a sleep phone on my ears. Next night I asked Source if it was worth doing that and the answer was: no. Why? Because in that whole night I didn’t get as much of the energy as in a normal listening I would have had in an hour. Bummer, eh?

But if your life doesn’t allow you to walk around with headphones on your ears… use ear buds… but use them a lot.

Also, if you are the type of person who thinks that wanting, willing, wishing is enough, and you don’t have to put in the work… please don’t buy the Big Bundle… There is no refund on energy purchases.

One more thing: how you feel is not a precise indicator of what is going on in your body.

For many many hours since I have started using the Big Bundle, I have felt stupid. In fact the last Playground I made it a point to stop using the Big Bundle for days before the call… and yet it took me two whole hours to become my intelligent me… remembering what I wanted to say.

The Big Bundle worked on just my brain, removing the plaque and trying to reactivate the fried parts of my brain… fried due to multiple brain damage events.

It is still doing it. How do I know? I have memories of movies, life, etc. are flashing up unexpectedly, during the day and night… that is what clues me in.

Your brain is inherited… you can make it personally better by using and training it extensively, but it doesn’t tend to change a lot in one lifetime.

My original brain had a capacity of 190… the brain damage took 30 of that capacity away. I now have all 160 available to me. Usable… But usable for what?

One of my next steps is to find ways to really use all that brain capacity…

Want to buy it? To get healthier AND smarter… finally…

I am raising the price on Sunday.

If you want to be able to track the numbers of your improvement… then also get your health measures reading from me.

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Once you buy the Big Bundle, you have to promise that you won’t share it… And you can ask for suggestions on equipment to use it with… It needs to be played directly into your ears, not in the background.

Here are the headphones I use: on the computer,

I use a logitech 600… and when I am away from my computer,

I use full size mp3player headphones I buy in China… the audio is on a chip.

And here are the sleep phones/run-phones: you need a mini mp3 player for that.

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