How old is your body? Your biological age…

I had my usual Sunday call today… and the issue of how old is your body came up. My friend’s body is 90 years old… and though I am only four or five yours younger, my body checks as a 50 year old…

As I have shared before, some time in the beginning of August I realized that I was dying.

It had been a process that started a year earlier… with some dramatic happenings, including falling and breaking my left arm. It wasn’t the cause: it was a symptom. And by this August the future was obvious: I had a short time to live, with very restricted movement…

I have no health insurance, I trust in no doctors, I have no savings, I have no family to bail me out.

I had a choice to make: to live or not to live.

Whether you know it or not, you have this decision, this choice to make every day: live or slowly die. Every action is either on the side of life or on the side of death. When I observe people, most of their choices are on the side of death… a death wish.

I felt like I still had a lot to give, I still had a lot of desire to live. I decided to cheat death and add as many years to my life as I could, if I could. If this death sentence was not as final as it seemed.

I have a strong relationship to Source… So I started to ask Source for solutions… All Knowledge, or whatever it is I am connected to… According to Kabbalah, I am connected to the Creator… but that is religion, and I am not religious. I connect to this space, energy, whatever it is, and muscle test yes/no questions while I am connected.

Asking yes/no questions is relatively easy, but to ask good yes/no questions, questions that come from the big picture, questions that don’t come from the Tree of Knowledge (culture), is very difficult, in fact, according to Source, you need high vibration for it (200 or above), and also a high IQ… (120 or above)

The answers I had had been asking before this death sentence had been leading me for a long long time… leading me to improve my life, improve my choices… but…

  • The first secret is to heed the choices Source’s answer indicate … That, doing what I am told to do, is not my strong suit…
  • The second secret is even more important: your cone of vision.

To explain that, I need you to work with me a little bit.

Pick something you want to make a decision on…

Now, as you are searching for what to ask, watch as your cone of vision moves around like a search-light… narrow cone of vision. And when you find area, your cone of vision gets even narrower, attempting to zoom in on the actual question to ask.

I know because that is how I am prone to do this… and I can tell from the questions you ask me… you are asking the small questions…

You ask questions from “I don’t know”… and the answers won’t help you.

The answers you need are not on the map of all-knowledge, they are off the map.

When you look at the pie chart of all-knowledge: the answers you need come from the big field of “I didn’t know that I didn’t know”

My questions and the answers didn’t help me.

I was focusing my attention and my questions on what was bothering me… what needed to be fixed, where I knew I needed to make a decision… and the answers, although they were accurate, they were only accurate inside the small context, inside the narrow context of the question.

Even asking for a health checkup is a relatively narrow context…

The best way to get answers to your life is to ask bigger questions… but asking those feels very risky.

One of my students has been asking me and paying me generously for answers for years. She simply isn’t able to connect to Source… you need to be humble to connect… and she is not humble. She pretends to be, but she isn’t.

In these years she has learned a profession that earns her a full time income. She has bought a house. And she got divorced.

Had she asked years ago if her marriage should go, Source would have answered yes. But she would not have been ready to take that leap… She is barely ready now.

So it’s taken six years to ask that question.

In my case, I never asked the “where is my health compared to being well?” question until it was almost too late, and it may still turn out to have been late…

I have been sitting with it, and the signs have been unmistakable… but I just ignored them.

The repair work the Big Bundle directs is only 60% done. And it has been going on for seven weeks or so.

Some organs are 70% restored, others 50%, but many parts of my body are still only at 10%…

I have nausea right now.

My normal reaction to that is to suppress… eat eat eat… In spite of the fact that I have heard some of my teachers say: when you are not well, don’t eat… Allow the body to use all its energies for healing and repair.

By the way: healing and repair are not interchangeable words.

It is again that pesky narrow cone of vision vs wide cone of vision question. Healing considers the whole… repair is often cutting your nose in spite of your face.

A number of years ago, when I was still a paper magazine publisher, I had a Ford panel van that I needed to transport the magazines from the printer to my garage.

There was something wrong, maybe the brakes, with the van. I don’t remember. The repair shop called me that they found something else wrong… another few thousand dollars, and I felt a twinge in my sacrum, my decision making organ, but allowed them to twist my arms… and I said yes.

The van died on the highway on its first trip out of the shop. It cost me to discard it, it cost me to tow it from the highway… it had some fundamental wrong, I don’t remember what.

This is an important story for my health, your health.

You need to look at the whole, and allow your brain to do what it knows to do: decide in what order to repair, what order to heal, and what.

I think it is working on my stomach right now, my stomach that hasn’t supported me very well over my 70 years. As a little kid I threw up every night… my body was talking and no one was listening. I was force fed… not literally, but in principle.

Turned out some 60 years later that my stomach cannot deal with “dishes” type of food, it can only deal with individual food items. And, of course 60 years of gourmet cuisine (I am a good cook) has caused a lot of damage, not only in my stomach, but in my whole body.

Who would have known? I surely didn’t, and I am paying the price.

So, this article is for people who already have the Big Bundle audio.

This is to encourage you to get your health starting point. This service is really for people who are using the Big Bundle…

A health checkup at the doctor’s office can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Even just a blood test can cost as much as a few hundred bucks… and you still won’t know what to do with it… will you?

So obviously this is an introductory price, and I will increase the price later tonight… in 3 hours.

I will increase the price today, Sunday at 8 pm EDT… that is New York time.

Get your HEALTH Measurements.
Not everyone wants to get well. If that is you… I am not sure I want to hear from you.

If you haven’t gotten your big bundle… get it while it is still only $50. I am raising its price On Sunday at 8 pm.

Get the Big Bundle, my secret weapon

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